News>>fredric Aasbo To Compete @ Fd Irwindale

Next month’s Formula Drift season finale at Irwindale Speedway is shaping up to be quite the event. Besides the chase for the championship, the FD finale will also host overseas drivers like Fredric Aasbo – the Scandinavian star who competed at the Redbull Drift Championship wlast year. Fredric just officially announced his entry for Irwindale, and he’ll be back behind the wheel of the Team Japan Auto Supra.

Tire and pit support will again come from Falken Tire.

Fredric had a nice showing last fall in Long Beach, hopefully he’ll be able to do the same at the House of Drift.

-Mike Garrett



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thats him and dean kearney go on the europeans


Srsly Fredric stay in the Nordic drift series, you dont have the skillz for the Formula d events yet!!! /Jake



Anyone who can take Ueo to a "One More Time" runs at triple digit entry speeds (red bull world championships) while driving a lightly modified supra sure as hell deserves another fighting chance to make a name for himself in the US scene.



Ha that was cold blooded Jake, I have a feeling he is going to wreck that Supra.


If I remeber correctly he came in at #11 in last years Red Bull event.

If thats not competetive I dont know what is...

Anyway the drift series in scandinavia won't get you anywhere at all. Glad to see a local hero go for it!


Running a stock Supra with a little more in RBWC and make it as nr11 is not bad guys. And Ueos car was 10times better than the Supra. GO TEAM AASBO. Top Ten and i bet on it.


Wow awesome news, I might be coming over to watch but not got the opportunity to drive this time around. Good luck Frederic & Kearney!


I heard dean is gonna be in another maxxis car for the event possibly a DA guys car.


Go get'em Freddie! Show them that we still have viking blood!


Yeah keep underestimating Fredric why don't you 8D If the red is being upgraded to white one spec then you guys are in for a surprise :D HOLD STUMT!


xoxo where did you hear this? i can 100% say with confidence it wont be a DA car