Car Sightings>> More From ‘the Ring’ Part 2

Now for my third installment I will be looking at some of the other cars that were present. The first car we have is the green E36 Wagon in the opening picture. It had a solid setup with its green color and flush Racing Dynamics wheels. I kept coming back to this car, and couldn't resist taking lots of pictures of it, maybe I can turn it into a car spotlight, anybody interested?

Next week I will have another E36 wagon for you guys. It's a very famous car in Europe and it is used for drifting, maybe some of you guys already know which car I mean…

The timeless design of the Sportec wheels goes hand in hand with this champagne colored 911.

Just a ordinary line-up on the parking lot, it includes two EVO VIII, Audi RS4, Focus RS, BMW 645, Audi TT-RS and last but not least a Honda CRX.

This BMW M3 from Luxemburg had a set AC Schnitzer wheels. It made it look very aggressive even considering the wheels don't have massive amount of dish.

I took this picture for all your roadster fans out there. This just shows you don't need high powered cars to have fun on ‘The Ring'.

The Renault Clio RS is a very popular car in Europe, the low cost and fun factor are a great cause of that. You can use it as a grocery getter during the week and have some serious fun in the weekends.

This sinister looking 911 looked right at home on the circuit. I especially like the red Brembo calipers peeking through the rims.

When I was shooting some cars on the entrance straight I heard a ominous sound and when I turned my camera around I got this in view lens. Remember the how the weather looked in my previous post? This guy was doing the ring with a open helmet and cabin, mucho respect. But wait what is that in the back?

I have no idea what kind of car this was all I know it was the loudest one there, I was even amazed it was allowed on ‘The Ring' because of the noise it created. It sounded really mechanical, you can also see the faces of the other visitors with a big smile and amazement.

In the comments of my previous post someone asked if I could show some more of this 911.

It doesn't matter in what kind of guise you the see Ferrari 599, even if the car has had a full vinyl job with some landmark circuits on it. It still has a enormous presence.

I really liked the color combo on this Porsche. I didn't saw it doing any laps but I'm sure it is a lot of fun to drive.

Here is a color I have never seen before on a M3 CSL. Is this a special edition?

This last picture shows the long straight for some high speed driving. Some of the car were reaching the 300km/h mark at the end of the straight. It is really impressive to see these cars just a few meters away flying past.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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That CSL looks sexy, so do the old bullets.


Wallpaper of the Black 911 PLEASE!!!!!????


Nice blogs Jeroen!

Can't wait to go again to the ring!


I think that 911 with the "Turbo" vinyl on it would be excellent for a nice drag spec transformation:D Also reminds me a bit of the Group 5 cars, due to the wheels setup.


the green E36 Wagon really captured my interests and please do a spotlight on it(:


That blue E46 CSL is either a CS ( Competition Sports ) or a fake CSL.

Nice post, i love that E36 wagon!


Some nice finds there! That all black porsche is so evil looking!


very nice post...great pics

anyone knows how much a old (80s or 90s) 911 would cost in the states

or even a 944

i want really want one of those two as my 1st car :)


"And last but not least a Honda CRX." LOL


Next week I will have another E36 wagon for you guys. It's a very famous car in Europe and it is used for drifting, maybe some of you guys already know which car I mean...

I know what car you mean!

Why don't you ask him to get a ride around the Nurburgring, drifting all the way? Ask him via, I know he is nearby the ring (Holland) till 7 November, after that he has a trip to Japan where he will drift one week with Tema Orange at Ebisu


I agree with the others. That E36 is the thing that captured my eye.


More old school Honda pics! I love seeing pre-92 Hondas at tracks, especially the Ring :)


Classic PORCHE's are soooo sexy.






Porsche <3

the blue CSL was re-painted, you can see the original color on the skirt and bumper


Yeah, nice Porsches


more green wagon PLEASE!!!!


nice! very cool selection of cars, the porsche's are sweet, especially the darth vader 993, black on black always looks hard as nails. and those clio's are very good track cars, so is the megane R26 hatch, french hot hatches are wicked, remember the R5 Turbo??


Lets get more pictures of the black 911 with red calipers PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE


We need more of these articles about the 'Ring. I love them.


Once again... The E36 is a true eye catcher!! I hope we'll see much much more photos of it.


When you said "But wait, whats that in the back?" I got excited thinking it would be more of that white Milano. That car brings back so many childhood memories, and my dreams were just shattered when that other thing was pictured next...


Love the rat on the grille of the green roadster, lol! Also like that graphite 964 with the retro Mobilgas sticker; nice touch!