Event>> 2010 Hks Premium Day – Pt.1

To open the coverage on the HKS Premium Day it only seems fair to first dedicate some space to the best HKS cars that were present at Fuji this year, starting with the one everyone is talking about now, their SST Evo X. After bringing us the extreme CZ220S in 2009, based on the manual version of the CZ4A and proving the new 4B11 can generate just as much power as the older 4G63, it is now time to shift development to the 6-speed Getrag dual-clutch transmission that is fitted to the SST model. HKS will be working on possible upgrades to make the clutches handle more power as well as addressing the cooling issues that owners of these cars are encountering when driving them hard on track.

It was great seeing the D1 Altezza again, a car I originally went to shoot at the Fuji main factory when it was being completed. Every time I see Taniguchi drift this thing I can't help but wonder why it's not in D1 anymore! A great man & machine combo!

Development of the new GT-R is proceeding rather well recording, like I mentioned on my preview post, the fastest time R35 time of the day and winning the GT-R Battle.

If you think the Arena track-spec LS is a crazy project check out HKS's own demo car, the LS46. 

The silky smooth 4.6L V8 has been fitted with a supercharger kit to significantly boost power. They are still working on finalizing the settings and mapping, but expect an 80-100 HP gain.

Set to become quite the sleeper!

I'm a great fan of HKS's supercharger kit for the VQ35DE as fitted to their Z33 test car. One of the easiest ways to efficiently up the power of Nissan's V6.

HKS have began a development program for the new Legacy Wagon which will see the creation of the first line up of parts like exhausts, suspension and intakes.  

It's a pity the CZ200S wasn't out participating in the Option Super Lap sessions…

…the engine looks like it has received a few minor changes compared to last year so it's potentially faster. This car now has a few more rivals to fence off like the Varis/G-Force Evo X and the Koyama Racing Labo orange monster we saw at Tsukuba in December.

This is the revamped R34 GT-R Driving Performer I did a feature on recently, sporting some new body graphics…

…as well as some interesting changes under the hood. First off the big T04Z single turbine has gone, replaced by a twin-turbo set up which is rumored to be running new original HKS blowers. It's obvious HKS is concentrating on getting the most responsive and broadest mid-range possible out of this stroked 2.8L RB26, which on top of the capacity increase gets a prototype V-cam system for the exhaust side. This joins the normal intake-only V-cam that has been available for several years.

They are also working on a high-pressure injection system, which looked mighty complicated. Can't wait to see what the final result will be. Thank you HKS for not forgetting about the RB26!!

Here is a closer look at the HKS R35 GT-Rs, yes there are two of them! The more extreme one is easy to spot as it has that wild dry-carbon wing at the back and runs Endless brakes, rather than the stock Brembos.

Under the hood it all looks surprisingly sedate…

…the only visible things being the HKS piping and a curious looking modification which has seen the stock recirculating blow-off valves be replaced with what looks suspiciously like an pair of additional injectors?

The SST-equipped Evo X.

This Gr.A R32 GT-R is the car I opened my preview post with yesterday, an appreciated surprise from the guys at HKS!

They brought out the legendary racer from hibernation and let everyone hear the roar of that classic racing RB26!

I have always had a thing for any of the R32 Gr.A cars, I love their simplicity and how they helped make the GT-R a real modern-day legend. 

Massive fuel tank! I spot four Bosh Motorsport fuel pumps.

Osamu Hagiwara, the original driver of the 1993 Gr.A GT-R was there to take the car out for a few quick laps on track.

The Hyper Challenge time attack event always seems to attract a mouthwatering selection of customer cars, from the usual selection of GT-Rs…

…to more unique rides like this BG Legacy…

…and a little Toyota Yaris RS!

With such a vast selection of cars it is sometimes easy to loose track of time while walking through the paddock…

…checking out some of the rarities you unavoidably come across, like this complete Abflug Z32.

Next up I'll be concentrating on the extreme Time Attack machinery that showed up for the Super Lap event, cars like the Auto Gallery Yokohama R32 GT-R, one of the fastest rides at Fuji. And yes that is a side-exit exhaust popping out through the door!

I posted a picture of its engine a few weeks back on one of the TAS posts, but I just have to show you guys again. This is raw perfection, from the RB20 cam covers to the massive T51R turbine and titanium piping. 

More to come from Fuji! 

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Hmm...the LS460s are interesting and the last R32 looks mean with that side exhaust! Nice post.


Nice post Dino, does anyone know how much power the Grp A GTR is running?


Nice post Dino, Does anyone know how much power the Grp A GTR is running?


Gr.A cars used to run anywhere from 550 to 650 HP depending on boost. While GTRs used to get 650 HP (and even a little bit over according to some people) running a max of 1.6 bar of boost, rival teams using the Ford Sierra RS550 were struggling to crack 600 HP with 2 bar.


Really cool :)

Did u get any proper side / front view pictures of the GTR ?

I'd love to see those.

and what's up with that MCR look alike? haha so nice.




Do you have more pictures of this Abflug Z32


It is BG owner in the photograph.

It is good-looking.

Thank you.


it's actually a Toyota Yaris, not Varis. Many mistook it's badge for Varis.


Auto Gallery Yokohama R32 GT-R = WINN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


what Arena track-spec LS..?

anyone has info and pictures...?


@taufik: just pointing out no one actually called it Varis! I wouldn't say that Lexus is a sleeper unless the wheels were replaced with stock items. Correct me if I'm wrong but a sleeper only has performance modifications and looks stock on the outside to surprise people. "It was great seeing the D1 Altezza again". With the name of "that other popular racing game" on the windscreen. Lol


The abflug Z is where its at-just damn sexy!


That must be a complete blast!!! loads off sick JDM rides at the track, sweet!!! I'm loving the young timers Z32, R32's and R34


Isn't the Toyota Yaris called Vitz in Japan? Gran Turismo used to be my encyclopedia but since its

been a while till a new one i might be wrong.


very cool post. i love the idea of tuning the crap out of a GTR but leaving the body stock.



Dino Dalle Carbonare, I want your job for a weekend!


Great article and pics Dino, thankyou for putting up some more pics of the Group A R32. Much appreciated!


interseting fender work on the abflug z. but it looks nice.


That Ablfug Z32 is clean. Can anyone find out the wheel and tire measurements are?


can we get more feature on the last car?? (whiteR32)


This is car porn at its best..boosted LS460 WTF


After seeing a widebody JZA80 at Fuji Speedway last month for the HKS Premium Day I was instantly reminded