Car Sightings>> Godzilla Attacks The NÜrburgring

The GT-R is linked in every way possible with the famous Nürburgring, so for a lot of owners of this car it is a once in a lifetime experience to be able to drive this circuit. Not for the guys I saw today because they are regulars and meet up with other GT-R owners to share their experiences. It's all part of the package when owning this car, it's not just the car it's a community you live in now.

I counted six of these cars and this was one of them that really caught my eye. The color combined with the gloss black wheels really set it apart from the ‘standard' R35.

The wheels are Gram Lights R57GT's with Bridgestone RE70's wrapped around them. It is the same wheel that is on the Zele R35 demo car. The car is dropped on a KW coilover kit making it look a whole lot better. It could use a spacer in the back to get the rear wheels nice and flush.

This is the place where it gets interesting because the almost stock looking exhaust tips belong to a entire Akrapovic exhaust system. It is a incredible handmade system with a enormous price tag. It will free up almost 17hp and more importantly 56.1Nm.

I have yet to see a better looking set of wheels for the R35 GT-R

Did The Stig lose his head?

The track conditions were far from ideal in the morning, it was very damp and the fog made it difficult to navigate the treacherous corners. On my way there it was pouring rain, so I kept my fingers crossed and hoped it was better at the track. I guess it worked because when I arrived the rain had stopped and the weather got better in the afternoon. It did resulted in a few crashes but more on that in another post.

Another shot of the red GT-R. I had sworn to never say it, but red really does look good in real life on the R35. It is really vibrant and it's something you don't see very often.

A bunch of GT-R's in the parking lot alongside a Porsche GT3. I'm not sure if there is a real animosity between the owners of both brands, I feel at the Nürburgring it is all about one thing and that is enjoying your car. So there is no time for those kind of feelings.

This has got the be the best side of the car, it looks so massive with its big ‘shoulders'.

The GT-R in its natural habitat. It's hard to tell but the track was still very damp, so the drivers had to be extra careful in navigating the 20km of the ‘grüne hölle'.

A shot of the same GT-R going around on the many bends, I'm still trying to get the most out of my camera. When shots like these work out in the end I'm real proud.

This car belongs to David Yu, he was one of the guys on the forum who invited some of the R35 owners to join him. You can read about his experiences with the car here.

This GT-R helmet made by Arai has been specially made for those that went to the Nissan Racing Academy days to get acquainted with your GT-R.

So that's it for my first part of the trip I made today, again I had a great time together with the owners and their cars. Be on the lookout for more pictures of other cars that were present during the day.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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cool post bro, GTR's and the 'Ring is always a good combo. nice lookin R35, i didnt know Akrapovic made exhausts for cars, wow, thought they just catered for bikes. must sound pretty wicked.


i would rather take the Porsche GT3.

Not a big fan of the whole no clutch thing on the GTR


This is a gtr wet dream!!! on THE NÜRBURGRING.



@Spark Plugs Suck

"Not a big fan of the whole no clutch thing"

Um...actually the GT-R has two clutches.


I want that GTR helmet :D


One of my coolest car experiences was in early November 2007 I was on a biz trip and stopped in at the Ring, hit the museums and took a tour of the track. Cruising around the area near the track, I saw a silver GTR. I couldn't believe it! :) Such a beast of a car!


Saw Alex's GT-R on earlier, stunning. The E30 next to the GT-Rs looks pretty interesting, any more pics?


I dont see neighter any huge Monster nor a R32 GTR in those pictures.. so what exactly do you call "Godzilla"...


I've gotta agree with Stuntman Mike here; only because I'm a little sick of people calling EVERY GT-R "Godzilla". The R32 GT-R was the ONLY Godzilla. The 33, 34, and 35 were all great cars, perhaps the R34 was the fastest of all; but they will NEVER be Godzilla.


addicted to the Ring ? ;)

Nice shots.


LoVe the grey GTR on the gramligths

just beautiful


Nice shots.

Showing the normal "Ring"-weather, wet and foggy.

I've been at the Ring on the last two sundays.And both times there were at least two GT-R R35.

BTW, the Nürburgring North loop now uses a GT-R R35 as "Rapid Response Vehicle", a safety car and fire engine in one. Would be interessting to feature this car.


what about that 5 series with the widebody...please dont tell me you passed that up.


I hate GTR's so good.


umm.. in fact, they actually call the r35 godzilla. when it was first released nissan dealerships had this massive blow up godzilla outsite their shops. it was to announce the arrival of the r35. they got it in japan and if im not mistaken in the states too.. so yeah r35=godzilla


I made so many pictures last Thursday, so I wasn't sure how I wanted to start this second post. I


Thanks Stephane :)


Thanks for the nice word about my GTR,Jeroen

Why didn´t you come by so we could have a short chat,you could have done a lap with time,ok!!



hey guys watz up i miss my babys and babysbaby v8 or gtr man that gtr is of the chain man and i had a long time to see the pics of my cars so im back and faster than ever guys so ttyl to my ggirls so bye!!!!!!!!!!


Totally agree on the red color. In real life it adds a lot of presence to this car. Maybe the paint has some multilayered structure like Focus ST's orange (this one changes color depending on illumination), but camera can't really capture its actual beauty.


Well it's Friday, the last day of Skyline Week. Have you guys had enough yet? To finish off my journey through the Speedhunters archives, I've assembled a gallery highlighting some of the late model Skylines and GT-R's featured on the site


Well it's Friday, the last day of Skyline Week. Have you guys had enough yet? To finish off my journey through the Speedhunters archives, I've assembled a gallery highlighting some of the late model Skylines and GT-R's featured on the site