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Natural progression or a fluke? You can't open a ‘pic of the day thread' on a random forum without getting confronted with cars that have a killer stance. Normally you would see cars like a Impreza or Evo and of course the S-chassis cars. But we can't forget the little guys, like this Toyota Yaris or Vitz as it is known in other countries.

This particular car has its roots in Indonesia and is rolling round town on a set of 20" Weds Kranze Bazreia wheels. There isn't a lot of info about the car itself but I did spot a few items that aren't standard.

Thanks to an airbag system the wheels are tucked inside the wheel wells. When driving the owner lifts the car up for better clearance, but it surprised me to see that it still looks good when doing so. You can see a small video clip of the car on the highway here.

In the rear we see a modified bumper with two exhaust tips molded into it. It makes for a very clean look. I'm also guessing that the owner has painted the rear lights red. 

It looks like a real life Jada Toy car in this picture. I mentioned that the wheels are made Weds, they come in size 20×9" +38 in the front with 235/30/20 tires and 20×10" +12 in the rear with 245/30/20 tires.

If this ain't tucked then I don't know what is. I thought it looked pretty cool and its definitely refreshing to see. Will we see more of these small cars with excessive sized wheels in the future? Or is this car a freak of nature?

-Jeroen Willemsen



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here in puerto rico , alot of yaris tuning goes on, and they dig big wheels alot, although they wont tuck nothing nor strech tires, and so they look horrible with no fitment at all. ricing out cars is still big here. i guess they watch too much pimp my ride or something


but i do recognize the beauty in this well executed vitz. very refreshing indeed ( when done right :D )


HA! The first Indonesian car spotlight... generally proud...


Super nice..

While it looks a little cartoonish, the look of big rims on a small car with a wicked drop is hella cool!


This looks ridiculously cool.


I thought this was a Jada Toy car. Self-tinting windows?




I would kill 4 a set of Weds Kranze Bazreia !!!


Damn this looks cool as!

Fitment is perfect.


I feel dirty saying it, but that is wicked cool.


I wonder how hard that 1.7l is working to spin those...


Daaaaaamn its ugly, I like the car but these oversized rims look like clown shoes... the old school deep dish rims would look much better, somethig like this:

But Im not judging, just expressing my view, everybody has his unic taste.


Did you seriously just recommend xxrwheels?


get this crap of the site.


lol xxr over a set of weds ahaha


Whoa... looking at the rear set-up does it actually move with that camber/stance, surely not?? its a different 'vibe', i like the effort put in though. Reminds me of those Jada Toys cars.. plus Indonesia "Stand up!!" (if only for a little while).


this is amazing. possibly the coolest Yaris I've seen yet.


I dig it. The link to the video isn't working, though...


I've seen some of these pictures somewhere else and I thought it was shopped. Then I saw the last picture and realized this ridiculous car is real! Awesome!


cool car.

vid link is broken.


ooh wow that wheel fitment is insane


LOL... its in my country. Indonesia baby :)

really surprised to see them in speedhunter.


this site rocks


Am I the only person thinking that it looks completely ridiculous?


Terrible - probably barely moves with wheels and tires that big. And why are the rear tires wider than the front ones?! It's not as if this thing needs traction on the rear wheels...


^ It is pretty obvious this thing isn't a track car, so why does it matter which tires are wider?

Regardless, not my cup of tea.


"why are the rear tires wider than the front ones?!" ---because thats the fitment that blows peoples minds, thats why. this is not a race car its a car that has stuffed in as much wheel and tire as possible, and beyond what people imagined. nicely executed, Its weird to see FIVE LUGS on a Yaris, lol, but props to the fitment, that is some world class new style right there. well done.


Absolutely spot on !


Absolutely spot on !



No, I completely agree. What is this doing on SPEEDhunters anyway? Kinda getting sick of all those "stance" cars lately. Remember if it ain't fast, it's gay. ;)



lol... good comment.

"Did you seriously just recommend xxrwheels?" - Rod


I dont mind stance cars, in fact I love seeing VIP rides on Speedhunters. Slammed rats and retro stuff too. I just think this looks completely stupid. Im obviously not the only one, but lots of people seem to love it too. I guess thats just part of car culture.


Something is wrong with that rear tire!


Eww, come on really...20in rims on a yaris?


first... not my favorite but i like it

second... all you people bitching about it not being fast... what is fast? this is faster than walking... faster than a bicycle... it'll still do highway speeds... i've driven fast cars and slow cars and read enough interviews of professional race drivers to know the old saying "driving a slow car fast is more fun than driving a fast car slow' is true. on that same note... please direct your attention to the smallish text below the header "car culture at large" just because this site is called speedhunters doesn't mean everything shown on here has to be in the 1000hp club. if you haven't picked up on that by now then... well you're probably still not gonna pick up on it.

third... here's the video (google is neat)

these guys do an amazing job of feeding our addiction to all things automotive, the provide coverage of what they think we want to see. and i'd be willing to bet that if everybody that visited the site spoke up then you all would find that most of us are pleased as punch to have a site like this to visit.

just my 2 cents.


Looks so right yet so wrong at the same time.


I Personaly Think that is completely pointless, very distasteful, and it reminds me of what some sort of "hey look at me and how bad ass (large) my rims are dogg" Teenager's ride would look like.


very well said TNIP, adding the fact that this wont be a car culture if you dont have those posers and HATERS lurking around you.. really depends on an individuals taste, like in japan drift cars are the coolest but to the americans its Rice and nothing compared to their pure breed all motor muscle. at the end of the day, winner here is the guy who has a taste for everything and knows how to respect ones passion for automobile whether its for show or go.


yay, indonesia made it on speedhunters!!!


Maybe the gas stations need to rethink there product. They need to protect there business. Maybe they should invest in building rapid charging stations, make a maintenance plan, service plans... ect.


Hermoso trabajo un saludos desde Punta Arenas (Chile). LA


whats with all the stupid posts? Obviously he knows its FWD and has bigger rear tires. Obviously its not a racecar. Obviously he shouldnt put XXr's on it lol. what else. is obvious that someone had to post about complaining... anyways. These guys took a Yaris which isnt a cool car in itself, and made it rediculous and did a nice job of it. He didnt just stick giant wheels on a tiny car. Look at that thing as a whole. Nice job


I like it. It's not always about speed. Sometimes all someone wants is a car that looks good. What looks good to some of us doesn't look good to all of us. Shows that he took time and effort to make it all fit well. Good job

@tnip: I agree. I'd rather drive a slow car fast, than a fast car slow. I like the challenge.