Car Spotlight>> Aimgain Prius

There is just no denying that many top Japanese tuners have fully turned their attention to ECO cars. The Honda Insight and Toyota Prius are gaining in popularity so the tuners have been quick to hop on this trend. Aimgain has set out to personalize the Toyota Prius with a full workout including the exterior, interior, wheels and suspension.

Aimgain went the familiar VIP route for which they are famous for. The car has been dropped using a complete adjustable suspension system and not with the familiar airbags used in the VIP style scene. Maybe it is because of the electronics used in the Prius that an airbag system wouldn't work or they just didn't have the room.

In the rear, we see their eye catching bumper with their trademark exhaust tips. The bodykit continues with the sideskirts into the frontbumper.

The frontbumper features small gills on the side and a set of fog lights on each side. Above the fog lights we see small led strips that are used for day lights.

Inside the interior it's all luxury with cool diamond stitched leather and suede seats. Aimgain can provide the customer with a full custom interior. Eco tuning could be the next best thing, almost every big tuner in Japan are making parts for these cars that ranges from exterior enhancements to power increases.

Would you trade in your gas guzzler for a car like this?

-Jeroen Willemsen




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"Would you trade in your gas guzzler for a car like this?"


No. The whir of batteries will never compare with the exhaust note of my does look neat though.





Econorods eh? Not bad. Not feelin' the wheels, but a snazzy ride. Can you turbocharge those things yet? ha ha


If it had more power maybe, but thats kind of killing the point isn't it?

oo actuallyyy

put like that 3.5 v6 in there or maybe even the vq35(in FWD form) and I'd do it

tell people you drive a prius while enjoying the power from your 3.5


Erm.... I still think the Tommy Kaira & ASI Green Prius look way more better and functional:


I think that VIP style is the one and only style that will work with an electric or hybrid car. It kind of suits the style to glide away quietly. However, any other style just needs an exhaust note that electricity cannot provide...unless you pump v8 noises through your stereo. That's why I would never trade my s10 for something like that.


@muzaffar - both those kits aren't available to the public, just yet.


I AM GAI......only cool thing on that car is the stock rear view camera they come with.


still doesnt address the power issue

I test drove a new prius at the OC auto show. floored it from a stop and it went nowhere

the tommykaira is a bit too much too


I would totally DD that car. awesome.


Awesome! darkside with 800 hp :D


Is there a reason for why a hybrid has to look so different from a normal gas car? Honda seemed to make them look the same (civic) why is Toyota making ugly ones?


Take an economy car that was built to squeeze maximum MPG, then add large wide and diameter wheels that increase both overall weight and the distance from the axis of rotation of that weight, wide tires that increase friction with the road surface, and luxury interior pieces that add weight. What do you end up with? An electric car with the fuel economy reduced down to the same as a conventional gasoline powered car with the same luxury items installed. Who cares if it looks good or bad, because the whole concept contradicts itself. This is foolish.


It's still ugly.


sick interior


True story: I have a friend here in SF with a prius as a DD. he also has a 300+WHP evo for track days.

The reason he got the car is for the HOV lane stickers.

Driving down to SLB was hella funny. 90+mph in one...the looks from other people as we blew past them on I-5 was classy!

its not a bad car and they are good for what they are, city cars.

I would also rock one as a DD.


Ehhhh, I'll wait for the CR-Z thank you.


@what are these people thinking?

Take a sport car that was meant to handle well in a balanced manner, then lower the car to the point where the suspension geometry is all wrong. Then set it up with a bad alignment that further lowers overall grip with the road surface, and luxury pieces that add weight. What do you end up with? A sport car with handling and balance and cornering reduced to an econobox car with some style items installed. Who cares if it looks good or bad, because the whole concept contradicts itself. This is foolish.


lol id take that over a mustang ANY DAY.


Aimgain? Never heard of them, never want to again.


I think I just puked in my mouth a little bit. I really can't look at this thing without a little laugh and giggle. It's impossible for me to take it seriously. I mean tricking out a Prius is about as cool as tricking out your grandma's PT Cruiser. No matter how much you strive to make the vehicle look like a Brabus Mercedes or just look cool, in the end its still a horribly ugly Eco Prius.


This is SPEEDhunters!!! Not SLOWhunters!!!


These tuner eco-cars are growing on me. Never thought id say this but, it looks pretty nice.


This is a car culture blog, what you see is a new culture evolving


I'd take ANYTHING over a Mustang ANY DAY! hahahahahaha


Wish I had this as a dailydriver...


Mark, glad you agree, both are foolish. What's the point of a sports car with all of the sports car atributes destroyed? What's the point of a high fuel economy car with the fuel economy destroyed? Hybrid cars can be enhanced with higher quality materials and more expensively designed parts which do not negate the reason that the car is a hybrid to begin with. Several racing wheel manufacturers are marketing their wheels as eco-friendly and in newly introduced small diameter and small width sizes specifically for hybrid cars, and they enhance the fuel economy along with the vehicle appearance.


im not too sure i like these cars in my opinion i think they are pointless but i have to say this looks rather good with the black on black


Sorry but it's a petrol-electric hybrid....phail


The only reason why companies like AIMGAIN and others are doing up hybrids is that there is a market for it. otherwise, the demand for real tuned cars is really weak right now in Japan. Sad...otherwise, it's a good looking DD, but still a boring car underneath.


wtf speedhunters. did anyone even bother looking at the name of this site before posting this?


id mob it.. you guys just have to think smart.... drive this and save money, thats more money for your circuit, drift, or other VIP car


@MRedPanda: EXACTLY !

I don't get why everyone is hating on that car, they all must have very small d*cks so they need 500hp all the time to compensate their little problem,...or the gas prices are very low where you live.

I'd love to have a Prius like this (but on bags) as a dailydriver. I always thought it must be cool to make a VIP Prius.

It really is fast enough to get around in the city, and you can't use the full power even of a prius in traffic most of the you don't need more power.

Must be cool to travel or just cruise around all day or night with plenty of luxury in that prius with some vip incar entertainment and no worries about the costs of gas.

So I like it, good stance, and the bodykit is beautiful, but the wheels could be better.

I hope SPEEDHUNTERS will continue to post cars like this and vans, k-cars etc. even though some people are whining.

It's like granturismo :P some stupid kids are complaining all the time that the game has slow normal cars too, and they don't need them, but that's what makes granturismo imho, if they'd only have fast racecars it would be like any other game.

If speedhunters would only post fast racecars it''d boring and like any other site too. I like how it is, that everything is covered, from drift, drag and timeattack cars to hybrids, american muscle cars, cars from everywhere on the world and even hotrods .

oh BTW...on the aimgain site is some nice ENGRISH:


I am not really a fan of VIP cars. I think it would be cool to see a super functional prius, Maybe a gutted interior, carbon fiber body panels, and some functional areo parts. A build that really squeezes the MPGs out of car......or not. Maybe get rid of the gas engine entirely. I am not looking forward to the death of the petrol engine.


I'm diggin' it. I'm a Proud owner of a Prius and I believe there is market for sprucing up the rides. Although I previously chose to not add slicker wheals in order to keep my high mileage. I cruise up and down Cali and appreciate my car to the fullest.

Previously I have been an owner of a Chevy and a Ford, they sucked ass, and the all around quality of a vehicles do not compare to a Toyota.

Someone earlier said the prius they drove didn't have power. FALSE - I pass up fools all the time from a red light start, the funny part is they don't expect it since you can here a thing. ha!

It's got the take off on lock , with a minor delay so that the brain realizes that you want power and both electric and gas engines kick in.

This is evolution, look around, muscle cars are cool, but EV power is on the rise. Just look at the SSC AERO, or the ugly but lightning speed Eliica.

I'm diggin' the exhaust audio comment. haha.





I love it, maybe because I have a Prius as a DD. My week-end car when I dont have to bring the kids with me is a Cappuccino, Best of both worlds.


Yea how the hell do you save money? If money is your concern, get a Hyundai Accent, not a Prius.


Some of these comments are extremely immature & ignorant. Every car has it's purpose, it's not like they are dropping a turbo in a Prius to see how fast it can run on the strip. The main goal of this modified Prius is to show others what your capable of doing, such as making a regular ECO car stand out from the others. The car culture has evolved tremendously, who ever knew we'd modify trucks, regular cars and so & so. And to mention every car that Aimgain has built is show worthy, clean, sleek and executed perfectly.


I carry quite a bit of hatred for Prii, but Aimgain did a damn good job on this one. Well done.


Finally a prius thats not gay