Event>> Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom Show ’09 – Pt3

Time now for a final stroll through the Mooneyes Hot Rod and Custom show that was held this past week-end in Yokohama. Many of you wanted to see more pictures of the left hand drive S30 above, so you'll be pleased to know I will dedicate a Car Spotlight post to it as it was just too perfect.

Hot Rod and Customs are all about the details and even for someone like me that finds this whole scene very new, there is just so much to appreciate down to the smallest detail. 

Plus this has to be the only show in Japan were you can see everything from outrageous American muscle cars…

…all the way to tiny Japanese rotary powered cars like this imported Mazda RX3.

It's thanks to these shows I have began not only appreciating but actually seeing more rare Japanese classics, like this old MS51 Crown…

…restored to perfection.  

There always seems to be a pinch of craziness to these shows like this drag-racing Daihatsu Midget…

…which really made me laugh! It has been lengthened with a custom chassis which accommodates the V8-engine and the new driveline. That has got to be a hoot to drive!

This Impala was sporting a less than perfect finish with tons of rust spots throughout the body. I never saw it being moved into the show so I'm assuming it was just someone's ride parked up at the back. Sure looked the part though!

Here is another one that I didn't see on the show floor, a spotless and road registered Mustang Mach 1.

There were a bunch of '58 Corvettes like this one sporting a very period correct look.

This probably took most colorful car of the show award, I dread to think the hours of work that were required to pull off such a complex paint job! 

And it wasn't just the exterior of cars that sported intricate customization!

One interesting aspect of walking around during the set-up day was that I got to see what owners drive on a day to day basis. There were lots of imported transporter trucks from the US to bring cars into the show, but those setting up the little accessory or apparel stands had the coolest rides by far like this custom painted 70's van!

And talking of vans, check this is out.

This customized Dodge really grabbed my attention and reminded me of that heavily chopped green Crown I saw earlier in the year at the Mooneyes show in Odaiba.

Certainly redefines the term "low."

This Vette was fitted with modern wheels with low profile tires, somehow didn't seem to look right.

First time I saw a 1970 AMC AMX, had only heard of the car and seen a few pictures. This particular one is undergoing a full restoration, which explains why half of the interior was missing.

This Camaro SS is precisely why I like these shows.

Mooneyes was selling everything you need to start doing your own pin striping, everything except a steady hand!

Into the hot rod scene? This is what you need for those oiled up hairstyles! 

A small area of the show was dedicated to trucks, very low trucks!

After seeing the varied collection of cars and bikes at this show I'm already looking forward to more Mooneyes shows in the new year! Hope you enjoyed the coverage.

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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HUUUGEEE typo ... thats not a mazda RX-7. thats a Mazda RX-3...

BIIGGG difference... other than that.. awesome


HUUUGEEE typo ... thats not a mazda RX-7. thats a Mazda RX-3...

BIIGGG difference... other than that.. awesome


moreee about classic z!!!


so perfect (z)


I would love to see more pictures of that MS51 Crown Coupe.

Hell even a writeup would be awesome.


I see what you mean on the 56'-57' Vette. It doesn't look quite right. I think it has alot to do with the fact that the wheels are so tall but aren't nearly wide or staggard enough in the rear. Well, that and the wheels just seem like the wrong choice. Its a beautiful car though.


Amazing pics! Great work!


more on that 70 amx. maybe a feature on it.


that amx is a 69 not 70. i got so excited to finally see an american motors product on here that i over looked it.


more pictures of the Fairlady Z? and the white one at the background please, dino?


whats that last pick-up? datsun?


i think that vette looks great, i know its not the style but.. damm da car its so perfect, nice wheels for a nice car=Perfect no matter what, but yeah more wider it will look better.


awwwwesoooome 240z


More pictures of the MS51 crown!


vette with that modern wheel makes the car look even more "old" somehow. it works against it.

THAT MIDGET!!! friggen hell!


Incredible cars, i must admit i prefer the '57 vette on original wheels to new ones. And that AMX is perfect would love to see a spotlight on it.And that mach1 just had my jaw drop straight to the floor but it did make me wonder if it was factory original or had he used a dynacorn classic body?


Severed Ties in Japan? no way!

Speaking of mini-trucks, I'm waiting for them to make a come back, but with more jdm flare and multipiece wheels... hmmm, sounds like a new project for me!


Datsun baby!


Hei, nice pictures. Any pictures of the white S30 seen on the first picture in the backround? Would be greatly appreciated. Keep shooting and motivating us for spending our cash on cars :D


Good post with varied subject matter. I also noticed the white Z in the first picture as having a far better wheel fitment than the silver and wanna see more. so many interesting cars in the background!


I want pics of the white Z in the backround of the first pic!


more white Z pics !!!

come on you should know !!!, after posting the zombie Z, we all want sick fitment !!!


That Covette with the modern wheels looks absolutely gorgeous!


FUCK YA.even reppn Severed Ties over seas.good lookin Makoto.the true innovators of stance.from flush to tuck.we been doin it right for over two decades now.just wait till i bust out my new project datsun mini truck,nasty high comp itb L20.15x10 -12 -15x12 -0 rs watanabe rs8.think that shokatan s30 but a mini truck.

will be around the santa cruz and south bay area shortly

just remember-LOWDISH IS PLAYED


If your speaking of the lack be rear seats in the AMX, They didn't come with any. The front ones leaned flat. The midget dragster is wicked! Also the chopped pink truck behind the slammed 'Yota!


Any coverage on any of the bikes at the show?


The blue Mustang is a numbers-matching Mach 1.


Nice coverage as always dino...that wHITE Z (O_O) looks very nice , dont u have a pic ?