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NEWS FLASH!!!!!! Chris Forsberg, Tony Angelo, Ryan Tuerck and I decided to build a crap-box 240SX for the 24 Hour of LeMons at Thunderhill  Raceway. Our theme: The Channel 4 News Team from the Anchorman movie. Not only did we build a crap-box news car, but we built it in three days, minus the cage that Justin Pawlak fabbed up at "Hotline" for us.

The mini Batmobile!

Even Barbie came out to play.

The Mario Brothers car. Doot doot doot da doot doooot dooot.

Here is our machine in all its glory!

Incase you're wondering why all the spray paint and writing on the car; the writing was due to getting a couple of black flags for allegedly passing under yellow flag. We had to write the following 100 times. I will let you try to fill in the blanks.  Drifters are (blank) that (blank) and call it style.

Thats right! Many drivers saw that in the rear view mirror. 

Enjoying the friends and fire!

We must have lapped this thing 50 times. Hilarious none the less!

Careful of the after-burner!

This thing was wicked fast. A few of the guys that drove this work for Garrett. They were having a good weekend!

We burnt our powersteering pump up. Like good boyscouts we had a spare!

Originally a Tibetan expression of peaceful dismay used after making an errant golfshot.

The devil car was pretty scary in the rearview mirror on the straights. He had nothing for our news machine in turns.

A woody CRX for sure to give you a chuckle.

I don't even know what to say here?

Watching Forsberg tear up the track!

GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!!

The deer were this team's brake lights. Everytime he got on the brakes they flashed and wiggled around.

This thing is pretty clean huh?

The "Chevolvo"  I don't even want to know how long this took to build. There was another crazy fast Volvo with a 302 V8 in it. Check out this video as he passes me and smashes into a car that spun in front of us.

The Punk Rock Racing RX-7.

Team Petty Cash.

Look at the cute little rabbit.

Everyone thought this Porsche 944 turbo was going to get crushed. It obviously is not only a $500 investment. I used to have one that I sold with a blown engine for $6k years ago. However the people decided to let it live to see another race!

The boys and I left Thunderhill Raceway with a pretty bitter taste towards LeMons due to some power-tripping personnel we encountered over the weekend. I originally didn't want to help promote the event by putting a story about it on one of the sweetest sites online. However, I decided I can't deprive you all of the awesome functional ghetto engineering and hilarious cars that were there. So I decided to share, despite a bunch of BS we had to deal with during the two days in which we were just trying to have some fun. I will say that while we had a great time on track and wheel-to-wheel racing $500 cars is super fun; I doubt we will be seen at another one of their events. We do plan to take our crap-box with a new theme to race in a new series called Chump Car ( in late January at Willow Springs. Hopefully it's the same driving fun, minus the irrational powertripping.

-Vaughn Gittin Jr.



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that looks like so much fun! running RT615s also just so the beast has the best grip!!


looks like fun and I wouldn't mind going... But I've also heard that the ones who run it can be pushy.


Looked like a good time man!!!! You're such a damn goofball.... WHHHAMY!!!!


Ooh, I love Mad Libs!

Let's see... "Drifters are OCTOPUSES that BASE-JUMP and call it style."


Those cars are so awesome. What were the staff bitching about?


It was good racing on the track with you guys. I know what you mean about the power tripping, Jay and Phil lit me up and put me on full blast at my first Lemons event and kicked me out after the first hour of the race for some bullshit. I realized in the end though that I just wanted to have some fun out there and if they gotta be dicks to make sure that it can be safely done, then so be it, I'll play their game as long as I get my money's worth, if I'm on the track I'm happy. I'm going to be doing some Chump Car events too this season. Not sure if I'll be fielding my Isuzu all season or if I'll be driving the 280ZX with Wade, Rico, and Andy. Hopefully I'll see you out there.


Damn that inside lane WAS wide open for the volvo.

And I LOVE the batmobile's cardboard air intake :D


Ran the Chump car event in Portland this year, it was great. Much less BS than what LeMons seems to go through, very good, very clean wheel to wheel racing. Going to be heading down to Willow Springs as well in January, look out for the Canadian CRX!


Car looks SIIICK! Lol. Looks like you guys had fun beyond the BS.


haha hilarious!

what's funny is that those cars are more modified than 60% of the tuner industry in america


First pic definitely deserves wallpaper status!


hmm. some comments are missing.


HAHA at the woody CRX i wish i thought of that when i drove one. and the 944 on corvette wheels was way too cool to crush.


Awsome! Racing the way it should be, fun and cheap! Why destroy an expensive car when you can destroy a junkyard POS instead?


wallpaper 1st pic! hahahaha




The judges at CMP were way off base too. Black flagging several for 'four wheels off' when they were either advoiding a wreck, breaking down with loss of power and getting out of the way safely, or after being involved in contact when the other party was at fault. Jay is cool, but the judges are old and tired. They've been doing this long enough, time for a change.

Granted, alot of times the judges go by what is told them by the corner workers, but they should at least hear both sides of the story. One chubby judge always complains about 'too many black flags'.... Hey, here is a thought...ALLOW A LITTLE INCIDENTIAL CONTACT!


I love lamp!


That is actually Ron Burgandy......Chris was unable to make it!!


Apparently we've got the same problem with power tripping LeMons officials up here in the northeast. Some buddies of mine ran at Nelson Ledges back in September and were constantly harassed and heavy-handedly penalized for black flag infractions they didn't even commit. Seems like a lot of people will be defecting to ChumpCar. Hopefully they run their events with the right spirit and without all the mall cops running the show like they seem to have at LeMons events.


JR have you guys ever considered Grassroots Motorsports Magazine's $200* challenge? (like it was $2008 dollars max in 2008) it's along the same lines and always has interesting results :)


love the cars here though lol!


Interesting to hear we aren't the only ones that had that experience.

@blue- I have read about that. Doesn't seem as fun as hours of wheel to wheel racing though....


The GRM 20xx dollar challenge goes up a dollar every year, this year was 2009 dollars next is 2010.

A friend of mine is building a triumph tr6 with a 2.2 turbo dodge engine, lol


""""""""I have never heard of Speedhunters. Maybe they are really in pursuit of some other form of Speed which has affected their judgement.

If they are such big interweb Autobloggers, maybe they should have checked out some of you guys material and coverage."""""""""

NOW THIS EXPRESSION JUST MADE ME MAD. ^^^^ its from the 24hours lemon blog

man this situation sounds like JR is telling the truth, all DA have been to tons of evens where they are welcomed , maybe they had personal diferences but hey , Jr only called them Powertrippers, and the staff are all over insulting drifters and even speedhunters WTF.

DONT U GUYS MESS WITH SPEEDHUNTING OR DARE TO COMPARE THIS SITE TO YOUR CRAPPY FORUMS. We appreaciate automotive culture from all around the world and have one of tha best coverages , so just dont come in hating with envy.