Random Snap>>the Emu Wagon

Here's a little JDM Euro style for your Friday. This VW Golf Variant was built by a company called Emu's Engineering out of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

It's wearing an Emu's original front spoiler and side skirts, and is dropped on air suspension over a set of 19×8.5 black Work XSA-03C's.

Just another one for the "sexy wagon" list.

-Mike Garrett

Emu's Engineering



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Wow, I'm really liking this. The only thing I'd change is the wheels, I'm not really one for the murdered-out look.


So, you said "Here's a little JDM Euro style" Doesn't JDM stand for "Japanese Domestic Market"?? your saying that a VW Golf is "JDM".........uuummmm, the cars built in Mexico and designed by the Germans....soooo........how can it be JDM??? Even though Jap's modified the car, it doesn't mean its JDM


@ Spark Plugs Suck

JDM Euro style differs from actual Euro style. And don't call em Japs, mate.


@ Spark Plugs Suck

I think what he is trying to say is that the Golf is tuned in a JDM fashion.


What does JDM stand for anyway??


Actually, Spark_Plugs_Suck has a valid point. How JDM can a car be, if a European company has it made in Mexico, but was modded in "JDM" style? Please. So...if someone had Gitin's RTR-C mustang from previous post and took it to japan and swapped a taillight or 2, it would be a "JDM RTR-C"?

JDM means Japanese Domestic Market, I would take that to mean its a model of a car that is ONLY available in Japan, and has parts on it that are only available in Japan.

You cannot call everything in Japan JDM.

@ Marshall - how do you "tune" JDM style? Do they tune differently for speed over there? They use different laws of physics? I know you can put JDM PARTS on a car, but dunno about "JDM Tuning".

I love Japanese classics, old kustoms, Euro-speedsters and muscle cars, drifters and racers. I try to keep up with iut all and thats something Speedhunters is about, too. BUT. Too many of you are happy to slap "JDM" on anything you find that is cool. It just doesn't fit half the time!


Dude huh? You don't know what JDM stands for? O_0 It means Japanese Domestic Market. And Spark Plugs Stuck? Dude -_-, step outside of your square box. Just step outside of the box for a minute and think what your saying, look at the car and the parts on it, then you'll see why Mike is calling this VW JDM Euro Style. And saying Jap's? Are serious? I really find that offensive, I am a Japanese Filipino American. Is your mind that incompetent? Your basically saying nigger/niggah to a black person, but with Jap/Jap's to a Japanese person. I think you SPARK PLUGS SUCK, its kind of obvious that your a Diesel guy, but why go here on speed-hunters and just attack people like this? What have we done to you?


D1RGE.EXE what has the world come to? -_- JDM Work wheels slapped on a Euro, in which this car is tuned/worked on by a Japanese Company. And as for slapping anything "JDM" on anything, dude, you are true, but don't tell me this car is not classy. Dude, step out of your cramped box, relax, and enjoy life.


wow...these conversations are pretty freakin intense lol...i'm just gonna offer an alternative discussion....

don't u guys think this would look better WITHOUT the stickers...or heck, since it's already "JDM-ed" why not VIP/Bippu it up i.e. add some Work Eurolines at a hellaflush stance, put some yellow overlay over the fogs, add a FUSA and some other Junction Produce stuff....if its "JDM" why not VIP...ooorrr we could all jut be purists and keep the VIP and JDM to japanese cars since JDM does mean Japan Domestic After all and VIP is attributed to japanese gangster cars....



you see, this guy has a point, he is exactly rite. just because a couple of guys from Japan decided to take a VW which is a German made product, and modify it, it does not mean that it is JDM. the term "JDM" stands for Japanese Domestic Market, like what many people have said. you cant call a German car, especially a car like a VW JDM. it is just like calling something like a Nissan 240sx or a GTR "American Musle" Just because guys from the U.S modified a Japanese GTR or 240SE, it does not mean that the car is American Muscle. American Muscle was a term used for good old drag racin' Plymoth Hemi cuda's and Camera's.

P.S, i am sorry for the term is used,

@ Mazdaspeed619sd

so what if the company is from Japan, so what if the car has Work Wheels on it, it does not mean it is a JDM type car.

SPEEDHUNTERS is an excellent site that i go on everyday, this is the first site that i have seen that features everything from hot rods, imports, muscle cars, drifting and other forms of racing especially like the AMLS series and British Touring car Champion. Speedhunters is one of the best sites out there, so i WILL continue to use it, so what if i believe that diesel is the best way to go, look at Audi in ALMS, champions in there Diesel R15 for countless years.


@ Mazdaspeed619sd

and how can you say "attack people like this? What have we done to you?" i am not attacking people on this site, i am speaking the truth.


@Spark Plugs Suck,

What do you mean "we"? "What have we done to you?"

only you, man, just you.


@Spark Plugs Suck,

What do you mean "we"? "What have we done to you?"

only you, man, just you.



read the full argument that is happening on this article. Read what Mazdaspeed619sd is saying earlier in the article


@Spark Plugs Suck,

and it's JDM EURO Style, "Style"

get the drift?


wish there were more pics of this, I have an 09 that is my daily, it's mildly custom, but I like this one a lot, it's not JDM, that refers to Japanese cars


haha! getting serious between these guys... What if he wants to call it euro jdm, or american muscle or whatever, get over this stpd detail and enjoy the great cars featured on here. Give it the name that means something to you.


I might be wrong Spark Plugs Suck but I don't think vws are made in mexico anymore, I heard the new generations are made directly in Germany.


If it cannot be JDM Euro then just J-Euro as Fastcar Magazine in the UK have started. Euro cars with Japanese parts (wheels, engine parts etc.)