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Has it already been a full year since we did Mazda month? Indeed it has. No matter what month it is, I think we can all agree there’s never a bad time for some rotary action, and here we have plenty of that – thanks to Roo Wills from New Zealand.

Roo headed out to the New Zealand Rotary Summer (yes, summer) Drags earlier this month and sent us some photos of his findings.

Rotary-powered vehicles of all types made it out, but it looks like the vintage models like this RX2 were still the favorites.

Not that there weren’t some modern cars out there, like this FD dragger.

Wait a minute, what’s that Toyota Altezza doing there? *looks at the engine bay* Oh I get it. I’d like to know some more about this car…

Nicely done RX-3 sedan. This sort of stance is a bit different than the “wide ‘n low” look, but is very cool in it’s own way.

Another RX-3, but in station wagon form.

The 1980’s lines of the FC3S have never looked better. I’m digging the turn-downs on the exhaust.

An FD low enough to serve as a lawn mower.

RX-2 sedan tucking some large wheels, as common in this part of the world.

One more for that wagon nerds out there.

It’s like a 1970’s V8 drag car, replicated in 3/4 scale.

I’ll finish with this RX-2 taking to the strip.

Thanks to Roo for sharing his photos with us.

For more shots from the event, check his Flickr gallery.

-Mike Garrett



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A lot of those seem to have the same wheels. :o

Dunno what they are though.


anymore of the white fc ?


Awesome. Loving the white FC3S (more pics please!), but WHAT is the deal with less negative camber in the front than in the rear? It doesn't even look correct, much less function properly. Is this a product of the "stance" enthusiasts?


I can tell you one thing about the rotary powered Toyota Altezza pictured above, Mike: I live on a main street here in Hamilton, New Zealand, it drove past my house on boost two weekends ago and it was F***IN LOUD! =p

And you'd be hard pressed in New Zealand to see an "old school" rotary thats not sporting a "dumpy" muffler and either Simmons FR style or Craigers/Modgies.


white fc = DROOOOOL


As mentioned above the majority of the cars sport Simmons FR's wheels, Asutralian made 3 piece wheel.


More on that rotary ALTEZA if possible?


More on that rotary ALTEZA if possible?


The Altezza has a Efini emblem on the grill! Nice touch.


Hey Pete S, are you or anyone you know familiar with the owner of the Altezza? Any way of getting more info on that car?


flickr page 3 there is a front end shot of the fc but its open bonnet. nice though anymore ?


That was a pretty good event. Lookin forward to the 4 & Rotary Nats this weekend!

Also, the NZ Festival of Motor Racing (celebrating Bruce McLaren and his many cars) has its 2nd weekend of track action at Pukekohe raceway. I wish I could have gone last weekend to see them at Hampton downs. So many priceless F5000, F1 and Can-Am cars all been driven in anger on the track not just sitting there to look at in a museum. Great stuff.

If I could take photos and write articles I reckon the NZ FoMR would be a great feature on SpeedHunters. One John Brooks would especially be good at :)


Any body know what bodykit is on the grey/brown FD??


Dont know if its the same one but there was something called the roteza a couple of years back


not enough engine shots


"Roteza" was built by an old tv show called "Import X".Pretty sure you can get it on DVD if you can be bothered hunting around for it.


+1 for the 323 wagon.


FCs and FDs are awsome!


@ JJS. Nah I'm afraid I don't know anyone or have any way of providing more information on the Altezza. This coming weekend is the weekend that the NZ Import performance car scene all but lives for, the 4 and Rotary Nationals ( which is a show and shine on the Saturday, and drag racing on the Sunday, every facet of the scene from drift, drag, low-rider, VIP, rotary, classic imports and more turn out. I'd assume that Altezza will surely be on show. I'll be attending both days and will make an effort to take some photos and try and get some more info on it.


love the "dumpy" exhausts


'I'm digging the turn-downs on the exhaust."

LOL You mean "dumpy" Or "dumpies"


yu gotta love the sheep like qualities old school rotary owners have in new zealand


@ j-tune. Sheep like? Don't see a great many sheep in NZ sporting dredlocks, flat peak caps, singlets and poor english ;)