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Here is one nice ride I spotted last month when covering the D1-GP final in Fuji Speedway. This extremely low BNR32 belongs to Ryusuke Kawasaki, the editor of Drift Tengoku (Drift Heaven) Magazine, the only publication you will ever need to read if you are into sliding around in cars! Doriten (the nick name of the mag) first came out back in 1996. It was bundled along with an issue of Option, and it kind of stayed like that until 1999 when it was finally launched as a proper separate publication.


But enough history, let's get back to Kawasaki's Skyline GT-R which I think looks pretty damn hot and is must be one of the lowest R32 I have laid my eyes on!

I've seen this drift around in Nikko before and thought it looked pretty hot but never had a chance to take a closer look.

Much of the instrumentation has been left stock but I spotted a few extra gadgets like the Neko Corporation AF-700 A/F digital meter and the GReddy boost controller. I loved the chunky Nardi steering wheel but it's the pedals, which I noticed first, the GTR-otaku in me instantly spotted a full set of BNR34 V-specII metal pedals.  I remember fitting these to my car and it was a real pain getting the rubber to wrap around the steel pedal frames! In case you were wondering all second-gen GT-Rs shared the same pedals. 

The obligatory Bride bucket seat.  

Looks like the rear fenders were rolled so as not to grind away at the rear tires. Notice the red tape on the bumper…

…as well as the odd Frankenstein-like stitching, all tell tale signs this is a proper drift car.

See what I was saying? This thing is LOW! Check out the JDM anti-camera license plate mount, they even make spring-loaded ones that fold over 30 mph.

Gets the nod of approval for sure!

The semi-classic Blitz Type 03 wheels suit the car well and Kawasaki-san is running the very popular Advan Neova AD08 up front for grip and control, combined with Federals at the rear, the choice of most drifters in Japan.

Kawasaki's Doriten sponsored Arai helmet.

This R32 is the perfect example of just how versatile GT-Rs can be. Be it on the race track, drag track, time attack and drift events the mighty Skyline GT-R feels right at home!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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wallpaper the first picture pleassssssssssse!!!


noriyaro did it :P


Some nice stitchings !


*wees pants*

thx for the article dino. know what hardware he used for RWD conversion?




32gtr. blitz 03's. drift tengoku. what a magical combination


Jimmeh: Just pull the Attessa fuse (or wire up a switch to it) et voila, no front torque and no abs.


Awesome find! It's so low at the front that I'm wondering how he's turning? Are the tires rubbing?

Besides that I noticed a... S15 I guess with a M6 headlight conversion in the background of the first shot. Any info or details on that? Maybe some pictures?


Or could it be more like a RX7? :-?


Thank you, I always wanted to see more pictures of this automobile.


wow. nothing says custom like pedals.

seriously, when will this scene stop buying JDM/ebay/bolt on anything and start learning to fabricate?


i love this so much


This car either isn't a GTR (GTS-T with GTR bodykit) or the owner had a sunroof installed on a GTR. GTR's didn't come with sunroofs.


Car looks good, but there's not even a word about the engine in this article - is it modified? Stock?


This has been featured in drift tengoku in recent months as a roll centre adjustment demo project..

If anyone has a scan???


i would like one of thoes licens plates please but make it fold over 55.


On the first pic, what car is that in the top left??


Not a GT-R for sure.

Could be a GTS or GTS-4.

Installing a sunroof on a GT-R is dumb.


im curious about the car in the background also, ints not an s15 cuz they dont have a rear hatch, and i dont think its an rx7 because the doors are more rounded, i was thinking its an eclipse altho im not sure how popular they are over there


I´m in love <3....... bu, boom, bu, boom!

What the hell is that thing covering the dash?!?!?




More info the car next door??


Great post! Thanks!!


Scott the car next to it is a Supra with BMW headlights, tail lights, and a custom widebody


Looking very nice.



Love the car.

the wheels are great, the color, the simple body, etc.


The "Frankenstein" stitching actually looks really cool!


Thanks Sean P. :)


This car is most definately GTR. I have seen it numerous times at the track. Whenever they do something to it in doriten it is labeled as a GTR. Now I am not a GTR/Skyline fenatic like I am sure some of you are, so I can't explain the sunroof deal. One thing I do know, is that in Japan, they sell sooo many cars with very small variations that I dont think you can say that it is not a GTR because it has a sunroof. EX: My Kouki s14 has HUD. I have never come across another s14 with HUD, but mine has it, from the factory.


It is pretty easy to turn an R32 GTR from an AWD car to a RWD car. You just take out a fuse (I forget which one) and you are at RWD. You cannot do this for the R34 though.


A Skyline is a Skyline no matter what. I don't ever remember seeing one with a sunroof though. Show the VIN and we'll have the discussion over. It's simply put a great lightly modded R32. Now where can I get one of those self folding license plate brackets.


While most people probably think that everyone in Japan drives around in Skylines, Supras and AE86's


blitz 03s are seriously awesome


???? ????? ??????!


is the gt-r drifted at that stance???


Yeah it is, and it works perfectly, what's your problem? 7 years later and Shakotan Drifting is a thing, shame.