Random Snap>> Scorching Mk4

Adding fuel to the fire… check out more at effsixtwo

F – 18×9.5 et 15 215/40/18
R – 18×9.5 et 10 215/40/18

- Jeroen Willemsen



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"Oh, no, not Rotas!"

Anyway, nice looking car. Really nice!


Who cares about the brand name. If they look nice, why not.


OH BOY! LOL! Can you smell a daily Rota sighting "random snap"! Good fun, JW


stanton on speedhunters. Crazy times




hot damn, i can dig it


What is this, stock Golf month?


lol the car is so not stock its not even funny. build thread - http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=237000


@ Tom, what would you rather have, something tastefully modified or some abomination that has loads of fibreglass crap stuck to it?


Please euro month END?!


I remember the first or second issue of Sport Compact Car had a six wheel Rabbit. It had tandem wheels on the back and active rear steering if memory serves correctly. Looking at this, all I can say is - Wow, the bar sure has been lowered, for both VW customizing and for getting published. Do these people drive directly from the show room floor to the car show with a single stop at the wheel shop, or do they also make a stop at the fast food drive-thru on the way? I scan down the SH page this morning, and I see stories about elaborately built BMWs, race cars, high power monsters, and so on. And mixed in are these nearly completely unmodified Golfs. It makes me ashamed to be a VW owner.


LOL @ guys who assume a car is stock, because it isn't loaded with crappy reverse decals, MORE FUEL PLEASE!!!!


@Roger Bent

Its stock because it euro crap, don't hate JDM because they actualy ''TUNE'' cars!


i'm with Roger Bent, you're assuming that because it looks stock, it is stock, when that's definitely not the case.


as for the wheel issue, this guy is a certified wheel whore, he's probably already got different wheels on it :P


damn, shoulda made a stop at old school vw's house after KFC and hopped out my bride and given that man a hunnrid mirrion dorrarahs to modify my volkswagen properly, like add another axle and some more headlights, maybe even some more steering wheels and shit. wow, that would be brilliant :lol:

true vw enthusiasts build volkswagens to enjoy. wether that be driving them hard out on track or polishing and looking at them, or even just hitting the road at every oppurtunity, cracking subframes with the tighest wheelgap possible.... not building 'wow factor' money heaps in questionable taste just to get published.

that said, i love it - OSVW - your opinion is cool with me, but im glad my car is a zillion miles away from your ideal!


Stock? Dont comment when you dont have a clue about the car. Maybe we dubbers just have some taste and dont want a decal covered piece of turd that screams attention whore? Maybe we like the subtlety and understatement when really their a 400bhp monster under the bonnet.


why are people so obsessed with the VW uber wheel fitment/streched tires stuff. i do not understand....its a GOLF.


It's a vag thing, you wouldn't understand.


The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about - Oscar Wilde


I guess the build is great but its still a tiem attack STYLE and not a real deal race runner. just keeping the sticker off doesnt mean its not another tuner car with money thrown at it to just look cool.


really you americans are all a bunch of moaning patriotic basterds arent ya to busy fingering your own family to realise that people dont have to drive a pick up to be cool

people spend money on vws as a hobby a passion a way of life even for some open up your mind to more than the american way and appeciate the work that goes into the cars other than slagging them off

thats my 2 pence booooom


why has it got to be uk vs us?

there's alotta nice gouys out in the us building amazing volkswagens, i dont think the issue is uk vs us ;)


Nice set of fakees dood.


im dissapointed to see these comments from you guys when alot of u have inspired so many uk cars lately.

F6 fucking rule the dub scene end of!!!!!


WTF, it's been tastefully modified IMO, just because it's not your style, no need to hate.

Atleast it's been done to a quality rather then a bunch of shite stuck on.


hey "thedevil" I dont know about you but i actually daily my "passion" which is a slammed ae86 and it has real wheels and i actually drive and it does work around the track (with my real wheels) unlike your vw that sits and does nothing, if your car is gonna sit and do nothing at least put real wheels on it!! rotas are nothing to show off.. and o ya i am american!!! so F#CK YOU!! boooom

Im sick of seeing this gay eruo crap!! i want to see japanese cars!! and rat rods and real raw driving!!!




Sometimes It seems like this site is speedhaters to anything that outside the viewers realm of knowledge.


One of the best looking mk4s that I've seen so far!


Why is it always Americans who hate Rotas so much? In the UK I've seen rotas on R34 GTR's but there are Americans who refuse to put rotas on their old corolla and would rather use an old used "real" wheel.


Did it make any of your cars better by putting this one down? You show ignorance insulting something you really don't understand. When I was in the VW scene people used to flip out over my original tinted Hella dome light, subtle improvements. This line of modifying is different from buying the Mugen, Nismo, Ray's, Vertex, Bride, and slapping it on for the world to associate those well respected names with you. People need to see that you have the coolest stuff. I get it, Ed Hardy over Prada because everyone can see your shirt is an Ed Hardy and only those in the know notice your Prada.

"Real wheels"? come on what are Rota's, cardboard? If you subscribe to these thoughts you are incredibly ignorant and are very insecure to believe your brand name parts make you better at anything beside sucking.


The car looks mean as hell...and proper...and I could definately see it rolling around in Japan. All of you trendy JDM boners should stop crying because rotas don't cost 800 dollars per wheel. They look sick. Oh, and to anyone reading this whos about to get on my case about euro and JDM let me say that I'm a way bigger fan of JDM then I am euro. I just don't understand why anyone would hate on this car...


the devil said:

really you americans are all a bunch of moaning patriotic basterds arent ya to busy fingering your own family to realise that people dont have to drive a pick up to be cool

people spend money on vws as a hobby a passion a way of life even for some open up your mind to more than the american way and appeciate the work that goes into the cars other than slagging them off

thats my 2 pence booooom

Best SH comment....EVER!!!!!

And no, this is not a compliment!


More liek scenehunters


Woah! Me and Ryan really don't see eye to eye very much, but how can _anyone_ hate on this car? Crossing Japanese time attack style onto a Euro car really smoothly, very nicely executed. It may not be a Time Attack car, with all the speed and tuning that implys, but that isn't the point of this car, it is the look. I don't get car enthusiasts hating on other car enthusiasts. .... and I want those Brides seats so bad....


its a v6 4mo, it must go fairly well right?

it certainly sounds badman.

this is some salty ass website.


Not our fault we have higher standards and expect a higher quality vehicle for website content. If you want to make a case that mediocrity is geographically or nationality related, that's your prerogative.


once again, the americans have failed to see the beauty in being subtle, now excuse me, Im off to purchase another veilside kit to stick onto my air brushed wings west supra (non turbo model)


maybe the members of this site would be more interested in ryans last car



This explains why so many show cars are being bought up and shipped overseas. A below average American show car is Best of Show in these other countries.


Apple Pie, really? Outside of Hot Rod and Lowrider scene I can't think of any......


ahahahaha. l

ovin those rota's and that clean subtle styling. :P

if this car was from japan with japanese plates on it. a lot of the guys here would be all over it. XD


i think its funny that such a huge amount of fuss has been caused by a set of wheels. i think ryan has had 5 different sets of wheels on this car already and the 'fake ones' probably have looked the best so far.

his s13 was proper aswell. so shut up


'F6 rule the dub scene' - No, F6 are exactly the type of jumped up egotistical little shits that have made the 'dub scene' an embarrassment to be associated with over the past 5 years or so.


you guys do realize the euro style is smooth and clean. just because euros don't run pointless kits, doesn't mean they are un-modified. Half the time the euro guys have to make their own parts instead of buying them off webistes.


Never seen a simple post with more conflict!!! One picture generated more fuss then a proper post! I'm with Lloyd Johnson. what a silly mentality, How old are people? and the whole argument between US vs American? seriously? I come to speedhunters so "I DON'T HAVE TO HEAR THAT SHIT"

Are we all just not appreciators of fine automobiles. I don't care what it is, so long as someone lovingly though about what to do to the car next, I'm happy.

Rota's shmotas, Does it matter, look at how perfectly the car sits! if you had this car, you damn well would drive it, and with pride!



Somebody has probably alreaddy said this, but anyway....

@ Ryan - VW is a german car, not british. So its not a uk vs. us thing.

I agree with Lechak, this is a car blog, not World War 3. and also, WTF if the wheels are Rota's?!?! they look prime on this (I'm sure) finely tuned Golf. and about the fact that its a golf?!?! did it occur to you that some people like golf's, not just cars that shout out with decals and massive spoilers?

Anyway, take a chill pill. gees.....


sorry people, missed Apple pie's comment....

WTF is wrong with you?!?!?!

most american v8's produce less power than the toaster in my house. so don't go blabbing on about how a below-average american show car beats any euro car that is more finely tuned than the american defence network...... c'mon, that robot in transformers cracked it in under 10 seconds, seriously....


Mission accomplished! So subtle its boring.


If they modify cars with the same level of expertise that they built cars (past tense because there are no real British car makers any more), then the world is a better place because they leave their VWs (and everything else) stock. Leaking roofs and electrical fires were the hallmark of the English automotive industry. A British car show of working vehicles would be a gathering of totally unmodified cars that were built outside of England.


cart sprung what?


It is the coolest site, keep so!,


Perfect work!,


@They are doing us all a favor by not modifying their cars:

Because american cars are built so much better?

does the mustang still use leaf springs? ummmmm ya huh i think so........


A celebration of the beginning of the end for Europe, and the ascension of the New World to global dominance. It's hardly a surprise that UK tuning is so far behind.