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There is simply nothing like it, the Drift Matsuri is a truly unique event and this third and last one for 2009 has probably been my favorite. With the surrounding mountains around Ebisu Circuit exhibiting the most intense autumn colors drifters were as ever spoilt for choice with 8 tracks at their disposal for the whole weekend. I've selected my favorite shots for this first post, pictures that best summarize what these last two days were like up in the drifter's paradise.

The rain didn't stay away even this time round but it certainly made for some pretty incredible driving not to mention shots! Check out that rainbow in the background as the Minami course begins to dry!

The backdrop in Ebisu is always stunning, especially when the sun is shining. Here is a panorama of the lower section of the Minami course…

…and the Nishi pits late on Saturday afternoon.

This Yamaha quad was my means of transportation within the Ebisu compound, courtesy of Andy at Powervehicles.com, the man behind the Drift Life blog. The 200 cc 2-stroke engine provided tons of speed allowing me to move from circuit to circuit in no time! No I know why Suenaga usually rides around on a cross bike at Ebisu!

All the tracks were packed, which meant tons of action!

Here is Bomber, the "Drift MC," out on the rain-soaked Minami course with his NA 180SX. He was having a blast with the slippery conditions, and he came extremely close to striking the pit wall on various occasions. This is his daily driven car too!

How about this for camouflage…

…very seasonal to say the least!

Dry conditions allowed drivers to carry some more speed through the corners…

…something Paul "Driftking" Vlasblom was really enjoying with his recently acquired JDM missile. He joined a massive group of Australians who also came over experience Ebisu at its best.

Once he nailed the tricky Minami course he couldn't get enough putting on a great show on Saturday night with plenty of pit-wall "kisses" and the occasional tire burst.

Andy, Suenaga and Kumakubo helped organize the first ever "G1-GP," a Gaijin-only drift competition! Suenaga even had cups made!

Of course I made sure participants were well stickered up!

I will dedicate a post to the G1 competition, so make sure you don't miss it!

After checking out the action and cars down at Nishi I made my way up to the North course…

…to see what was going on there. The first corner is the best to shoot from as drivers always experiment with fast, full sideways entries.

This beaten up S13 was driven by Daigo Saito…

…who on Saturday had a rather unfortunate encounter with the barriers behind the wheel of a JXZ100 missile. Here is one of his buddies trying his best to smash the front part of the chassis back into shape. 

As ever the Minami course was the one that everyone tries to master, edging closer and closer to the wall all the time keeping a smooth and consistent line down towards the first corner.

It's not all missiles at the Matsuri! Check out this candy green R32…

…and the spotless blue S15 from the opening picture.

This is the only shot I managed to get of this cool AW10 wearing menacing AE86 N2 overfenders!

It's well past 2 am here so that will have to be all for tonight from the Matsuri…

…but stay tuned for more in the next few days. Hope you enjoyed this first selection of shots.

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Great post, very nice shots as usual!


Cool to see Paul doing what he does best.


AW10? was it carbureted? The coolest car there and you only got one shot! :P

nice coverage otherwise.


Great coverage as always Dino!


Great coverage as always Dino!


nice....love that first shot.


wow that is amazing. nice aw11 too haven't seen a MR2 in a while...wonder how it went.


That looks like a mk1 MR-2. which would be an aw11 it came with either a 4age, or a 4agze. Both have EFI.


Really nice coverage, I can't wait for part. II. A bit less Missile/Boro than usually ?

I Hope Luke did some videos as usually for the DD :)


There was an aw10 which came with a carbureted engine thus why I asked albeit jokingly as they aren't as common.


Amazing guys...4th for desktop


Vlasblom doing what he likes most! NIce coverage, hope to see some vids where he "kiss" the wall!


That baby blue Silvia is BEAUTIFUL!



So much win Dino!


Wallpaper from last pic please!


Will a bodykitted S15 ever get old?


I think first pic deserves to be on our desktops


wallpaper the last pic! awesome black and white shot!!!!


Nice coverage, Dino! Next time try to drift this quad - sometimes I go for a ride on Yamaha Grizzlys with my buddies, and we found that they are VERY easy and fun to drift since they've got no rear differential and you can fine control weight distridution with your own body. But the road should not be too smooth and clear, since the wheels on those things have such a good grip, that even our 680cc engines can't spin them properly on smooth asphalt,

P.S. 4th pic for desktop, please.


I wish I could have went!! Stupid stuff on base..


Agreed. The last shot is awesome!


very nice pics Dino as usual, love this Crazy Blue S15 damn


1st as desktop


Dino, PLEASE, more of that S15. Taniguchi's S15s always pull off the Vertex looks, but this one does it just as well. PLEASE.


nice coverage! love the blue s15.. very very tidy.

n yep, that mr2 atleast WAS an AW11. that front lip, bumper, tail-lights and SC engine-lid tell us its a later version, and most likely was a 4agze, not 4age, let alone a rare carb+sohc aw10! super cool to see one there though! :D


1st and 6th as Desktops pleaseeeeee :)


what a beautiful place to drift....


Do all drift cars in Japan look like trash now? :(


the s15 is nice...but 99% of desktops on speed hunters feature nicely composed shots of very clean cars.

We demand the last picture as wallpaper!!!! Its raw, slightly blurry and out of focus, but i feel it expresses in its rawness a feeling of "just drift!"


I too, wish that one day, I'll make it to at least one D-Matsuri, to shoot or to drift 'till I go broke!:))) Drift Paradise? Yes indeed!


Here's a vid of the 2009 Summer Drift Matsuri. I would've gone for a different song choice, but it's a great vid nonetheless:)



Go Lindo!! Awesome to hear the Aussies did so well over there! Dino make sure you get in touch with Jason from HPI, I suspect he will want to run an article covering this event.


love the shots.. love that dude was having fun in the rain with his na 180sx


Anyone else spy the hidden Mickeies on that camo FC? What a beauty track!


Heaven on earth!!! Thanks for all the fun everyone


nice pictures i want to go here so bad


Referring to the second shot.... Ebisu must be Gold because that looks like the end of the rainbow.


2nd pic desktop!


Dino - since your in Japan and closer to me than the other guys, can you post me a dev.speedhunters.com sticker :D


mickey mouse camo is cool


Blue Silvia is cool, but the pic with the hammer - madness.


Please, throw a bunch more of photos in the next part... maybe with rain if you can. :)


That camouflage AE86 and FC reminds me with No Loser's car in Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3

Love the FC and MR2 man


yes! i knew there were cars at the end of the rainbow!


great event I had alot of fun drifting there... will attend many more.


The Drift Matsuri is grassroots drifting at its purest. It doesn't even compare to regular drift