Event>> Tsukuba Super Lap Battle 2009 – Pt2

I'm really surprised that a proper Super Lap Battle championship has yet to be organized in Japan. An effort was made back in the day with the T1-GP but it never really took off. I've been thinking about this for a while as I'm a little sad that we all have to wait one year to see our favorite cars blast around Tsukuba, because there is no doubt about it, this is one of the best events of the year. A national series would not only see teams participate at different tracks, like the new Sodegaura Forest Raceway for example, but it would give other cars a chance too as I'm pretty sure the fastest car around Tsukuba would not necessarily be the fastest around Fuji Speedway. But enough with the dreaming, let's get back to the coverage of this, the most exciting event of the year for real car otakus!!

Koyama-san of Koyama Racing Labo picked a driver he has been working with for years at JUN, to get the most out of his new Evo X. Kinoshita Mitsuhiro is always very clean through the tight corners of Tsukuba, using the monumental grip the CT4A chassis and Hankook tires developed.

Only a handful of GT-Rs were present on the day, and the Autech Tsukada BNR34 was the most impressive of them all. Competing in the Street-R class meant it had to use street tires, but yet managed to get a 58"672 lap, which interestingly enough was faster than every car in the Street-S category where cars use semi-slick rubber. Well done Tsukada-san!

Here is Ross of AVO Japan checking over the data the Impreza's Motec ECU logged on track.

The Cosworth powered GDB managed a best lap of 59"343 making it the fourth fastest car in the Open-4WD class. If you click the link to the AVO website you can see a video of one of the laps the Impreza did.

On top of their CZ4A Original Runduce brought their GRB out for a play. managing a best of 1'03"010. Love the hood on this car!

The 5Zigen CL7 Accord Euro-R is now back in Japan after participating in the Super Lap series in the US. The car has been recently turbocharged, which on top of the nitrous oxide system allows the K20 to develop 420 HP! More on this car soon!

Super Autobacs Hamamatsu were back this year with their GDB competing with the big boys in the Open-4WD class. With Kinoshita at the wheel the car managed to achieve a best time of 59"552.

This is what your engine should look like if you want to dip under that 1-minute barrier!

I liked the exhausts on this Car Station Marche GRB, the fastest of the only two new-gen Impreza present with a best lap of 1'01"508.

This Back to Zero Z33 was sporting the wildest body out of all the Zs, not to mention a turbocharged engine.

I thought this JZZ30 must have gotten the wrong event or something, as you really don't see Soarers participating in time attack much! Built by Racing Factory Autobahn it came unbelievably close in posting a sub-minute lap with a 1'00"080! It looked like a drift car coming out of the in-field hairpin, the track and tire temperatures just that little too low to get optimal traction.

Really loved the look of the Garage Shimaya Exige S…

…especially the carbon wheels it was running. Well, they are not real carbon, the have just been covered with it by Carbon Dry, who will wrap pretty much anything you want in the lovely glossy fibers!

The Nogami Project Mazda Roadster was looking very photogenic with its new bumper. Thanks to a 2.5L engine it managed to get its times down to 1'04"242 which is pretty damn fast for an NC!

The only Porsche at the event was this Brightening GT3 Club Sport which put on a show out on track with some nice powerslides when shooting out of corners. Flat-6 sound is always one of the best!

This was the first time I saw the Revolution RX8 since it received its latest series of modifications, which as you can see include some lovely carbon body parts! This, the only SE3P at the event, got its lap time down to 1'04"417.

It's great to see that Unlimited Works and Cyber Evo are thinking of the future. Their new Evo X demo car looked pretty hot out on track and came away with a best time of 1'02"432. Tarzan Yamada took care of the driving!

The Voltex Evo 8 MR got so close, so damn close they just couldn't believe it. Their time was 1'00"001!!! 

I have to admit, I didn't particularly like the Fujita Engineering FD when I first laid eyes on it at TAS a few years back. But there is no doubting it looks mean as hell in action, and those looks are backed up by a mighty set-up which allowed it to get a 58"897 lap.

I'm pretty sure some of you guys want to see the Revolution RX-7 in more detail so I grabbed a few shots while it was back in the pits in between sessions.

Most of the rear end has been cut out and reinforced with a tubular rear structure. This has allowed them to create a custom suspension layout as well as manage weight distribution accurately. The rear carbon hatch pops off in seconds and only weights a few kilograms. 

The interior is pure GT-car, down to the rear view camera and LCD screen! Notice the billet gear lever for the Hewland sequential gearbox.

You really have to look closely to find it but there is also an engine in there somewhere! A custom front tubular structure for the front end has allowed the 13B to be pushed right back and as low as possible into the chassis. The air-box that sits next to the HKS T04Z turbine lines up with the under-structure of the carbon hood to create a ram-air effect.

If the Honda Twincam FD2 continues to get any faster it will be the first new-gen Civic Type-R to dip below the minute mark. 1'00"322 is pretty damn close!

It sported one of the cleanest interiors out there, the perfect example of simplicity, just what I like!

More to come from the Tsukuba, including a couple of car Spotlights so don't miss what's coming up next.

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Holy Crap!

Must have wallpapers!


I'd love to see what would happen if Chris Rado and the World Racing Scion paid a visit!


that rx7 insane, love that revolution car more pics pealse!!


haha that would be a nice to see rado battle it out there

especially in the new awd beast


REVOLUTION FD3S.. simple as that


Went to this event in 2007 with the Aussie Hi Octane Racing R32 GTR team.

Awesome event that Id love to go to again. I'l have to dig up the feature we did from that event and post it up on here.


The Revolution FD's 13B is in the stock location (maybe lowered due to the dry sump), but it is not pushed back closer to the firewall. That is its stock location.

Aside from the Revolution carbon FD, Japanese tuning is a bit behind respect the US tuning:

ex. Hamamatsu' GDB using 4 hose clamps per coupler? Weld a Wiggins clamp and call it a day.

AVO Subaru could use the Cosworth intake manifold, which can be mounted forward, reducing the lenght of the piping, for quicker spool up...most cages are not even gussed it to the pillars....


Absolut porn...Z33 wallpaper anyone?



don't forget that the subaru engine in japan are 2l or mostly 2.2. they anyway rev better then the us one's and turbolag can sometime work for you instead of against you. you have although to consider that japanes tuners focus more on the suspension then the rest of the world.


I wish simon norris and olly clark had gone that would have really livened things up. And like everybody else i think rado competing in the AWD scion would rally give tarzan a run for his money.


great cars in the greatest country of motorsports!!!i like that R34 a real monster :)thanks guys for pics!regards :)


Racing Factory AutoBahn Soarer


So how fast did the revolution fd go?


The front bumper of Kumakubo Evo is diferent??


Can't wait for MORE!


Love the Voltex Evo!


That Voltex Evo looks so good!


you guys REALLY need to add facebook sharing options!!!



Sure, they have the EJ20. So why companies like Tomei and JUN AUTO go with stroker kit increasing the displacement to 2.2, 2.3 liter? (I know forged internals are the main reason to withstand the boost, but that's not the entire answer). Bigger displacement = more power.

Japanese don't focus on the suspension. They try to balance everything in one package, which is good.

For example, ASM Yokohama uses Sachs, Mine's uses re-valved Ohlins suspension, Top Secret uses Aragosta, Top Fuel uses Quantum, and so is Ti Racing, Midori Seibi uses Force. Those are not Japanese suspensions. Those are re-valved suspension.

HKS uses its own Hypermax III suspension, Cyber EVO uses Tein, and MCR uses Zeal, much like JUN AUTO....they're just re-valved.

They're far from being as good as JRZ or Motons (aside from ASM's Sachs).....the rest are just good suspensions, not great suspensions.

There are great cars in Japan that could go MUCH faster if they switch to Penske or Koni and set them up right.....

I'm sorry to contradict you but Japanese could put a bit more R&D into suspension.

Nontheless I like their approach.


The NC looks really good


Is that an upside down mazda back on the back of the Brightening GT3 Club Sport?



I'd love to see what would happen if Chris Rado and the World Racing Scion paid a visit!


Yeah, Chris Rado should definitely consider to pay a visit to Tsukuba (like the UK guys did few years ago).....

I'd love to see the outcome.


Gawd the The Voltex Evo 8 MR looks mean.....

I love the TwinCam CTR


the voltex evo is the best...! I love the bodykit


where can i find the results of all cars ???



That's the funniest shit I've heard in a long time. The tuning world should learn from the Americans how to do suspensions???!!! You sir... are a comedian indeed!!


LOL @ i-an, maybe we should all switch to solid axles and leaf springs!


@i-an, Cupra

Neither of you made a valid point. Alex has a position he backed up with facts. I love Japanese tuners but he may have a point!



So re-valved european dampers... bad, american made dampers...better!

All I see in Alex's comment are statements (based on his oppinions) without the faintest hint of facts as you stated. Perhaps you should look-up in a dictionary what the definition of "fact" is.

Ohlins, Sachs ect. are all excellent shocks which are made by companies with experience in every racing category there is around: F1, MotoGP, Le Mans Series, Touring car.... etc. To say that they are inferior products to Penske or Moton which have a reputation only in the States is completely ridiculous.

Whether the Japanese tuners have the know-how to extract the best performance out of them, well, that's another matter alltogether.


Dino you always find the best stuff to focus on, great coverage. Can't get enough of this event!


I'm not sure where it was stated that Motons are American, but they're based in the Netherlands, as is JRZ. In any case, to suggest that Moton and JRZ only have a reputation in America is just as absurd as suggesting that Japanese tuners just use re-valved products and don't put much effort into their suspension setups.

All you have to do is go to the homepage of Moton to see their 4-way dampers were on the FIA GT2 championship winning Porsche. And I've personally toured the Mine's facility (as part of a story I did about this company for Modified Mag) and witnessed them testing dampers and springs on their computerized shock and spring dynamometers (and no, the dampers were not Ohlins). Having discussed their suspension tuning philosophy with Mr. Nikura and his staff, it's clear to me they place at least as much emphasis on fine-tuning damper behavior and suspension geometry as they do on power delivery.


We need photos of the 911 GT3 CS powersliding!


What Pratte said,

Who ever this Alex character is, simply does not know what he is talking about, it is emphasized is his statement.

And whomever stated that the Cyber Evo is the only TA vehicle up there with wind tunnel testing is wrong.


Ok, for those of you peeps that did not understand what I meant; let me REPEAT once again what I said:

I did not say that re-valved European suspension are better or worse than the Japanese counterpart.

I said, there is A REASON why the Japanese top-tuners are using European suspensions (aside from HKS and MCR which use HKS and Zeal respectively).

Quality-wise Japanese suspension are NOT superior than Sachs, Koni, Quantum, Ohlins, Penske, JRZ, Moton and so on.

However, if the Japanese suspensions are setup right could outperform any European suspension (if not setup right).

Look up if Tein, Zeal, Greddy, Apexi or any other Japanese suspension companies partecipate in F1, WRC, BCTT, Le Mans Or GT2 series !

Once again, Japanese suspensions are not garbage, they're good, but not as good as European and American ones. That is a fact folks !


My bad, Mine's just started using Sachs coilovers:


Up until the famous white R34 they used Ohlins....

As far as Japanese companies not putting as much efford into their suspension R&D.....I'm not sure about that, but they're clearly behind American and European companies.

Ask yourself why they would outsource, if their product would be as good as the European counterpart...


I love the Rx-7, what a incredible work on this car.


More of the Feels FD2R!


Alex, Mine's always used Dynamic on their track going demo cars. The Öhlins were only used for their street oriented kits. Towards the end of the development of the R34 they moved to Force which are re-named Nitron dampers from the UK....which is still what Midori is using along with their Aragosta-based kits. And keep in mind that most of the Öhlins suspension for Japanese models are made in Japan by Carrozzeria Japan, under license from Öhlins.


More of the Feels FD2R!


@ Dino:

Thanks for the insight, but Mine's still has/ use Ohlins coilovers, and are on their site (for street cars)....and used it EXTENSIVELY on the white R34 (with BBS Mag wheel). Now they're using Ecsta (Sachs) coilovers (like ASM Yokohama).

As far as Midori Seibi using Force, that's exactly what I stated above. Great stuff....

Again, I'm not knocking on Japanese suspensions, but European suspensions are superior (quality wise).


love that soarer!!!


Im just finding it funny the words "Koni" and "Quality" being used in the same sentence, not to mention them being compared to some of the other brands



Like you said, they're not that great....



"Here is Ross of AVO Japan checking over the data the Impreza's Motec ECU logged on track."

For the record, it's a Link ECU