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Here we go for round 2 on January 4th: the world’s top S14s as selected by you.

Mr. Chob’s S14a: A member of Chi Town’s Risky Devils.

Team Magician S14a: I will always have a softspot for this all Japanese drift crew. They have some amazing cars.

Wander’s S14a: One of the most famous S14s in Europe driven by fellow Dutchman Lennart Wander.

Matt Powers’ S14: What can I say that hasn’t been said before? This car has reached celebraty status across the drifting world.

Garage Saurus S14.5: This car has seen extensive development over the years, the latest modification includes the new splitter.

Cravingimpact S14.5: A amazing project made inside owner’s garage. I wonder what happened to the car. The last thing I heard was that it has been seen running at Oulton Park.

Brett Castle’s S14A: this car won the 2007 EDC Drift Series.

Brian Harte’ S14: This internet celebrity once said “I will never take drifting seriously.” Luckily that doens’t apply to his car building skills.

RS*R JGTC S14A: the 1997 Championship GT300 class winner.

Martin Ffrench’s S14.5: This strawberry car with a S15 nose has previously seen lots of action in both the Irish and UK drifting scenes.

Forrest Wang’s S14a: an iconic machine of previous years.

James Deane’s S14.5: this chassis won both the Pro Drift Irish and European Championships in 2008.

Friends Racing S14.5: The S14.5 can even been seen on your ‘local’ dragstrip.

Carl Ruiterman’s S14a: this chassis has probably won more national drift championships that any other.

Masashi Yokoi’s D1SL S14a: as seen at Nikko circuit in late 2009.

Mark Arcenal’s S14: This car has seen more spraybooths than I can keep track of. I saw some preview shots of its new look, but we will have to wait for the final product.

Exceed Moat S14: Another S14 that has been made for the track.

AMS Performance S14.5: An American built drag spec S14.5 with 718whp.

Weld S14: The wildest S14 build ever attempted. I wonder where this chassis is now.

Paul Cheshire’s Team Green S14a: one of nicest S14s in the UK.

Full Race S14: A S14 with a RB26 in one AWD package deal.

Tra Kyoto S14: Their S14 looks just as cool as their S13.

Gaz Whiter’s S14.5: Always a contender at any New Zealand Drift event.

Vertex S14a: Off course I had to include these two following cars. This first one is my favorite.

Vertex S14: This second one has a more aggresive wheel fitment.

Jay Pizarro’s S14a: Another vertex kitted S14 that has been used in anger during drift events.

Luke Fink’s Holford Motors S14a: One of Australia’s top drift cars.

Still one more day to go, tune in tomorrow for some S15s

-Jeroen Willemsen



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The s14 is the most beautiful car for drift in my opinion, have one that is missing, the Jerry Garcia's s14. Nice post.


Some nice examples of S14's. I forgot about the Full Race AWD S14 and those vertex S14 are hot


BH reprezent! twice in two days haha


Also very much digging the tra-kyoto and vertex kits!


isnt the friends drag car a drift car now? sure they said something like that about it in one of the video options


What ? Only ONE paint job for Mark ? He deserve his own category ! I remember the white S14, back on the old driftunif forum (hopefully, I saved all the pictures on my hard disc :p) and the green one ! And I sure I've missed a lot of paint job !

But great burst of S14 anyway :)

Can't wait until tomorrow :)


This shit is retarded.


What? What? What?

What about Letty's maroon S14 from The Fast and The Furious. Cant get any more famous than that. It was in a movie ffs LOL XD

Nah seriously the vertex kitted 14's look sweeeeeet :)


Weld = jawdropper


pleased to see carl and gaz's cars made it on here... doing NZ proud


i believe the weld 240 is at driveline motoring in socal, sitting in the warehouse.


tra kyoto is the best, by far!


the vertex cars are Nobuteru Taniguchi's personal S14's


Not my favorite Silvias, but they're still great. <3 Favorite: Tra Kyoto S14... Clean!


Mr. Chobs' car is just tooooo cool.


as a former S14 kouki owner I have to agree they are one of the most beautiful FR sportscars ever built and are so full of potential for racing! what about the badass red S14 from TX thats seen in pics on a brick street downtown, stanced on gold 7 spoke wheels? or the TougeFactory S14 with yummy JDM aero tidbits? but you put together an awesome collection, love that chassis and want to build a simple LS1T56 widebody S14 for enduros w/ friends sometime soon!


Alright, we got the NOB S14 in there! But Jeroen, I think you owe Brett Castle a little more credentials than just the 2007 championship. He was one of the OGs in the UK/Euro-Drift scene.



Luke Fink's Holford Motors S14a,Gaz Whiter's S14.5,Paul Cheshire's Team Green S14a,Carl Ruiterman'sS14a,James Deane's S14.5,Full Race S14,Brett Castle's S14A,Martin Ffrench's S14.5.

And then the list would be good.


Yep?! why?


god i hate s14.5's with a passion


Its about time we catch a glimpse of some Forest Wang cars. His stuff is always done proper


Jay Pizarro's 14 got totally ruined by james bondurant.


how to post my ride?


Would be nice to see Dave Brigg's SG Motorsport S14 up there, for his level of fame that car has really made a name for itself.


shipzen would be correct, driveline motoring has the car now.


Rocket Bunny?


What no, GP Sports S14? Their S15 best be up tomorrow!


This list is weak.


WOW! What an honor!!!


What rims are on Mr Chobs (Risky devil) S14?


I think that JUN Hyper Drag Silvia (S14) deserve to be here.....

The first rear wheel drive stock body in Japan that beat the 9 sec barrier...

Take note Jeroen.....


One you have missed out was Phil Morrison's Driftworks S14...tut, tut, tut...


"This strawberry car with a S15 nose has previously seen lots of action in both the Irish and UK drifting scenes."

You gotta learn that if its a strawberry, it has a, S15 nose, so no need to repeat it!

FIY strawberry = ichigo in japanese

ichi = 1, go = 5


I can't belive it.

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