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It wasn’t until just recently that modern muscle cars started to shed some of their uncoolness with the younger crowd. Seduction and sexiness are two traits that did not ooze from the last generation of modern muscle cars, like the 5.0L Fox body mustangs, F-body Camaros and Trans Ams. Rather than being sexy, that generation of muscle cars gave the thought of moth balls, stuffy air, decades old
Levis jeans and sweaty bottoms! I have to admit that I was one of the many that disliked those cars — they were seriously uncool.

When Ford unveiled the completely restyled Mustang in 2005, it injected the withering scene with a shot of pure adrenaline. There is a universal appeal to the old muscle cars, and the retro throwback styling brought sexy back into the equation. Formula Drift driver, Vaughn Gittin Jr., saw the potential that the current generation of Mustangs have and gave it a second shot of adrenaline with his RTR brand. He took the already sexy car and dressed up to the nines for a grand night out on the town.

While in North Carolina shooting the rare and exclusive side to the brand, the Mustang RTR-C, I had the pleasure of spending a day with the RTR-C’s the MUCH more affordable and accessible counterpart, this 2010 Mustang RTR.

The first impression you get when you get in is that this car is a well put together car. It feels solid. It’s a car. Not a bunch of sheet metal and G.I. Joe underwear plastic lumped together to some semblance of a car like the previous generation of Mustangs.

Having a solid feeling car is great and all, but its nothing like turning the key and hearing the roar 4.6L Ford V8 start up. The engine has been fairly untouched with the exception of the a high flow air intake which K&N calibrated with Ford Racing Performance for. Nine whole horsepowers is gained from this mod, give or take a few. It may not sound like much, but to the regular ol’ butt dyno it’s enough to put a smile on your face when that pedal hits the metal.

You can imagine what this car will do and sound with the brand new
production 5.0L that will offer 100 more horsepower stock!

The sound of the 5.0L V8 is gloriously amplified by Ford Racing FR500S
mufflers for a true blue collar Detroit metal experience. The sound is
primeval and awakens any slumbering testosterone hormone.

If you were to wake up to this car each morning, you wouldn’t want some french press expresso, but the bottom of the pot, blackest of the black, coffee from rain forests of Columbia. The noise of this mustang is chest hair growth inducing.

The car’s original suspension has been replaced with a set of Ford Racing damper kits, and Ford Racing 1.5″ lowering springs. It’s not super slammed, but its just low enough to make the car look real mean.

The interior has been spruced up by various RTR brand details, like this RTR floor mat. I’ve mentioned before that everyone who tunes cars is allowed at least one rice mod. Vaughn chose his rice mod to be the red interior under glow. My inner riceness approves!

More RTR detailing can be seen throughout the cabin; there’s an RTR shift knob, RTR emblems (like the one on this gauge cluster), and a numbered RTR badge.

This car just looks even more mean and more aggressive while in motion. The Ford Racing suspension rides a bit rough when the road gets a bit bumpy, but its not back breaking. It’s sporty enough that you can overlook its roughness because when you turn into a corner fast and hit the gas, you’ll be quite surprised by the results –this car can take a corner.

Under Mustang RTR’s fenders sits a set of RTR brand 19×9.5 (front and rear) wheels wrapped with Falken FK-452 performance tires. Baer cross drilled and slotted rotors replaced the OEM rotors.

The front sports an RTR front chin spoiler and splitter.

In addition to the front chin spoiler and splitter, there’s also an accompanying pair of RTR side skirts….

…RTR rear diffuser and an aluminum rear spoiler. Of course, the Mustang front and rear badges have been replace for RTR ones. This car is a total package, and it all works together very tastefully!

RTR aside, Ford did a great job overall with the redesign for the 2010 model. The detail on the front end deserves special attention and praise.

I can totally imagine myself walking out from the corner store to see
this car parked and marveling how truly good this thing looks.

The most surprising aspect of this car is when the car enters a corner it does not shy away or cower in fear mumbling about straight roads that go on into the horizon. It fantasizes and craves the corners. When this RTR, with the Ford Racing suspension, enters into a turn, it hugs tightly and that electric feeling comes up your spine. You smile because you know the car is enjoying it just as much as you are.

It takes great inspiration, vision and some properly cooked steamed white rice, to create a Mustang that oozes with this much seduction and sexiness. Muscle cars from a different generation, like the 60s Mustangs, Camaros, GTOs, Chargers, Barracudas and Challengers, were all cars that were drooled upon in those days (and even to this day they’re still drool material). The people that grew up drooling to those cars are now old men; a crowd of tweed, cigars and locally brewed bear. The Mustang RTR brings back the youth and vigor that has been missing from this muscle cars for a long time and at an affordable price!

The last time so many of us have drooled over a Mustang was when Steve McQueen roasted that dark green 1968 Mustang GT’s tires in the infamous movie, ‘Bullitt.’

But that was 1968, we’re in the year 2010 now and a new contender has entered the ring.


Mustang RTR



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wow very nice photos!


subtle and clean, yet of the best mustang variations. ever.


last photo NEEDS to be a wallpaper.


i want !!!!one1111!!!!


I love the shots you got with the RTR on the train tracks, the location is perfect for the muscle car article. Way to keep the photographs consistent with the writing :)

Also my favorite is that last photo, looks like he was drifting circles around you.


Sorry, but the 1998-2001 Trans Am "Uncool"...? Yeah right....

I love all types of cars and do not conform to one type. I love Jap, US, and European. The Trans Am WS6 (LS1 with 6 speed T-56) is on the same level of performance as the Supra. Have you heard a WS6 with a set of long tubes mated to a true dual straight pipe system that dumps before the rear axel? I like it as much as a 2JZ with a Boost Logic system or Blitz Nur' Spec.

Uncool? Why? Because it's American? I understand the stigma of stereotyped domestic owners. I also can understand the car does weigh in heavy.

In the end I just can't help, but to compare the WS6 Trans Am to the 2JZ-GTE Supra.


So awesome. I've seen it in person and it is quite an amazing machine. Loving the one rice mod, hahaha


Speedhunters has been sucking lately. 8 out of 10 new posts are posts that I don't want to read about. You guys been deer hunting lately? Maybe tomorrow, we'll have NASCAR articles.


Love the photos.

Love the car.

Love the writing.

I was loosing touch with speedhunter, but Linhbergh thank you. I'll be back tomorrow looking for your posts.


pic. no.4, 5, 6 cool pic for wallpaper



5.0L Fox body mustangs, F-body Cameros and Trans Ams. Rather than being sexy, that generation of muscle cars gave the thought of moth balls, stuffy air, decades old Levis jeans and sweaty bottoms! I have to admit that I was one of the many that disliked those cars -- they were seriously uncool.

huhuhh. you just listed some of the coolest domestic muscle cars ever. how is that not cool??

f-body, fox body, g-body, etc. they're all pretty awesome, don't throw out the idea that those cars were cool just because american companies are over-bloating and modernizing 50 year old designs. not that they're not cool or anything...


It's "Camaro" dag nabbit.


Everything about this car is great...hell, even the "RTR" logo is pretty cool!

Also, "locally brewed bear," haha.


This post was mentioned on Twitter by linhbergh: SPEEDHUNTING: I never thought I'd say it, but I want this Mustang. Great job @vaughngittinjr!


Hey, what's wrong with locally brewed beer?!?

(Great article and photos, btw.)


Those photos sell the car to me. Great work as always!


Gotta agree with you Linhbergh, I too have disliked generally all muscle cars, save for original 1st gens. Even with the new Camaro & Challenger, they've always gotten the "meh" reaction from me. I have been gaining respect for the Mustang however, starting with my friend's 94 GT. Despite how easy it would be to make it a drag-cruiser (it's a soft top with a 5.0), he has decided to go against the typical 'Stang pathway and set the car up for handling, and the results show how great of a car Mustangs can be. Now that the new car has the looks and the engineering I respect (w/the 5.0), I gotta say the RTR is the 1st domestic I would really, really want to buy. Oh, and brilliant shots, as usual. :)


i saw an 05 mustang with enki rpf1s , some r compunds, had good stance, and it was low and i thought that was actually cool...but for some reason i think the new mustangs are just ugly as hell


Wow. Amazing read and even better were the photos. No surprise really with them being Linhbergh's. Desktops of most of them plz :L


great car, but dont kid yourself, those graphics are horrible. Wrong color, wrong design.


SWEET pictures! nice job man!


Hey man, Loved the Article. What was said about the uncoolness of the previous gen of muscle cars is completely true. Glad to see american automakers decided to look back to their glory days when muscle cars were badass.

Just two corrections:

1)Its ColOmbia, not Columbia (like british columbia). Minor mistake even news channels make but one which needs to be stopped

2) Cofffee doesn't grow in our Rainforests...matter of fact you can't grow any crop on rainforests given the density of the trees

much love. Like I've alwasy said Speed Hunters kicks ass and thats why even small mistakes should be pointed out = perfection is a labor of love


absolutly stunning photography!


"The noise of this mustang is chest hair growth inducing." :D


First, awesome pictures and an awesome car. Second, not all of the mid-life (early 80s and all 90s) were uncool;1996 Camaro SS with the LT4, second best looking Camaro ever behind the `69. Third, dude, you have horrible grammar. As a writer, all of the errors you made in this article kinda annoyed me. Even more so considering how big this site is. But hey, like Juan said, a few errors here and there can be forgive because of how awesome Speed Hunters is.


Fantastic muscle. Few desktops, please? THX


where in north carolina did you shoot this?


wow..all that muscle


Nice shots!

Wallpapers please :)))


That looks so damn good. Nice job Ford!


Amazing photos.


I like locally brewed bear too!!




Dude, How can you misspell the name of a country that is so much a part of our psyche. It's Spelled Colombia fyi.


LMAO @ Keelay!!!!!!!


Nice, I want one of those, I only have a 2010 V6


After seeing all the new Mustangs, forget the Camaro!


What an upscale tuning. I do not like mustangs but it really great!!!!


I am extremely excited to officially announce the Team Need for Speed 1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X project


I am extremely excited to officially announce the Team Need for Speed 1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X project


I am extremely excited to officially announce the Team Need for Speed 1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X project


I am extremely excited to officially announce the Team Need for Speed 1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X project


East Coast Bash lives up to its name. Outside of Formula D, this is one of the finest, yet most unrefined