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In the days leading up to my NorCal trip over the weekend, my friends and family would ask me what I was heading up there for.

"I'm going to check out a car meet", I would say.

"Oh, What kind of car meet?"

"The Hellaflush meet".

"The what?"

"The Hellaflush meet".

"What's that?".

"It's uhh, basically a gathering of low cars with wide wheels."


Confusion over the name aside, Hellaflush III held at Blacktrax Performance in Milpitas, California was one of the best car meets I've been to in a long time.

Despite having no "rules" on what cars could or couldn't enter, the meet attracted a very high ratio of cool cars to cheesy ones. Not only that, but proceeds from the show went to the victims of the recent natural disasters in Southeast Asia and Oceania. "Flush for a cause" I guess you could call it.

Participants and spectators soon overwhelmed the small industrial park in Milpitas, cruising the streets looking for any last nook or cranny to park in. The cars that made it out included everything from a large group of late model BMW's…

…to your typical rear-drive Infinitis and Nissans….

…and plenty of watercooled VW's – the so-called pioneers of aggressive wheel fitment and stretched tires.

Hondas also had a strong showing at the meet, slammed to the ground and outfitted with all matter of accessories. Hmmm… it's been a while since I've seen a four-door second generation Integra done up like this.

Few groups have gotten into aggressive wheel fitment as much as the Scion guys. This second generation xB was one of several "flush boxes" at HFIII.

Enkei RPF1's have never looked better. Subarus also make up a big part of the growing Hellaflush community, whether it's STI's like this one…

…or Impreza wagons like these. You wouldn't think BBS RS wheels would look right on a Subaru wagon, but somehow they just do.

There was even a Legacy sedan getting in on the act. This car, like a lot of Subarus comes with a 5×100 bolt pattern – making it more difficult to source aggressive wheels compared to more common 5×114.3 hubs.

This S2000 may not be hellaflush, but to me it's the perfect balance of form and function. If and when I get my hands on an S2000, it'll probably come out looking something like this…

Out of the corner of my eye I thought this was another G35 rolling in, but as you can see it's actually a Hyundai Genesis Coupe. And at that one of the nicest privately-owned examples I've seen yet.

It's hard to make a stock-bodied FD3S look better than this. The car looks good in pictures, but watching it slowly cruise through the parking lot was a thing of beauty.

You might recognize Sean Williams' E36 M3 from our September BMW features.

Gone are the BBS RS's and in their place are these C4 Corvette wheels. The stretch was so aggressive that there were business cards sticking out between the rubber and the rim…

Can you count all the accessories on this Civic coupe? As you can see with this car, Diamond Racing steelies are becoming a popular choice for those who want to be flush on a budget.

Meanwhile this bagged Acura TL is anything but budget. That rear wheel fitment is incredible!

Two equally dumped Honda Civics, separated by nearly 20 years.

This MX83 Cressida on R33 GT-R wheels looks like it's seen its fair share of abuse, and that's a very good thing.

Finally, as part of our media partnership with the event, Linhbergh and I selected one car as the "Speedhunters pick". After surveying the cars, the award went to this bagged Datsun 610 wagon for its uniqueness and overall cool factor. The prize? A full-fledged Linhbergh photoshoot, which you can expect to see here in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned, because we have hella more coverage to post from this event.

-Mike Garrett



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More pics of the white ef please.Love the oil cooler look he's gone for.


"Hella" Sick. Only In Norcal:-) Great Event By The Way, It Was Packed!!!




The Sub with the white TE37 (?) looks perfect


Hellaflush is 2009,in 1975 we said wheels to the edge .


this is what im talking about for my day to day experience in the variety of cars in the BAY!. thanks Jei and to everyone else who helped put this on!


So many rota's and XXR's.....awful


Oh yea the STI made it to SpeedHunters..Oh and Mike, the white Acura TL) is on coilovers.

Heartbreaker is coming strong for 2010


tl is mine, and its DD on coilovers


thank for the post .. and the pics... love this site ...


what spoiler is that on the white S2k? Never seen it before I dont think?


the subies, infinitis and that s2k are the best


The event was awesome! Somewhere between 400-500 people showed up during the few hours to check out the rides and enjoy the day. The vibe was super chill. I saw all kinds of people I've met over the years through the car community, and I was also able to meet some people I know from online. Special thanks to the guys who drove up the day of all the way from LA just to be there on time. Thanks to my extended Fatlace family for always making hellaflush events something special. Thanks everyone!


lmao at the EF with the hakosuka style oil cooler placement, thats awesome!


Cant wait to see the rest of the coverage, i hope to get a feature here one day :D


Corvette wheels?? White steelies??

Some of these "trends" still belong on the drawing board.......


Anybody know what kit the white G37 in pic 4 is rocking? I like thats pretty subtle yet adds alot to the look. Not to mention the blacked out grille is pretty sweet.

And that red Genesis Coupe is a head-turner. Never much like them in picture or in person but that is a beautiful vehicle.


some amazing cars at the show.. i was in it. and i hardly see any pictures of my bucket.. o well.. next time i suppose lol


That EF looks a bit strange, not feeling the oil cooler hakosuka styling


the tuning styles between east coast and west coast are totally different, east coast sucks!


That S2000 is shocking. If I'm not mistaken, that's simply the factory hard top. I didn't know it was enough for a car from California. (Okay, that might be too snarky, but I get sick of not getting a lot of respect for my S2k just because I don't pay for a bunch of Spoon or Mugen parts or can afford ASM bumpers or something comparable.)

Yay, more <3 for the white FD3S. She's pretty!!

I am so going to try and make it next year.... Watch out, I should have my Sil-Eighty put together for the most part then too. :)


That FD is from Motorsport Dynamics Henry's shop. I've seen it in person and its a thing of beauty.


that red civic is really gay!! black diamond wheels only look cool on FR cars and that roof rac is huge...




I wish they would come to South Texas for a show.



Not everyone can afford Volk's or BBS. No one needs you elitist attitude.


That's a nice evnt.

You got everything.

Nice jdm, some nice bmw's, cool oldtimers and some nicely modified german cars.


I think finding aggressive rims for subarus wouldn't actually be that hard, especially considering the VW roots of the look... Subarus are mostly 5x100, but virtually every volkswagen built between 1999 and 2006 is also 5x100, and also about a third of those built between 1993 and 1999, and they still make a couple models here and there. They're mostly 5x112 now, the same as Audi and Mercedes, but that doesn't stop most dub guys, we have a wide selection of bolt pattern adapters (which are also spacers, helping to acheive the flush look) and while Subarus are known for their high factory offsets (like 48 on a GDB i think?) they can also use these parts to pull off excellent rim setups like Schmidt, BBS (as shown) or other awesome euro wheels that are often neglected on this site :P


sweet coverage, some unique cars there.


any of the mk3 that was there????


when i see front wheel drive car with staggered wheels running wider in the rear makes me shake my head...... what has this car industry come to.?? hellaflush = hellaDUMBBBBBB.. this whole movement doesn't make sense to me. To run aggressive offset, and fitment is usually done to improve performance and to widen track.. not the other way around!! when will you guys get it?>??!


So what I heard, the Black STi

on Enkei RPF1's

Girlie is rockin' 19x9.5 +15 on 215's


haternation... you mad


hellaflush has been around for over 5 years. haternation, you're just late to the game.. most japan time attack cars are flushed out so if you don't get it, sorry my friend. lets see your car!

would love to see the cars of people that bitch about this "trend"..


I can't wait to read more about the SpeedHunter's pick!

never thought I'd see a 610 wagon on the site, but i'm not complaining.

be sure to get some details on the rear suspension - something has been seriously changed!

i posted the pics up on the 510 realm to compare with another dunked Datsun wagon with an IRS swap.



Automobiles serve one purpose and one purpose only.

they need to get you from one location conveniently, reliably, quickly and comfortably.

any modification to this appliance is ridiculous, what is the point of ruining efficiency by modifying your vehicles to be less reliable, a chore to operate, make simple trips difficult and uncomfortable to the point of health concerns?

when will you guys get it?>??!


610 wagon is the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...


sup guys, the silver sti in the 2nd pic is mine, its actually rota grids, but thanks for the compliments! good to see alot of you dudes out there to come out and kick it


Any more info on that purple 3 series?


The white RX7 was simply amazing.


ive seen that cressy before. i remember when it was for sale on Zilvia

So dope.


"Few groups have gotten into aggressive wheel fitment as much as the Scion guys."


That's because that's all you can do with those toy boxes, you're certainly not gonna get any performance out of them....lol


so...that doesn't mean you can't afford RPFs or fn01rcs or something

these aggressive offset rotas are close to a 1000 bucks. a set of RPF's is less in most sizes. Buying those shitty wheels is like wearing fake jewelry, at the end of the day, it leaves you an empty feeling when someone else does it right. It's like longboarding college kids, people who do it just for the image.



And people in the BMW/Euro world are much better, they always buy quality wheels like BBS/schmidts etc...even if its worth more than their car. Subaru people have much to learn.


Final note (lol)

Hellaflush is only good when executed with quality components, using fake crap shows no heart.


Looks like a good show, definately need to see more of the bosozoku intercoolered Civic :D


What's up with those rusty hoods on the Civics?


610 is running independant rear suspension off a 510


ok to the people who responded to me.. since when is it ok to run staggered wheel setup on a FF car? i would understand if you are running wider upfront to increase traction and decrease countersteer but to treat it like a rwd? it just goes to show that people dont have the basic knowledge of setting up a car, flush or not flush... people who know wahts up would just laugh at you guys.


haternation do you really think any of these cars were built for performance? look how low they are! these cars are built to look good and thats exactly what there doing. its stupid to come on here to simply talk shit about these cars and there builders. do you really have nothing better to do?


Hey Troy (pronounced CHOI):

its hella funny because its true hahaha.

yes, i'm afraid no mere mortal can capture the beauty, the presence of Justin's wagon with photography.

Linhbergh is no mere mortal however - he made my "shit with a side of rice" look good, im actually kind of scared to see what he can do with a quality vehicle.


Sorry guys, but no Henry did not build the white RX7. I did. It started off stock and then well you know the rest. Although close I am in Sacramento. We have 3 RX7's here. One White, One Black and One Silver. All three have a different themes. Look for all three to be lined up soon at a show near you.


lol ok jdmdave, shitty wheel huhs? thats why there are track cars around the bay area including the gst motorsports track car that was featured on modified mag run them.... dont hate because rota made a reliable and good looking rim that everyone can afford.


it's what it does... rim flush


hey, i just checked this out, im the owner of the white s2000. thanks for all the comments and the spoiler is a oem decklid spoiler.


because we all know that some shop's shop car automatically makes it best

might as well say yonaka racing seats are on par with the recaro's they knock off >_>


because we all know that some shop's shop car automatically makes it best

might as well say yonaka racing seats are on par with the recaro's they knock off >_>


Can believe i miss this meet. Only if I'm not getting ready for Thunderdrift mustache drift event at Thunderhill Raceway.

Maybe next time.


JESUS CHRIST, that's my old datsun 610 wagon!!! WTF how did it end up like this?! Whoever that's now the owner of this car came up. I left everything you needed in that car to finish up, including the pink slip..