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Hello Speedhunters! My name is Gary Bonner and I live in good ‘ol Houston, Tx.

I’ve grown up with a special love for cars and racing. My parents have always had some sort of 60’s or 70’s hot rod as a daily, even till this day. My dad and his 6 brothers all loved to build cars and hot rod around town & the track.. Oddly enough, I’ve found myself doing the same things now that I’m all grown up.

Dad and I have built many of projects together, so it wasn’t going to be any different when I picked up the SC as my daily driver. There are numerous reasons why I endulged in the lowest of ride heights. My favorite lies in the above photograph. Notice at how much presence this slammed and fitted SC takes. Almost as if a concept car or a Le Mans racer had been on display there.. Ok, maybe not… but it certainly stands out in the field of automotive mediocrity driving everyday on city streets.

The rear rollers measure 10 inches wide on 245/35/20s while the fronts are 8.5 inches across with 225/30/20 sized tires. The wheels are BMW M6 Miro’s with Lexus billet center caps wrapped in Nexxen’s. Thanks to the lug pattern adapters the wheels bolted right up and push out the offset to –15 in the front & –5 in the rear.

D2 RS coilover’s with some heavy duty spring rates of 22kg for the front & 18kg in the rear keep the clearence at approx 1in and 1cm off of the ground. It’s a perfect ride and doesn’t bottom out nearly as much as you would think. We relocated the fender harnesses into the engine bay to avoid electrical nightmares and random air bag deployment.

The car sports a battered Vertex kit that has seen better days to say the least..  But, “every crack is a battlescar and can be re-glassed”. It’s a common state of mind found in the Texas drifting community. And it only makes sense to be just as accepting to any of the random surprises that occur during a daily commute.

This SC has unexpectedly become an epic father & son project car. It’s not a traditional high dollar Lexus build. More like a work-in-progress that will only continue to become wilder and more outstanding with time.

It's a simple and sexy example for every person on a budget.

An aggressive lamp upragde & LED’s helped give a more modern Lexus appeal, while the Origin roof spoiler gave it the extra pizazz in character.I wanted the fender work to be the major wow factor of this build and I think worked out pretty well. 

A lot of people have the typical FAQ’s Whats the driving experience like? What were sacrifices in drivability? How often do you get stuck or break the aero or hit something? How do the wheels turn?

The only sacrafice is that you’ll have to be a safer driver. Spend more time staying aware of your driving path and environment, wich isn’t a bad thing. You take your time to slither in or out of parking lots and over speedbumps. And rarely, if you get way too brave or have a moment of stupidity.. and try something too steep or a really effed up raod…Yes, you will get stuck and/or break your kit a little. On occasion, I can be seen on the side of the freeway trying to save a detached part from being run over.Trust me…Ive had my share of unfavorable road conditions, debris, pot holes, dips, and getting high centered. But Ive never been sidelined for more than a few minutes from any of it.

The driving experience hasn’t changed for me. I actually enjoy it more, it gives me some great stories sometimes. The car is just a manuverable as before. No matter where we go, I walk outside and look across the parking lot. I get a huge smile, and think to myself… Wow. That’s mine. To me, that’s the most joyful part of owning any awesome car and what makes it worth the few miniscule inconveniences.

The Access Zero/Speedhunters meet had a huge turnout! I had been waiting for this meet since I heard they were coming a month prior. I had taken the SC to a few other shindigs where they had more prestine and painted cars. It never really got in front of people who appreciated this sort of auto fashion. So it was a real pleasure to be at a meet with tons of people on the same page of tuning. Especially after a long day at work. And since Speedhunters had love for the Lex, it got a new tattoo to commemerate.

The 786 Motoring crew is a rowdy group of track whores and gear heads who love what we do. Over the years we all have had a number of stellar cars that pushed the envelope with edgy style coupled with track abuse, and we’ve grown to be well known for it. One day the guys talked about a dream, an idea for 786 motoring. Flash forward and now they’ve molded that dream into an up and coming automotive paradise here in the west Houston area just a little over 2 years ago. Nothing has been more exciting to watch than seeing 2 great friends succeed at their ambitions and make a dream come true. It’s been an amazing journey and it aint over yet!

Thanks goes out to Rod & Linhbergh for the trophy and showing what quality of rice Texas can steam up. I also would like to thank John Leigh from Access Zero for inviting the Speedhunters to Houston to shoot the scene here. Finally, I would like to thank the 786 Motoring crew for reminding me about to the meet. I had a blast and look forward to the next time!!!

Thanks for all the positive words from all you Speedhunters as well! I look forward to showing off the progress as it happens. Stay tuned!!!

-Gary B



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i'm not even gonna lie....i think this car may have more presence than milt's.......

i know i would love rocking it everyday..


Old man "how do you drive that dang ole thing around"????


Them's some stiff coils. Love the car, presence is primo. Livin' the Low Lifestyle.


I like this flavour a lot.


cannot be ignored.


old man " So how many times has it been stolen?" " "has anyone ever stole them wheels?"


I have always loved the SC but haven't been inspired to build my own until now. Beautiful ride, keep it up.


wow 18 and 22 springrates!!!!




Great right up Gary! Your car is seriously bad ass. Remember to keep us informed with the build status! I can't wait to see the completed vision.




Awesome! Congrats! Good job on the write up!


words of a true enthusiast.


I don't know exactly what it is, but I just love this car.


DU MAH!! Garryyyy, doing it big!!!


Presence..... this car has it.


Car looks so sad. Looks like someone lit it on fire. Also confused about the BMW center caps on those rotas.

Anyway, I'm sure when painted it will look dope. Stance looks great.


This car is a pile.

Not a neo-rat style, not a real drift battler, not unique.

Just a pile.


speedhuntersfan said:

words of a true enthusiast.

Words indeed.


This is terrible.. How is this worthy of a full post?

The car is in terrible condition. Yes it:s a work in progress, but honestly? It's just a set of wheels and rice.


that's the way i like it!


I never liked the SC's but this would have to be one of my favorite coupes of all time. love the gloss and flat balck combo, even though it does look like drift damage. rough looks tough for this one.


Hon, Malaysia said:

speedhuntersfan said:

words of a true enthusiast.

Words indeed.



This is a pile???

Well, yeah, some of us drive piles.

Some of us love our piles.

It takes a big check book to drive a "nice" car, it takes something else to rock a pile with a smile.

Not my style of car personaly but mad love for a real driver.


You say uve got battle scars but do u slide it?? sexy car and all but waste of time if u dont slide......


honestly........this is the best SC ive seen

just needs a bit of work


It's true when you said you walk across the parking lot and look back and smile. Some of us do the very same thing so it's reminiscent.

Doesn't matter if guys call it a pile, once a man loves his car that's all that matters in the end


Awesome SC!

Who cares if it's under construction, still looks badazz no matter what!


car looks awesome... how did the haters find this website?


Dude I want a sticker for my

lexus sc400


kstyle said:how did the haters find this website?

yea how they find out this awesome blog?

oh and sickest SC that ive seen,,,props to the owner...


to alexisthemovie::

read....those are bmw wheels...

and haters are lame.






Awesome car, Gary. I already had the idea in my head, but after reading this and seeing pics of your amazingly executed example, I'm now hellbent on owning a Soarer/SC. Good on ya!


I'm not really a fan of hellaflush cars, matter fact I don't like it, but the love you got for your car is inspiring. If it makes you happy, pursue it. Haters may come but you know what they say, different strokes for different folks. Best of luck!


Thanks again to all of you Speedhunters! I appreciate the kind, annnnd the not so kind words.

Don't forget it's all for fun guys, lets not get all serious cat...

If it makes the kiddo's feel better... the car has seen track time.

It just hasnt gone back, cus i am now rollin on dubs.

It's always been my daily. I cant afford the have 2 drift cars..

Just like 85% of people on the board, I'm ballin on a budget.

and I dont see Chip Foose knockin on my door anyytime soon to make it happen over nite.

Im not allowed to daily my drift car anymore... I get into trouble :^|


car looks GREAT. i can really appreciate a work in progress. i also love the fact that you are rolling such high spring rates! hope to see this car again soon.


The man Gary Bonner. He ain't pompous.


Why is this car featured? Its incomplete 1st off and it has shitty ebay replica m6 wheels. WOW speedhunters are you that desperate? I can goto any walmart and find the equivalent of this pos anyday.


The car is like his nam...BONNER!!! I LOVE IT!


Sick car...

but Ego Much? Apparently the owner thinks hes the hottest thing ever =S ??


Keep it up, Gary. I'm lovin' the SC!


What about performance upgrades? looks rice :( u guys should check clublexus and find some actual privately tuned cars to do a feature on.


that sc is sick!


sc looks sicc bro props on the ride height im aiming to go low like that in the future an to the people sayin the car looks rice n theres other cars could they could have done features on those cars prolly dont have no character n style just alot of money put into them clean cars are cool but not everybody wants a fresh painted car with perfect everything but then again thats wat makes cars so interesting is the style that different people have


Think my first post lacked context.

I understand rolling on a budget and owning a work in progress.

Respect to all that.

Worthy of a Speedhunters feature? I'm disagreeing.


gary, you son o' a bitch, i knew you would git-r-dun.


Normally it goes like this. The car is all show, no go. Or the car is all go and no show. In this cars case its no show, no go. FTL