Random Snap>> The Future Is Here

When the the year changed into the year 2010, we all left the present and warped straight into the future. We also now have photographic evidence that the future is now here. In this photo, be it a bit blurred, we have a real life floating car! How is it that we've never seen these on the road before? Is this one of those government conspiracies? Have they been hiding floating cars from us all these years now and thus preventing the future to completely arrive?

If all this is true, there's one important question that must be asked: do suspension companies make coil overs for floating cars yet?!

Check out another photo of said the future after the jump.

The future is here, ladies and gentlemen. The future is here….




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It's a horse drawn wagon. That's my guess. :)


me no want flying cars!!!!

cuz there won't be no more scraping and low riding....no more agressive offset...


I knew you'd find it, Linhbergh!! :)


"Where we're going, we won't need roads"...


that is a bad idea i agree with 12149 and thats not a flying car its just a truck that is really high but it being blurred you dont see the tires on it so thats what it makes it look like its flying...........i think cars should stay on the ground thats all i have to say...............oh and i love this site best site i know


I'm sure suspension companies will make lowering modules for floating cars :D


I just watched back to the furure last night! apparently we'll have floating cars by 2015. Your 5 years to early Linhbergh


Its a joke people lol it happened before with my brother taking a shot of me once while playing soccer and when the shot came out my head was gone...weird stuff. It must of been related to shutter speed...lmao great post though


Would a 'slammed' floating car be one with wheels actually touching the ground?


"12149 said:

me no want flying cars!!!!

cuz there won't be no more scraping and low riding....no more agressive offset..."

until WORK makes negative offset thrusters. the mpg will be cut in half because of the thrust required just to float the car at idle with -8º of thrust camber.


true air ride! :D


i hope everyone gets flying cars real soon, I'm sure there will be a few people, myself included to enjoy the empty roads.


the truth is out there


my guess at the flying car is a dodge ram with an after market bed... but who cares!? look finally a good looking mustang1


Well this is all fine and dandy, but umm... any chance of getting a larger pic of that first shot?! Looks like a wallpaper waiting to happen.


hahahaha.... this made me smile. im so forwarding a link to this to my friends :D


funny pic 1st off its not floating its how the image was taken with improper lighting and the right optical zoom the car in the distance will be a blur. Zoom,shutter speed, and exposure cause the other car to apear floating otherwise cool looking pic


what's so special about this?


Apparently the staff has decided that the intelligent readers are gone from the site and that we should waste time on posts like this...


I agree with F3INT.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here with have Mr. Linhbergh trying his hardest to be a poet (once again) and failing miserably....

Linhbergh, a piece of advice: stick to your SLR and take pictures....leave the words and this redudant post to other sites.

What's next, haiku?


I didnt even notice the truck until I read the comments, lol


The Mustang is primitive again!


Flying cars? Future? I know what you mean! I went over a huge gap in the road on a freeway onramp in my Mercedes today and I can definitely tell that I was off the ground for a quite a bit of time. Totally futuristic Back To The Future Deloren kind've shit for a second. It was pirty cool until I notice that my front lip was cracked and chipped. Sucks because now I have to take pictures of my car and the road and file a complaint with the local road services division. Hopefully, I can repair my car soon enough after that frighteningly realistic futuristic stunt. hahaha


Lol im pretty sure its all a joke and once again the speedhunter readers take shit too serious.


i cant wait for the future, imma drive my aw11 under everyone. and my agressive offset lovers should do the same


MeZ Productions said:

Lol im pretty sure its all a joke and once again the speedhunter readers take *** too serious.


F3INT and Alex just don't even post if you can't even show a little respect for the bloggers here. It was a bloody joke and a funny one at that too.


I knew no one would believe it............. its ok I know your not crazy pal!


F#@& the future. Once cars fly, i dont care how you twist it. Hellaflush is DEAD. You cant have stance if you dont have TIRES to SIT ON, now do you? cmon people, get some brains.


looks like one of those old bedford vans lol

and some messing with shutter speeds

still cool though

any chance of a desktop?



just think of it though... floating cars mean you can pretty much weld your rim to the arch and then have it float a couple of mm off the floor.

credit card anti-gravity FTW


was that a truck with no wheels? ... a floating truck......wow!




I thought it was funny...


In response to whoever tried explaining it, it's really just a combination of three things:

1) The truck was travelling too fast for the shutter speed (obvious)

2) The body is lighter than the background, but the tires are darker

3) The part of the tire below the body-line (as viewed from the side) only covers a small area and you can see the greenery underneath the body, whereas the body is obviously continuous and won't allow you to see the greenery once the nose enters the frame.


ps. It is supposed to be "albeit a bit blurred", not "be it a bit blurred". ;-)


I think we're getting carried with what was mean't to be a little light hearted joke! Lets not 'over-engineer' this one people.. I like the first pic tho!