It seems like a lifetime of experience has flashed by since then, but it was only a few weeks ago that we put on a video game competition at irwindale Speedway. The idea was to get some of the Formula D drivers to compete on the famous Nurburgring Nordschiefe for the same prize money they’d win at Irwindale itself. The competition turned out to be a titanic struggle between privateer drifter Quok Ly and Falken stalwart Darren McNamara and saw some incredible gaming skills being thrown down. Have a look at the video to see what transpired.




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Sorry but...Forza is better! ^_^


wow, easy on the marketing.

NFS has been long gone since the PU days.


really lame!! forza is much better


I wonder what configurations they use (driving aids), because 7 minutes with the mc12 seems to be pretty slow actually, even on pad. I know they aren't hardcore gamers but being 40 seconds away from online best lap, I was expecting a little bit more from them.

Now I wonder, what time they can lap with a wheel and some more practice.


Maximou they had all aides off with the exception of driving line and damage was set to visible only. Everything else was shut of. In practice they were all well under 7 minutes but nerves got the best on the day. Jarod was also a bit distracting too!


I believe his name is spelled as Quoc Ly, not Quok Li.


hey! That looked really cool! Now lets get those guys over here on the real thing and do some drifting with the IDS drivers!!


I was 20 feet behind them playing in the tent, and let me tell you, I could not have played like they were. 500 people all around them, the sound system was screaming loud, the MC yellin in their ear, and playing standing up....yeah, its not the same as playing in your living room with a G25. Personally, I felt bad for them being put on stage like that, standing for 7 minutes trying to not embarrass themselves in front of all those others who ALL were saying they could do better.....and I guarantee, they couldn't.


Oh, and I still think they should have showcased the DRIFTING, seeing as it was at a DRIFTING EVENT! C'mon, Royal Purple!!!!