Random Snap>> Shock And Awe @ Sumo Power

This past Friday, Jonathan Moore and I drove out to the town of Rye to Speedhunt the brand new Sumo Power/JR Motorsport facility. While we knew this was an impressive facility, nothing could have prepared us to comprehend the depth and scale of the place, let alone the marvelous machines it houses. Jonathan is still trying to digest what we saw on Friday, and will be starting to work on a report just as soon as he can gather his thoughts together.

In the meantime here's a little teaser shot.




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OH Please get some pics of the DR30 Skyline in the background!


I think that's an R30 in the background. I'm digging this shop!


I spy a red spartan DR30 or possibly HR30 in the background


a team with no GT/Endurance experience (except a guy from the dire Vauxhall Monaro programme) - Strange decision to award the contract to Sumo given some of the other teams under consideration

I do hope I'm proved wrong...but


Yea I think the car in the background is much more interesting. Pics of the R30 please.


Based on the "honeycomb" grille, that would be a KHR30 in the background. That is, of course, unless the grille has been changed.


Everyone seems more captivated by the R30 than the Sumo GTR....I think I know what the next feature should be on.


Did not you take the photograph of the s14 of a white color last time in Daikoku?

Thank you the other day.


Did not you take the photograph of the s14 of a white color last time in Daikoku?

Thank you the other day.from Japan


GT Racer is right, it is a strange decision, although the team has success in other fields, but they are hardly a Barwell, Modena, MaTech etc. I wonder what Nissan wants from this. They have reportedly said they do not want to race at Le Mans and are in Ratel's FIA GT championship, while the European Le Mans series appears to be a stronger series with many teams moving across Strange


Impatiently waiting for this :)


Teaser pics? C'mon guys-thats so unfare...


Any ideas to the livery the GTR's will be running, or is it just a slightly modified version of the autosport show one?


Am i the only one who wants this as a desktop? Rod, PLEEEEAAASE make this a desktop! Just for me?


lol people love that R30


It is a super impressive shop, I was down there for an interview the day before you guys were there! Did you manage to get some pics of the Evo rally cars by reception upstairs? And yes, it does seem like a strange choice, but they have some reeeeally clever people down there, and are only concerned with hiring a team that will be capable of running them to their limit. So only time will tell, but it is lookin like a promising season...


Good point about the honeycomb grille, Does look more like the HR30 now that i look at it more.

The First reason I dismissed it as an HR, is the L20et engine was one of the WORST engines nissan produced, but if it was bumped up to a L28et, or L31et then hety it may be a more interesting ride! As for DR30, that is my guess, FJ20et's are my FAVORITE