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Just a couple weeks ago I posted a photo of a previous gen Accord Wagon from Japan, pondering how cool it would be if Honda decided to bring the new Accord Tourer to North America as the TSX Wagon. Perhaps someone from Honda was reading? Acura has just announced the TSX Sport Wagon will be joining the lineup for 2011. The car most likely will look very similar to the Euro/Japanese market Accord Tourer pictured up above.

Hmmm…I wonder if it will be time to replace my daily driver come 2011?

-Mike Garrett

Source: Autoblog



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...New Toyota Avensis ? ))))


it's a good idea, but they really need to ditch that bucktooth grill

let's hope it won't flop like the is/altezza wagon back a few years ago


Finally a good looking Accord wagon


Thats so great. You can hunt for speed in this slow wagon.


not gonna lie, this coming from a honda owner.... hatches are lame if they're not awd, HONDA : this won't sell in the US


it will indeed be time to replace your daily; this is awesome news.


why do they stay FWD when the fuel economy is nothing amazing, either do some work and give us 45mpg or swap it out to awd or rwd so we can have some hoonage fun when the kids are asleep.


coss fwd is easy to control and cheaper to produce then awd or rwd.


It would be nice if the 2011 Acura TSX Sports Wagon comes with the same powertrain as the 2010 Acura TSX Sedan or better. Currently, the 2010 Acura TSX Sedan has 3.5 V6 w/Automatic trans, K24A w/Automatic trans and K24A w / 6spd manual trans. Hopefully, Acura markets the 2011 TSX Sedan and 2011 TSX Sports Wagon 3.5 V6 w/ 6 speed manual trans be added to the product line.


just another competition against the toyota Venza