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"A Rainy Night in Georgia, A Rainy Night in Georgia, It seems like it's Raining all over the World"

We had dodged the monumental thunderstorms for most of the day but eventually the monsoon hit Road Atlanta and turned the track into a lake in places. The lightning was also an issue as no one wanted corner workers and other personal working outside to be exposed to unnecessary dangers. 

Finally the track became undrivable, so the although the race was running behind a safety car under full course yellows, the Race Director was forced to hang out the Red Flag. For several hours we waited, then the result was declared. Peugeot had beaten Audi with the #08 car driven by Stephane Sarrazin and Franck Montagny taking the top honours.

The cars had lined up in the pit lane under cover but the persistent rain put paid to any chance of resuming the contest.

The hotly contested GT2 class was won by the Risi Ferrari of Jamie Melo, MIka Salo and Pierre Kaffer.

A full report on this petit Petit Le Mans will be posted in the next day or so.

John Brooks



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Hey John great work like always. Sucks that it ended like that. I got home from work right as the red flag came out so I missed it all.Tell Rod and Linhbergh that they did great. Keep up the great work like you guys always do and get dry.


Too bad I wasn't able to meet up with you guys, but it was a great race, and everyone in my group had a blast despite the weather.


Great article!! I really loved that last photo of the Ferrari.


I didn't even get to se a minute of the action it was over so fast. Great coverage by all of you. It's really great to see three very talanted people working as a team!


Amazingness, I would humbly request a desktop sized version of the second-to-last shot of the pit lane


I payed $325 for tickets and decided not to make the drive from nc because of the rain. but im going next year rain or shine...


Man it sucks that it ended so fast! It's like it never even started! Oh well.... that's racing for ya.


great meeting Andy Blackmore at Road Atlanta. His Spotter Guides are great. I saw you as well John, but you were out of bounds to me!

Great coverage as always


thanks, pleasure meeting you too.


Out of bounds??? Did the Sheriff have me in custody? :-)

Race report to be filed today.................



lot about you