News>>mad Mike Wins Nz Drift Championship

The final round of the NZDrift series was held last weekend at Pukekohe Raceway. After his fourth consecutive 1st place qualifying score, Mad Mike Whiddett came up with a second place finish – more than enough to claim the season championship.

Congrats to Mad Mike and his team!

We look forward to hearing more about this event from him soon.

-Mike Garrett



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Congrats to Mike. Nothing says loving like a rotary at WOT. I dont blame the judges.


Congrats to one of the most WILD Mazda drifters out there. Also, congrats to the first championship winning RX-8, still proves a car can have 4 doors (heck, even minus the b-pillar) and be pretty damn competitive.


congrats for winning with a car that looks good/doesn't have a nascar engine.


Cmon, everyone blames the judges if they can't drive.

Well done Mike!


NZDrift series? lol! It covers less than half the country so how can you justify calling it that? The fact that NZ is so small it woudnt be that hard to bring a couple rounds to the rest, Its really time they looked beyond the box and got some new judges too, the under sponserd drivers must be giving up if "strait lining Mike" is winning rounds, this may sound harsh but if you put Red bulls rx7 or rx8 beside any other drift car in nz the gap in $ spent is just not funny, 90% $ an 10% skill can kill motorsport.

P.S Thanks to "NOS Energy NZ" for even making the rest of the season possable! noticed they didnt get a mention here an doubt they would in mikes post.


Was everyone else just last equal?

Drift South ftw


I totally agree that Mike has been given a massive shoe-in by judges in the past - and he has struggled with straight-lining haha. However I'm told he actually drove really well FOR ONCE this round. He was doing a snakey BEFORE the sweeper (200kph sideways on a speedgun righthander after the front straight) and coming in nice and wide (the judges asked for that). So props for that at least.

Don't you just love how the judges always call a One More Time when the driver they want to win blatently loses.

Mad Mike is not New Zealanders best drifter, not by a very long shot. However he's pretty good and his cars look, sound and perform amazingly. Love to see them/him run.


For all the drift south guys replying, How about you come up and have a look at the events yourself before making childish snark remarks on something you havn't even seen for yourself!!

Mad Mike may of had hick ups in his driving in the past and still makes the odd mistake now, who doesn't?!

He has droven incredably well this year and very much deserves his spot on top of the NZ Drift series.


Mike was the only driver feinting into castrol. He was doing this in battles too.. the only other driver I've ever seen do this was Inamura when D1GP came to NZ 4+ years ago. It was a well deserved 2nd place on the day.


Congrats Mike u are now a CHAMPION.


Judge Nz Drift???? What the fucK?? Only one comment on here has even mentioned driftsouth..

at least motorsport NZ respects driftsouth and the events they run.. doing it for the love of it and not for a profit.. The way it should be...

Stay in the north island.. we got a good thing going on down here..

Maybe you should change your series name to NIdrift next year..