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After doing some research for this month's "slammed" theme, I have come to the conclusion that the VW community are definitely ahead of the game. They produce some amazing looking vehicles with minimum effort… Well at least at first sight; when you delve in deeper, you start to appreciate what it takes to keep building these show winning cars.

This Golf is a perfect example, at a quick glance it looks like a standard R32 with a healthy drop and stunning wheels. But when we take a closer look we can find a plethora of parts that have been carefully chosen by the owner to enhance the look and power of this car.

We'll start in the rear with a R-line rear bumper that has the license plate holder molded into it. The trunk has been shaved and its wiper deleted. The R32 comes with a spoiler but that has also been removed to achieve a much cleaner look. Last but not least are the LED rear lights.

The front is dominated by the Euro spec R front bumper. The look has been further improved by the Bonrath badgeless grill. These grills can be found at almost any tuning shop in Holland but I'm guessing they are much harder to get when you live in America. The front fenders have lost their indicator lights and the headlights are OEM HID xenons. After all the shaving and cleaning was finished the owner decided to spray the car in Audi Melange Metallic.

A clean engine bay seems mandatory in the VW community so it's no different with this R32. The engine itself has been modified with a stage II C2 Motorsports turbo kit. The kit consist of the following parts and upgrades

Stage II C2.500 Turbo kit

  • PT6142 E housing with .81 AR 35R
  • 580cc fuel injectors
  • SS Tubular Turbo Header
  • Tial 38mm Wastegate
  • SS 3.00 Downpipe: V-band equipped
  • SS 3.00 Mid-pipe
  • 3.00 High Flow Cat * SS intake pipe
  • The "Bat" 4.00 SS Intake with MAF- custom polished
  • Forge Diverter Valve
  • C2.500 Tuned ECU
  • Custom sized C2 Motorsports Intercooler with Custom End tanks
  • Snow Performance Stage II water/methanol kit
  • Painted Audi S3 and .:R32 Engine covers
  • Polished Billet caps
  • SouthBend OFE SS Clutch with OEM Flywheel
  • Custom forged specd 9:1 JE pistons
  • Forged wossner rods
  • topline bearings
  • VF engineering Motor mounts

The owner also included some parts of his own to further enhance the capabilities of the engine.

Let's have a look at what we are here for, the stance. The car has been dropped using an Air House II single Bellow rear bags with Koni Yellow shocks. The airbags work together with a 5 gallon polished tank and a Viair compressor that is being controlled using a Easystreet Auto-pilot digital air management system. The wheels are made by Champion Motorsport and they called them RG5B. They come in size 19"x8 with ET46 and are wrapped with Falken FK452s. For stopping power, the owner opted for Brembo 4-piston brakes with 332mm slotted rotors.

Inside we see a very clean interior with Sparco Millano II seats wrapped in Italian leather. A built in Pioneer Avic D-3 produces some beats on the go.  

You can spot the 5 gallon polished air tank mounted in the rear, to accommodate this large tank the rear seats have been removed. To give the car more sturdiness the owner chose a AutoPower Street Roll Bar and had it powder coated black.

To me this car is the epitome of Volkswagen tuning: clean looks, power and vision. It isn't a car that had some parts thrown at it but rather it is a car that has been thought out and perfected.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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I really like dropped VW's

Probably because I'm from Holland.


That is one seriously clean and good looking MK4..... And normally I don't like MK4's.


Needs more BMWs


i love this months slammed theme!!!! please never stop sppedhunters


I agree with foxie it is seriously clean.And the colour is perfect.


there are not so many r32 golf mk4 in portugal...ok there are very rare i've never seen none here...but the stance and the presence, is pushed by vw fanatics that are all around my country...even though the autorities just pick on the owners of the cars..

it's a very nice car i envy it =p


Super clean!


This car has it all. Absolutely beautiful.


Engine bay is sick! Sry, I'm not sold on the rest...


Amazing car. If I'm not mistaken that guy goes by moacur or something like that on the vortex. There's a pretty good thread there with more details about the build I believe.


So SIKK!!!!!!

Beautiful car. Love this month


First pic would be a good candidate for desktop!


This car has been dealt with very thoughfully, nice colour, perfect stance, plus no un-necessary aftermarket bolt ons.. we can all learn from this example - oh yes its featured on vw vortex!!


do want! except for the diamond-plate floor mats those are lame, everything else is truly epic.


very nice! loverly

nice color


Fist pic needs to be a desktop.


lol im in the 5th picture, top left. this is at eurowerks 09 in minneapolis minnesota for anyone curious.




koltuklar super. arabada çok sade ve ayni zamanda da çok guzel olmus...


been following this car since it was reflex silver, love it. wish my r looked this good