Random Snap>> Prodrive Grb Sti

After seeing this car appear on several blogs I knew it was time to feature it on Speedhunters. The car belongs to Logan Schlegel, he has perfected the look of his '08 STi. He just recently added the Prodrive GC wheels in 18×10.5 +22. There is no denying this car looks good.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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A Prodrive GRB looks quite a bit different than what you posted.


Damn. That is by far the best looking new ten STi I have seen so far. It's right up there with the JUN and Ings+1 STi


As a GD STI ownder I gotta say, I'm starting to get jealous of how amazingly nice the new GR can look with a few bits here and there... very tempting...


im not a fan of these, but this is phat best on i have seen yet


don't know how they are to drive but they sure do look damn good.


I've always been part of the minority who have loved the GRB ever since they came out, any chance of wallpaper? :)


sean: even if it does look a bit diff there still is no denying that the car looks amazing in all the pics of it online


Weird exposure.

Anyway - still not a fan. But then what do I know, I have a bugeye.


wow that is so sick. i didnt really like the new sti hatch but this changed my perspective. Do you have full specs on this car?


Perfect balance of color and contrast. Lovely wheels and stance. It looks good in a quiet way. I love it!!


Ok, screw all previous imprezas, this is by far the best looking one ever made by Subaru, for my personal preferance! jeez.. and I use to think it was ugly how they created it hatch back styles. Team orange! please make a new impreza drift car! :D


wow i used to hate the look of these versions but DAMN this one id have to say is one of the best looking subarus ive seen


Damn, awesome car, also love the pig sticker on the miror, reminicent of Petter Solberg and the SWRT Rally Impreza. More pics please!!!


wow!!! f'in awesome GRB... really makes me sad that I can't afford one!


i have 1 of theses subarus with all (crawford performence) it is all tuned up like ken block but this is very nice as well i like how it looks chunky and very very sporty and quick