Random Snap>> Naked 2011 Mustang

While Linhbergh was in Charlotte shooting the Mustang RTR and RTR-C last week, we stopped by Autosport Dynamics where we were able to check out the shell of my new competition car. The Falken Tire 2011 Ford Mustang chassis had just arrived from paint. Here is a picture of me getting acquainted with my new car for the first time. Something is so cool to me about seeing a freshly painted bare chassis. Anyone agree?

- Vaughn Gittin Jr.



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ASD does some beautiful work.


We could always run it on hopes and dreams? It looks like a dream.


Freshly painted chassis looks great. Going to need a couple of phone books though. ;)


Haha, this photo proves one thing: the Mustang is way toooooooooo huge. Still I think it's the best out of the three new muscle cars :)


Yea I agree that is a badass stage when you get it down to nothing but a cage. But damn JR you already hopping into another new chassis. Why you ditching the 2010 one already?? I though it was working out good for you I was not expecting you to come into this season with a new chassis! But hey I am sure there is a reason and why not if someone is giving you one I would use it too! I am a little jealous can you tell?


@Civi- The hit the 2010 chassis took in Vegas bent it a little bit so we decided it was best to start fresh. here is the hit in case you missed it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UciTRWEkqs


Very cool man. White chassis/cages are the coolest. Shouldn't your hands be crossed up, looking toward the apex, ha ha just messin'. Livin' the dream man, livin' the dream! :)


Looking good JR, hope you pull out another good season, you really deserve it! Always a fan.


He is sitting on the floor without a seat though, which makes it look like it has a lot of head room, but true it is fairly big.



Throughout the impending carpocalypse its nice to see Ford supporting the fans like some great Eagle of Truth soaring though the sky. Sure this Eagle may be endangered, but that does not stop its majestic flight.


Damn, someone has some money!!! Hey, u doin seat brackets this time? That in-car of u and the f1 legend on road atlanta....your seats were moving around alot Jr. Keep it up man! Everyone loves Falken!!!

Btw, stop breaking sr throttle bodies!!!! ;-)


lol nice JR, hope it looks as good with the rest on top


@ 10000rpm, if he had a seat in there, and a headliner, and a dashboard, you wouldn't be saying that. i bet my golf in bare chassis would look just as massive compared to me


why you name it 2011 mustang? so in the year 2011 u will have the 2012 one etc.?


I love how you're not scared to show your bad moments there VG, but I must say some of the shots taken of that crash were amazing. With that said this chassis is looking beautiful, is that the only real big change you'll be making this year in regards to the car?


2011? But its only just 2010 now. Is America in the future?? I don't get the model year system there.

Anyway, looking forward to seein ya out there in the new season (even though in NZ the only coverage I get is on Speedhunters). Good Luck!! :)


Josh Herron's FD Vegas video caught your wreck and recovery beautifully. I'm sure the new car's going to be sick. Any major setup changes for this year?


For you guys in NZ... ASD who builds JR's cars is owned by a Kiwi, and JR's head mechanic is also from NZ. The owner of ASD sometimes turns up at drift events in NZ on holiday to check out the local scene. I seen his girlfriend give mad mike a mowhawk haircut in the pits at a event down there last year.


Quick, hop into the other side and make it a RHD car! =D

dont see RHD mustangs much :D


Yea I honestly never understood out Model Year system either.....????? its a 2011 chassis that's what I know so I call it that.

@ Duncan Thanks....We will be changing over the a 5.0L rather then the 4.6 we ran last year as well.

@g-yea my demo car has some used and abused adjustable seat brackets, I saw that in the video too.

@ Anthony- no RHD for me I can drive it but don't feel quite at home. I did see a RHD Mustang for the first time in London when I was out there the owner said he paid 10,000 #'s to get it done.

Thanks for the comments as always everyone. I am looking forward to the upcoming Formula D season, 2010 in general is going to be nuts for me! Looking forward to sharing it with you all!


This is probably a dumb question Jr but it will have Mustang RTR body work correct???


@ G yes sir!


pic's are how much ?? lol. looks like a great start for a new ride.thanks for the Vegas ride, and tell Doug I'd like to return the favor..!!!!!


Will be funny if you're too, lolol