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I've posted quite a few Honda compacts and vans over the past couple weeks, so I figured it was time to show some Toyota love. In this case we have a JDM Toyota Vitz (aka Yaris) modified in a European style. This Euro style seems to getting more popular in Japan, with owners applying VW and Audi style modifications to their domestic cars. In this case the Vitz has some subtle body mods and is dropped on 17×8 and 17×8.5 RH ZW1 wheels with 195/40/17 tires.

The result is a unique combination of Japanese and European automotive tastes.

-Mike Garrett




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You have to love all of the different varieties of tuning in Japan. From USDM-style to euro-style, you can find anything there. Also, applying Euro style to a Vitz is just plain sweet. I spy a Z11 Cube..


is the Vitsz european version of the yaris?


I like it. Very tastefully done!


I've always loved the Yaris. Would definitely like to see more with good fitment and all that.


i saw a very slick kitted, rimmed and dropped Yaris at the grocery store last weekend, bright orange. This reminds me very much of it, except for the silly fender vents. those are dumb. otherwise quite awesome though! only thing that could make it better would be the same offset front and back. staggered wheel setups are not something i'm a fan of


looks cool !

but it's funny what you think about "european taste" and "eurostyle",....there is a difference, japanese-eurostyle looks good, us-euro style too... but real european euro (tuning) style doesn't. The eurostyle you think of, is only an american and japanese thing with tastefulll use of european wheels/parts, but real tuned european streetcars doesn't look like that.

The US is faaar far ahead of europeans in modified automotive taste (I don't have to mention japan, it's clear that they are ahead of all), if you don't believe me, come to europe and see for yourself. You'd call the real eurostyle you see here just RICE, ugly bodykits, altezzas, ugly wings, vinyls, neon lights, .... 95% of the modified cars you'll see on the streets in europe are ugly rice, that's the sad truth. But it's getting better sloowly, because people are starting to read more american sites and forums etc. and are starting to do that japanese, american thing that you call "euro-style" and get that the more decent/less-is-more-look just looks better, but most of them are still doing their fast&furious thing with vinyls and sh*t....


lol speeddevil. what a chav!


in hungarian the VITZ meens joke..:)

And it looks like a joke..:)


@chris cummins.... I see you're from the UK? ...I was writing with the continental europe in mind, bc that's where i'm from,... forgot to mention that the best looking modified cars in europe are from the uk, you guys always make the nürburgrung parking area look good :P the united kingdom can keep up with the us in terms of car-taste etc., but the continental europe is far behind for some reason,....your yaris and your friends look very very cool too !!


That is def not true Speeddevil, i don't know what part of europe you com from, but there are tons of tasteful (euro)eurostyle cars here...

Ofcource there are the examlples you mention too, but thene again, i bet everywhere you go, you spy atleast 5 ugly modified cars for each nice modified cars...


I'm from austria, and I spy 20 ugly modified cars or so for a good looking one here :P

count for yourself how many ugly cars you have to see before you see a nice one ... http://www.ludersdorfertreffen.at/web/index.php?option=com_ponygallery&Itemid=46&func=viewcategory&catid=27 or here from germany.. http://www.reisbrennen.de/component/option,com_ponygallery/Itemid,35/func,viewcategory/catid,2/startpage,1/#category ...of course you'll see ugly modified cars everywhere in the world, but I think, like I wrote already, that you'll see the most in continental europe. That's why the term "euro-style" is so strange to me :P


its a bit of a vague statement though, you just need to know where to look. there are shit cars everywhere, even the us and jp they just dont featured coz they are shit lol!

the amount fo cack around by me is joke, but there are also some awsome cars here, and in mainland europe.

but thanks for the comment anyway, everyones got their own opinion. last time i was in austria i saw some nice dubs so cant really agree with you on that!


Every time you guys post about something "flushed out" I think of a toilet.