Random Snap>> Ac Schnitzer 335i

Here is one car with tons of tuning potential. I spotted this particular 335i up in Hakone when I was shooting the Check Shop M5. It had just been put through its paces by a Japanese magazine and looked particularly attractive with its lowered stance and AC Schnitzer kit. Thanks to some ECU tuning the sequentially turbocharged straight-six was developing close to 400 HP, just 20 HP shy of the high-revving 4L V8 powered M3. It would be interesting to put this tuned 335i up against an M3 to see how the low-end torque of the six-pot would stack up to the top-end power delivery of the 8-cylinder. 

- Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Hmm never really like the things AC Schnitzer does. The rims are always a bit meh. And they make stuff like a replacement iDrive button in the shape of a (ugly) rim. I mean, come on.


Meh, Too much going on with the body...a stock body 335i with CSL or BBS wheels looks much better. On another note, a JB3 or Vishnu tuned 335 can kill a E92 M3 off the line but the M3 will slowly creep up.


maan those wheels are fugly.


This thing would be SEX with TE37's.


I would like to see alpinas take on the 335, would probably be auto though.