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Sometimes you have good days. And then there are great days. Having taken in the impressive JR Motosport/Sumo Power factory in Rye, Rod and I had one more treat in store courtesy of Sumo Power boss Andy Barnes. We drove out to JRM's separate storage facility in my car; starting up my Alfa GTV, Andy asked if it was a diesel… rather embarrassed I had to say: "uh, no it's a 3L V6…" Okay. I think I need to get a service. Or a new car. When we arrived, I started unpacking my gear whilst Rod stepped into the dark warehouse. All I heard was him exclaim: 'Woah…".

The first thing that hits you is the row of Mitsubishi Evo Xs. I mean, a long row. A lot of cars.

There's also something else lurking in this warehouse, which I investigated later on…

This set of Evos is from a proposed one-make series, originally a partnership between ADR Motorsport and Mitsubishi UK for the car manufacturer's return to circuit racing in the UK. 

Announced in late 2008 and with cars on show at the following January's Autosport Show. ADR ran the work Mitsubishis in the British Rally Championship at the time, and kicked off the programme with a single Evo X entered in the Britcar championship driven by BTCC pilot James Kaye. With 4-wheel drive and 400hp on tap from a 2-litre turbocharged unit this car is still being run: it was out at the recent Dubai 24 Hours race…

James Rumsey's JR Motorsport took over ADR around the same time, and continued the development of both the car and associated series. The Evo X Series planned to deliver an arrive-and-drive package for two-driver pairings starting in the Summer of 2009: the cars would have roll cages, fully adjustable EXE-TC race suspension and up-rated brakes, wheels, clutch and exhaust. 

All looked good to go… and then recession hit. With such a large number of series competing for a shrinking market, it was obviously just not the time to press the button. So the cars went back in the shrink wrap and were secreted away to this warehouse.

They're a beautiful sight, but like something you're not supposed to see, just waiting for the right moment to be revealed again.

There's a lot to soak in. Okay, it's just a line of cars, but it's a very purposeful line. This is a slumbering army.

There's one obvious intruder here: the bright red Merc support truck, which points to the second subject the warehouse hides.

Whilst I was finding new Evo angles, of course I'd noticed the piles of debris on the left side of the warehouse. It was dark, so a big pile of stuff wasn't that interesting, surely?

Rod and Andy were looking around in the recesses of the warehouse, but I was called over. Pulling away from the Evos, I reluctantly sauntered across. But this was no pile of rubbish…

What we had was an entire set of spares for a World Rally Team. Everything. Literally. Hence the support truck. Evos forgotten for the moment, it was time to root about. 

All the parts in here are from the Mitsubishi World Rally Championship programme originally run by British works team MML. 

Backing up the Emkei wheels and body parts still stored at the main JRM/Sumo Power factory, this it the final piece in the WRC puzzle. There's an enormous amount of kit laid out. It gives you an idea just what is involved with running a factory effort. Given the body shells, you could easily make up half a dozen WRC cars from the parts. 

When JR Motorsport acquired ADR, who had been running the Group N Evos in the British national Rally Championship, they also ended up with all the spares and cars from MML's operation. Springs? How many do you want. 

The smaller, more manageable parts are piled up in wire containers. There's just a mind-boggling amount of stuff lying about.

Brake disks as sci-fi buildings? 

Exhaust systems…


AP brakes…


Fuel tanks…

And a seemingly Endless supply of pads. Okay. Bad joke. 

Hub bearings and half a carbon gearbox casing.

It's stupid to say 'one interesting thing' when you've got this much racing treasure to delve through, but these out-rigger bumpers caught my eye. Safari-spec? Paint missing? Maybe seen action?

A whole stack of titanium prop-shafts was piled up.

These are substantial pieces of kit… not surprising when you think of the punishment they have to put up with. 

What an amazing thing to see. Truly one of those places where if you love cars, you simply don't want to leave. 

And okay Andy, I'll buy Japanese next time…


Sumo Power

Sumo Power GT1 Project

JR Motorsport



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OH MY GOD!!!! Such a heaven!!!! I'm just speechless...


wow thats a sick warehouse not shots too


Lol the Endless joke is so bad, it's funny.




HOLY SHIT!!!!! If I were there I want somebody to pinch me in the face, cuz I think I died and went to wrc heaven....


Wow, just wow....


And where is this warehouse located exactly?....


I wanna live there :)


This is really cool and just the type of stuff I love reading about here on SH. It's the behind-the-scenes aspect of these types of editorials that pulls back the curtain on the world of racing to reveal the inner workings that I look forward to every time I visit. Great write-up and fantastic pics. I get a real sense that I'm actually there....




Seriously. Works Group A/WRC parts are the ducks nuts.


Endless supply of 'pads.' xD

Anyway, that really is heaven. If I was there, I would have a trolley full of underwear.


heaven is a place on earth!


Wow. Just wow


That takes me back. I can spot a fair few parts amongst those WRC spares that I would have checked in to QC at Ralliart back in 02/03. It was a really bad day when the brakes arrived on the QC shelf.. hundreds of pads and hundreds of discs that needed to be checked and the discs cleaned. Mind numbing monotony.

I still have a stack of engineering drawings for some of the parts in those piles, The hubs and subframes being the main ones I have in cardboard tubes upstairs, they've been underwraps for years. I actually remember when the switch was made from cast uprights to fabricated sheet metal uprights. Wow.. brings back memories!


Wow, pretty much all there is to say on that. And to think, this is just one such place in the world...think of all the other warehouses hiding treasures like this from years gone by! Very cool series on JRM!


Those are intercoolers, not radiators.

I want to live there. :D


you spell "Enkei" wrong again bro


yeah those are intercoolers, but on top of it, you can see the radiators lean on the intercoolers ;)


An ARMY of EVO's! Super sick pics! :)


How can I get one of those? :o


more behind the scenes/builder features PLEASEE!!!

this was amazing, how much is the contents of that barn worth!? :O


I want to live in that building.


i have no words that can describe what im looking at.


Oh my GOD!

Please guys, desktops of these pics if it's possible (1, 2, 5, 11, and the last one)


You could take one of that evo's home, nobody will notice :D


Only one is enough, lol... With the WRC Parts tho... =D

Amazing that such things exist, that could be a badass army of Time Attack Cars... <3


@Bryn Alban: Would love to see those engineering drawings, fascinated by that kinda thing. Any chance of scanning them and maybe doing a speedhunters article?


I want to live in that garrage.


love white evos!!! even if they are wrapped.


time to find this location and steal some evos!!!


I love these types of above comments; background stuff wow! great job!


wooooooow! me want one! me want one!


omgomg please make a desktop of the first pic. that place looks amazing!


OMG. please.................................just give me one


So many EVO's!

So many parts / upgrades!

That's crazy!


i absolutely need to have a desktop of the first picture PLEASE!!!


they either have to sell these parts or a lot of ppl will be going to England soon to find this place lol. we need those brakes and pads lol


desktop worthy. Get busy.



desktop of #1 plz.


1st pic desktop wallpaper pls


WOW..... I think that is what heaven looks like..... The row of Evos..... has moved em to tears..... good luck guys and look forward to seeing you on 6th March for your open day....


That joke was actually quite funny lol xD endless xDDDD


OMG! that is awesome! They would not mind if I just take one of those evos right? I mean they have like 30 of them, so who cares! Awesome article, by far my favorites are the behind the scenes of car builders and their shops/warehouses! I love it keep it coming SH more factory tours anything from ferrari factory to HKS factory to lug nuts bring it on!


what a waste! how long are those parts and cars going to sit? start giving those parts up! looks like an episode of millionaire HOARDERS! hahaha


How light was that prop-shaft?!? Guessing XXX grams not even kgs to lift with 2 fingers!


Deskop pleaaaaaaaaaase :)

Lol I spent a good 5 minutes trying to work out what the number plate holders were... duhhhh


Holy cow that is a lot of evo's and mitsu parts! Titanium driveshafts... AP brakes... and stacks of them to boot, what an amazing find. Good post!


Now i know how in Paradise =)