Car Spotlight>>240sx Street Machine

While at Cars and Coffee the other day  I was walking around enjoying the machinery when I heard the distinctive rumble of a V8 from the corner of my ear. Glancing over, I expected to see a fixed up Camaro or Mustang roll by, but to my surprise the sound was coming from an S13 240SX. Now a V8 S-chassis is nothing new, but I figured this car was certainly unique enough to warrant a quick spotlight.

Now obviously the exterior suggests this thing was built for drag racing and drag racing alone, but it;s a fully functioning street car on top of that. I especially like the combination of a clean, stock body with five lug Weld drag wheels and fat tires.

As you can see the rear end has been tubbed to fit the giant rollers. This "pro street" style was quite big back in the '90s among the hot rod community and you still see it from time to time today.

I didn't get a chance to look under the hood, but if I'm not mistaken we are looking at GM LSx power, mated to a six speed manual trans.

A quick glance into the interior found a full roll cage and fuel cell mounted in the rear. Pretty serious stuff.

OK, I can already here the JDM purists moaning now.

Even if you aren't a huge fan of this style, you've got to appreciate the impact this car has, if not the overall honesty of this build.

Now for the age old question, how does she run?

-Mike Garrett



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Too bad, you didn't have spoken with the driver


I can appreciate this vehicle. Dang thats kool


I'm willing to suggest an answer to that question......Like a bat outta hell?


Clea car, but give me a corner carver over a straight liner any day.


Beautiful! V8 power all the way. That'll do some seriously quick times at the track.


wow very interesting. i like this. wish you had more info on this car. still good never the less.


Nice, I'm not into drag cars or drifting, but I like the diversity. Clean S13.


Is that a DOD sticker on the windshield?






And to answer your question mike like a scoldered cat.


wow, i like stock clean look. I like it. Its nice to see something other than that typical drift s13´s.


could have a set of OEM nissan plastic caps on those wheels and you've got yourself a pretty good sleeper


awesomely different style on a S13.. :)


you missed the "tubbed" rear -kinda hard to see under the fuel cell.

-ill direct the owner to this page so we can get some more details....


Hey I know that car. It's daily driven around the Marine base here in 29 Palms, although I haven't seen it in a little, it's possible the owner's at Pendleton now. If I do see it i'll leave him a note and tell him to contact you Mike!


Now this is a "build"! Even with that hood, it's still clean as hell, nice job on this street assassin.


The owner's name is Alex. This car was built in the Detroit, MI area. Clean car, damn muscle milk asians. :P


Hey, Thats a good friend of mine Alex's Car. That was Built in Michigan before he went to serve for our Country. I remember before the tub when I got a ride in that thing.. I'm glad he has a real tire on it now ;)

Finally, Alex's car being shown to the masses!


He also did all of the work on the car himself. From day one, until finished product. Much love!


I also know the owner as does the above poster, he is a cool guy, and drives a kick ass car,


Lol its almost like a camaro, especially that paint, it has to be one of the camaro's paint codes


haha go alex. this is good ole asian alex's car. this has been in detroits autorama a few times. all built by him at monkeywrench racing and autoaddictions in rochester hills MI. i showed my S13 with him in autorama. the car runs good but has trouble with certain little pink civic hahaha. good to see it poping up randomly on the net.

heres a quick drag video.


car ran a mid 12 in the 1/2mile here in MI at lapeer dragway. its a stock LS1 and 6spd trans. its well built too. alex needs to add some bolt ons and start running in the 10s. oh and the hood os the only one that fits without cutting a big hole or having a mullet scoop.


Nice! Man, it seems like those Silvias can fit any engine you could think of swapping into them.


love this style

those weld rims look oh so nice on small cars

must stand up at the rear on burnouts to

looks good


I'm glad to see Alex's car getting some attention outside of us! The car is quicker now. Last time it was out, it was cammed and begging to be treated like a whore. Its how a 240 should be set up! Now, Alex, throw a set of heads on it, Fast 90/90 and a small kit.

Oh, Chico. You're just jealous because you cant hang with the mullet!


Click my name for the build of this car, Original Author can elaborate more now!


That would be so bad ass if that thing could do wheelies.


Hi Mike, I am Alex the owner of the car. I tried to hide the car in the corner but obviously it got some spotlight! Needless to say I am honored to have the car on the site!

Its a 93' Nissan 240sx, if you want to even consider it that anymore. It does have an LS1/T56 swap done by myself. It has a rebuilt stock shortblock with ported heads, Futral F14 cam, 232 .598 split and a few other bolt ons. It has been backhalfed with a 4-link and built Ford 8.8.

Yes that is a DOD sticker on the windshield, I am currently stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA for the United States Marine Corps. I am awaiting deployment to Afghanistan soon. If you would like to see more of the car I will be at the cars and coffee meet again this Saturday. Big thanks to my old employer Matt at Monkey Wrench Racing and Autoaddictions. Thank you to all my friends who helped with the car and to all my friend back home in Detroit who supported me! I miss the old Woodward Ave. crowd!


puke. he ruined the import side of a 240


To answer your old age question, it runs great! It is a fully functional street car with 440hp on tap. The video that was linked by Chico was old and the car has a best time of 11.20 with still more in it in tuning. It has alot of timing that can be added but is drawn back because I love to daily drive the car. Everything on the car has been done by me, from the engine swap to the backhalf.

Plans for the car when I get back from deployment is a 4xxci LSx engine with a GT45R bolted to it. Stock shortblock shooting for 6xxHP and with a built engine and trans... 800-1000HP. That should tie me over... for now.


hot rod mentality


Interesting build, not for me though. I do like my V8s, i also like my 180's. but not both together lol.

as for the comment "Beautiful! V8 power all the way. That'll do some seriously quick times at the track."

Track?? i hope you ment drag strip because this thing is not built for the track.


an S13 with a V8. THAT IS SO COOL!


I love it! Great build!! Keep up the great work Alex!


mmnnnnnn... fat tires drool...


Would have love to see this in person...jdm must be wondering


With JDM parts overpriced in the USA, The LS1-LS6 swaps are becomming more popular.

Don't get me wrong I love JDM HP.


from a pure performance POV droping a LS6 in a 240sx is a powerfull yet efficent combination.

It is All Motor.  

I would love to see a 240/VK56de swap.



w00t! Way to represent Alex!


Wow, what a car! I love those machines, I´d love to drive one some day.

Good spot!


Nice to see Alex getting some props. He's a hell of a good guy, and his car is very, very well done!

And come see me when you need that trans built!!! :)


i hope this thing pisses some people off..... trends are for the birds! And bit it blows the doors off plenty of unsuspecting racers!


Alex, awesome car man. Really enjoyed seeing it out there.

Best wishes for your deployment!



Way to go Alex! Glad your car got noticed. Great guy and awesome car. He put a lot of work into the car and it came out great! The fact that he likes to drive it all the time speaks volumes. We definitely miss you on Woodward buddy. Be safe!


I'm all for swaps like this. Make a car what you want, not what someone else wants it to be!


Thank you for serving our country.

Come home safe!


i dont understand why theres barely any good looking american drag cars.... the blitz supra, the old apex'i integra... those look great... american drag style not so much


kstyle there are amazing drag cars in the US all over the place especially in the Nostalgic, Outlaw and Doorslammer scenes. We're planning to have a Drag month next year to explore this culture some more.


Way to get noticed Alex! The D misses you and the LS-240. You need to post up pics of it when it was rolling on the stock suspension/wheels. Total sleeper till it fired up LOL.

Makes me proud to know just a wee bit of my handy work is in that car.......and sad I didn't get aride before it shipped to the left coast.


That thing is just sexy all day. I love it. It reminds me of the one that Pittspeed build and raced on pinks, just way more polished.

Good work!


WELL SPOKEN @ kneedragger87


ALEX'S 240!!! Goddamn.

I miss Alex. :(


now alex you know i had to link that video for andy haha. good to hear its still rocking. my little KA only makes 418whp haha. with boost that thing will be nuts.


I know I already posted but this 240 is just down right dreamy. I keep coming back to catch another glimpse.


ive meet the owner an seen it in person the car is nice as hell


And now for the final category of the 2009 Speedhunters Awards, Speed Demon of the Year. As the name