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Unlike my North American counterparts, we're not really used to this much snow and ice here in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Just going to take this post to urge our readers who are being affected by this weather, to take it easy on the roads during this cold spell. It's far too easy to under estimate how dangerous these conditions can be. Please stay alert when driving, leave as much room as possible between you and the car in front and only travel if it's absolutely necessary.

Take care out there and here's hoping that we get some good sunny weather for the show and competition season to make up for all this snow !

- Paddy



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nd wat doz dis hav 2 dew wth being hlla flush.

supa tyte jDm y0.


Ha my uncle told me earlier he loves this snow cos he can slide his Jeep Grand Cherokee around. but yeah i totally agree. it canbe dangerous and i can't wait for show season!


pfffff we had more than that yesterday alone :P i guess you guys don't regularily rock winter tyres though... good luck with it!


here's what it looks like in London ON currently: http://blueslug.ca/GTI_snow.jpg (which isn't really that bad)


*Throws a dictionary at previous poster*

Thankyou for your best wishes i havent got stuck from work one day yet but im in the SE of London seems like our pollution cloud is holding off all the predicted snow.


pff plz i live in montreal, and over the course of one winter season it's not uncommon to see up to 200cm of snow accumulation. when i see snow falling i think hit the roads because theres nothing more fun than an audi quattro in fresh powder!!!


Haha, where I live people FREAK when there's ice or snow... Hell, they can hardly drive in the rain!!! :P I've driven through a blizzard once, so while I liked living without snow, I'm going back north this year... And I plan on hiding as much as possible. :) I like snowboarding in it, not driving in it.


Not such fun in a mid engine rwd supercharged vehicles, but i guess i should not have summer tires (toyo R1Rs).

Or have a winter beater car, as you guys call a car, for purely winter use, and put away your summer cars ;)

And I hate the salt :(

Do you guys in Japan, and New Zealand, use volcanic ash, does the job, but don’t damage metalwork like horrid salt?


@ lilschumi: quattro indeed!

Had a blast today at a small airfield with my dads C6 RS6, with wintertyres on it. SUPERB!

Pitty I can't post the pictures here...


@Super Cool Story Bro is that even fucking English you fucking nigger faggot? Don't be typing your useless nigger speak on these forums. Go get high and drink bleach while hanging from a tree you piece of fuck.


AWD + good winter tires + snow = lots of fun! :) you guys in the countries where snow is not such ussual thing should get a proper Winter tires atleast - and it will be 5x times easyer to live :)


Here in philadelphia its so cold! i just got back from vacation yesterday and it was 80 degrees (farenheight) in the bahamas when i left, 15 when i got back! I took me 14 attempts to start up my '94 Civic!


It's even snowing here in Madrid, wich is quite unusual...


its lethal here round me in wexford and more coming 2nite haven took out the car in ova a week and its doing my head in being stuck at home


whats funny is that people that dont get that much snow freak out cuz theyre not used to it. i live where we get feet of snow and people still drive in it all around like its nothing.


sorry paddy but theres too much fun to be had going sideways in a fwd car especially on roundabouts but only on my way to work at 5am!


hahahahah that's not "snowed in". Come to Norway and u'll see... minus 30 Celsuis degrees and 2m with snow! Good snowtires = everything when it comes to safety.

But it's great fun tho, this is when ordinary youth gets to drift, find a big open space and let the rwd's plow some snow ;)


man i wish we saw some snow here in ontario,canada. getting more extremely cold weather than anything else.


Lmao, I guess I'm the only one who go "super cool story bro"'s joke?


For those of us who have accepted that loss of traction can be a large part of driving, winter is a good time to enjoy driving.


Yeah lol Dbromley some people need to relax~~ It was obviously a joke... laugh people!

Oh and here in Seoul, Korea it snowed so much in the first few days of the new year that I couldn't drive out of the carpark at work... I was literally plowing through the snow so I left the car there and caught a taxi home~ Also getting some fishtailing at traffic lights but I guess that's part of the RWD experience?? Take care people!


Wow....Spark is tough!




I took the yellow Bee*r R324 out in the snow over the weekend. Surprisingly it was better in the snow than my sisters 1.2 Seat Ibiza! Using snow men as clipping points and dodging snowballs. Good times.. the car is absolutely filthy now though.


Is that a S60 R? Anymore pictures?


Snow brrr!! Don't like it.. My old Corrado isn't too bad, but i got creep around in 'Driving Miss Daisy mode' or 'Granny mode' as my brother calls it.. i had a couple bags of Rock Salt/Grit in the boot to help with staying on the road.. Steel Wheels & Snow Tyres for next year... "Roll on Sunshine!!"