Need For Speed Shift>> The Little Corolla That Could

In the early days of Speedhunters, whenever the subject matter of Need for Speed came up, it became clear that you guys thought we suffered from bad car style. And rightly so, it was the nature of the way that the 3D car models were created in the old games, that ended up with the same basic group of kit designs being used across all the various cars, irrespective of the model. We also had a situation whereby our old "rice" style wide body kits were being recycled from year to year, even though tastes had moved on. So last year, as the Need for Speed SHIFT project was gaining momentum, we knew that we had to throw out the vast majority of the old 3D body kits and start over. Due to time and licensing constraints, we decided to make fictional kits, but we tried to keep them in tune with the latest thinking and styles.

So I'm very happy to tell you that we have a whole new approach and visual style for the in-game cars for SHIFT. It's not perfect so please don't nit-pick but overall it's the beginning of a new chapter.

I've been spending a bit of time recently playing with the finished game and have become rather addicted ot it! So rather than just disappear from view for the next week, I'm also going to use these gaming sessions to make some blog content. Speedhunters features model and RC cars from time to time, so why not also show some game car projects from the NFS mothership too. The point of Speedhunters is to showcase cool automotive content, and as I type this post, I'm hopeful (although a little nervous as I did work on this game too) that you are going to like what you see.

"Put JDM bumpers on it!" This was a mantra that I repeated over and over to the SMS game production crew as they got ready to design and build the AE86 body kits… And thankfully they listened… This is the first thing that happens to your Corolla as you start to upgrade the body. The huge USDM bumpers disappear and this kit appears.

Check out the the screws holding the TRD style wing on to the hatch back… amazing detail. BTW this shot is 100% unaltered from the PC build of the game. I simply took a snap shot of me hotlapping my little Corolla around the mighty Spa-Francochamps circuit.

In the BG you can make out Eau Rouge.

Never Lift!… My Corolla is specced out to around 240 hp in this guise and easily lights up the tires as I crest the top of Eau Rouge completely sideways.

I dialed in 3 degrees of camber into the front of the car to get some proper style going… It makes the car rather twitchy though and the back steps out on corner entry. It's quite easy to control as the tires are fairly progressive.

Here I am at the entry to the Bus Stop Chicane in a nicely controlled 4 wheel drift. The Corolla is quite a fun machine to toss about.

Boy that was fun… But my short attention span got the best of me and I immediatly wanted a new speed fix so hotted up the car even further and headed over to Ebisu West.

The next stage for upgrades basically turns the Corolla into a N2 racer complete with rear diffuser and wide track.

BTW the car is painted red in honour of Antonio Alvendia who taught me everything I know about AE86s!… Note the Speedhunters and Drift Alliance logos.

Although these sessions were done in Time Attack mode, I couldn't help but try my hand at some ass-out driving… As this is a full sim, I'm just not that good at drifting right now… much practice is needed.

I chose the white 16" TE37 rims simply because they are on a D1GP model of Ueo's AE86 I have sitting on my desk here.

Three wheels off the ground!

I didn't spend much time setting up the Corolla specifically to do prolonged drifts. Instead, I just lowered the suspension as far as the game engine would allow and maxed out the front camber… It's a style over handling approach that I'm not sure I'll be keeping for future game sessions!

As Need for Speed SHIFT is a completely new, ground up rendering and physics engine, it brings the most realistic and enjoyable experience of driving a car in a game that I've ever had the pleasure to play (and I play them all)… The handling on the car is based on the real suspension geometry of the 3D suspension model, as is the movement of the body and all the related physical forces. You can see the weight shifting on the body as I accelerate up a hill at Ebisu. More importantly, as a player you can FEEL this weight shift happening and respond appropriately.

Is the wheel fitment tight enough for you?

Hella Flush!

New for SHIFT are upgrading cockpits and fully working dials. I've already maxed out all the in-car updates in this shot.

Like any beginner drifter, there were a lot of spins during my Ebisu track session…. I'm a reasonably good gaming grip driver, but drifting is something I'm going to need to practice. Perhaps JR can show me a thing or two.

One thing that the game designers have done for the game career, is make it possible to take a small, underpowered car like an AE86 and use it all the way through the game career. This Corolla is already pretty extremely tuned, but a whole other level of performance is possible.

Basically, once I maxed out every single option for the car, a new level of upgrade got unlocked: the Works package.

Purchase this option and your AE86 gets completely overhauled into something resembling a full JGTC type of silhouette racer.

The DA logo is looking a bit out of place isn't it? This is no longer a drift car of any sort!

Carbon Body: Check. Downforce Aero Package: Check. Race Suspension: Check.

The cockpit gets an overhaul too with an LED display now showing you essential data.

The only driving aid I use is ABS… I like to run with stability and traction control off… I prefer the challenge of controlling wheel spin myself!.. or is it the option of making smoke?

The Works package means that you can elect to try your hand at racing top end GT cars with your once humble Hachi.

Three wheeling!… With bonus wheel spin!

Under braking the car now blows flames out of its side exhausts.

Check the diffuser and independent rear suspension.

This is the same development team who previously did hardcore racing sims like GTR, GTR2 and GT Legends (the last of which I produced for them) and we can see they knew exactly how to make an authentic looking AE86 silhouette racer.

It looks absolutely purposeful… even a bit mean. The flat black paint is my own addition to the mix.

I managed to hit 225 mph on the straight at Autopolis.. seriously fast! I just missed my braking point though and a trip through the kitty litter was my fate.

I just can't stop playing this game! My obsessive brain has me thinking about it constantly now — which cars I'm going to build next, which tracks I'm going to drive…

So next up I'm going to take a maxed out BMW 135i that I've built up onto the Nordeschleife… let's see if I can keep it off the barriers on this fearsome German track.




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oh pleez no gameshit, i'm always getting irritated on the tube, when tubing for carclips and ending up with a fucking gamecar clip! keep it to real cars of sketches pleaaase


I think you guys are going to force me to upgrade from my 8-bit NES.

This looks awesome!


Looks quite awesome. However, please tell me if it'll work seamlessly with a Logitech G25, or will I have to keep on drifting a GT350 Shelby Mustang in GTR Evo?


game looks awesome, i can't wait till my copy comes in!


proper wheel fitiment, real looking body kits, and unlike the other ones realistic gameplay. i want this so bad, now i just need a PS3 and a big ass TV to play it on.


Speedhunters is a EA site so there have to be NFS News.

But I like it, I definitely buy this game.

Just one little question, does it support the 900° Steeringwheel of my Logitech G25?


i REALLY want this game...ive played every single need for speed, starting from High Stakes

but i dont have any $$ to buy it

does anyone know how i can get it for free :)......seriously


Can't wait to pick this game up, been a long time coming, time to put the ole G25 to use again!


EA and Slightly Mad did a great job with the game!


Very cool.

I LOVE the in car view with the correct looking interior.


Hell yea I cant wait for this game. It better be good dammit, because I have been waiting for a good racing game besides Gran Turismo


Awwww and I cant afford a G25... Game is looking like fun, definately loving the availability to play with the suspension and hella-flush fitments! :D


Man, I'm gonna pick this up this weekend! I love the idea of being able to upgrade the cars in that great of detail! I have been playing GRID and that just gets old by only being able to pick out the car models and graphics. STOKED for this new Need for Speed Shift game!!!!!! (but please, keep the youtube vids of games to a minimum)


Sweet baby Jesus that looks good! I can already hear my wife screaming, "It's me or the game!". Don't force my hand woman!


Oh hey hey hey, why didn't this click.

EA makes this.

Hey man, I want a copy of NHL10.

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. (the fonz)


The game looks awesome, finaly some real and cool body kits, the car list is good isnt that list.

I don´t want to race a Veyron, i want to love and admire every angle from the car. It would be cool to see a R33, Supra , 08´ Impreza (n14), or a E30 M3. But the game looks awsome and i will buy it for sure, and spend mannnnyyyyy hours on it.


Can't say I'm sold on the wide body styling =/

But, it's an improvement at least.


Drifting in this game is to easy.

Forza 3 and Gran Turismo 5 = win racing simulators and space for tuning drift cars

NFS Shift: Arcade game which basically drifts for you.

Graphics are top notch though.


bloody lovly :), makes me all gooee eyed, thinking of my AE86 i used to have


NFS: Shift is offcially now worth renting for a week or so.


How have you played it? It supposed to be out on 15 th sept


This is actually pretty cool...I really want to check this game out and see how realistic it really is (GT junkie over here). Tossing out the ricey late 90's style and throwing some new looks for the cars is icing on the cake, glad "we" influenced something in a positive way.


That's Shift?


Awesome! Great! I've been waiting for this game for a loooooong-ass time so it better be good especially in the handling department and not having the game drive or drift FOR me!

Can't wait to get it!:D

Rob, can u give us a complete list of the cars or is that top secret?;;)

Or at least what are minimum requirements for a PC to be able to smoothly run this game?

Thank u a lot for your great work and for SPEEDHUNTERS!

Keep it up!


Oh, and one more thing. Is it possible for us to build crazy 4 digits BHP monsters? ;;) That would be sweet:D


" I'm hopeful (although a little nervous as I did work on this game too) that you are going to like what you see."

Rod, if the driving model is as good as you describe it, I don't think you will have to worry too much ;)

Game looks and sounds great and hope to get a change to play it next week.

Looking forward to follow your progress in the game and be gentle to the 135i :P


wow thats beautiful


Hmmm.. Looks alot like my old Corolla in the first spec.. Bryn? hehe..


Beautiful hachi!what about the S-chassis rod?you can't forget about that.......!

Can't wait to try the game.playing NFS prostreet as right now.....hate the aero!but its still cool.


This i snow at the top of my personal xmas list ;')


Im liking the gaming posts.... post up your next projects in game!

Boo to the haters..


Does NFS Shift have the FC3S? I'm sick of playing with the FD and I'm waiting for NFS to put a late 80's rotary in their games.


daaaaaamn!! that thats one herra frush cororra!! hehe. but it looks really good!!

i hope that the other cars would looks sexy as heck as well!!

lovin the details. you can see even the smaller details.

damn!!! do want nao!!!


whoa.. wait wait. i cant edit posts. hehe.

anyway i was day dreaming of playing the hachi and the hakosuka then. STOP!!

As for the hakosuka, im thinking that the level 2 aero would be reminicent of the older race versions of it. If so, then what happens on lvl 3 aero? will it transform to a similar fate with the Hachi. i mean, the hachi is correct, if people would remember the Apex BP Kraft Trueno,. They did make a similar aero to what we have here. so what happens to the hakosuka?

so im thikning that the level 2 aero of the hakosuka should only get the front chins and some regular fender flares while the level 3 aero of it should be bumperless, Fat Fenders or larger fender flares with wider track tires, headlight cover treatment and a peeking oil cooler just like at GT Racing.

thats just me being a bit OC on period correct styling for the car. :P


KICK ASS! pleez tell me there are some old school mopars in it Rod. IMSA GTX will live on if there is mucsle cars in it. Like always keep up the kick ass work. BOOOSH!


Mac version preeeeeze...


This game is looking awesome-tastic

cant descide, do i get it on ps3 or 360??

either way i Will be getting this and i will be using a S15 all the way haha

show us more Rod!!!!


Forza 3 is still better.


!!!! i feel like they finally picked up from nfs3: hp. can't wait to pick this up


The works bodykit reminds me of the 1999/2000 JGTC BP Kraft AE86 GT300 (#86, what else). I just wish a livery editor a la Forza was available so I could add the Espelir/Project Mu sponsorship! TBH, the livery editor is responsible for the Forza community's continued enthusiasm for the game some two years on. Ah well, maybe next year.

@Rod: I infer from your comment that you play Forza 2, which most consider to be an excellent, if not the best, handling console racing game. Do you really find NFS: Shift's handling exceeds FM2? Rearward weight shift is definitely visible in the highlighted shot, and if your comment accurately reflects your feelings, I am considerably anxious to get my hands on a copy. Unfortunately, I've seen a lot of very ambitious titles stumble when it comes to this most important aspect of gameplay. However, unlike many fans of one particular series or another, I truly hope Shift succeeds, and I look forward to playing it.




Look3s bloody awsome to me!


Are the physics in this game going to be awesome and fairly realistic compared to the other NFS games?


increible, espero que salga ya !


this i sawesome, can't wait for the game to release!!


it looks nice and all but im not usually a fan of games where at certain levels you have to have a certain kit/look , how much customization can you do kit wise or is it a case of to be a the "works" level you have to have the look of your flat black one?

47 dildo shift knobs?


Tx for the feedback guys... I'm trying to find someone to answer all of your technical questions.

AEkyuni: the kits for the Hakosuka look similar to what you'd find with the factory racers... yes there is an external oil cooler... there is also a works version which looks like a Group 5 car of sorts...

Henk: I have spent a huge amount of time wirth this game that you mention. Where SHIFT exceeds it is that it similates "being inside the driver's head" in that there are lots of head physics... think of it as a First Person Driver... (like a First Person Shooter) make sense? So the emotional experience of racing in this game is unlike anything I've played previously.

The sensation of speed and danger is completely addictive

Zachsta: it's a complete reset...

Fury-S12: You can paint and graphics the car up how you like really... it doesn't have to be flat black. That was my doing... as were the DA and Speedhunters logos.


I hope this game is as realistic and easy to use as Live for Speed (not NFS, LFS lol)

Looks great... the PS3 and G25 await your arrival, NFS Shift.


Hey looks great guys! love how you have started a fresh and have taken note of the public’s suggestions, being an ae86 guy love what you have done here, and what seems like a nice dedication to detail as well. *can i just say as a side note that could you **please** let us remove that side light thing that US ae86 have just looks soo ugly!* also I have found that the nissan S-series chassis (s13 silvia/ 180sx,s14,s14a and s15) have been underused as this chassis is one of, if not the most popular worldwide. Also I know it would be a bit of a hassle, but what about including the ability of buying vehicles from different countries and importing them? such as buying an overseas model of a particular vehicle, this would then determine that it would be either right hand drive or to left hand drive. This feature could be just like importing a real vehicle, so it may be a bit more expensive to purchase but the vehicle wouldn’t require a engine swap later on etc (similar to the 240sx in America most people swap in the SR20), so possibly you could import a 180sx that already has the SR20 motor, but as it more expensive to buy an imported vehicle you may chose to stick with purchasing a 240sx and doing suspension modifications to help win some races, and when you can afford to do and engine swap, you can do one, or who knows maybe you could involve more engine swaps such as RB26 swaps, LS1’s? As engine swaps are becoming more and more widely spread especially throughout the drift scene. I can definitely see this as a significant first step for a new-visual and gameplay style of NFS games and can’t wait for the next game/versions to see how far you guys push it! Obviously this particular game is based more at circuit racing and established racing genres. Im assuming from reading this article the modification for the vehicle are done in stages and restrict the player from swapping and choosing between the body alterations they want? just wondering if in the future, we will be seeing more variety of licensed body alterations? And possibly other visuals effects such as not just vinyl for cable tie repairs, rust on bodywork, faded paint? possibly you could buy a 2nd hand vehicle that already has faded paint and/or rust and you could decide to either fix/paint the vehicle? also the ability to paint certain panels varying colours? Or looking at bosozoku style vehicles (mainly the ability to add flares or to flare guards of any vehicle, this could addressed by using a feature similar to Autosculpt that has been including in later versions of the games) and to extremely lower a vehicle and add large amounts of camber (demon camber?) only reason I’d mention this is because previous posts have contained pictures of vintage Japanese vehicles that this style is often associated with, also this styling is similar to the early Japanese drifting culture, albeit not as extreme? Can’t wait to see what vehicles are available and options you have included this time, as it looks like it’s heading in a great direction! I can’t wait to try the drifting element, as there seems to be an actual drift version not some weird dimensional swap where FWD vehicles can drift as well as RWD vehicles, if not better! and where vehicles miraculously become drift machines and become controlled by the game itself.


Looks rather nice! i hope my computer can run the game properly


NICE !!!!, Im glad you picked a Toyota !!!


It was given a 9/10 and a editors choice award on IGN, apparently the best NFS yet! It looks fantastic and I can't wait to get my copy. Unfortunately I have to wait until the 24/9 here in Australia.


225 MPH in a modded hachi? Maybe a glitch in the game physics? Even if it had like 800 hp and weighed 800kg, all that downforce would make it impossible.


I thought that NFS died quite a long time ago... Resurection? Yup, probably. For that hachi, i will probably buy the new one and give it one more chance. Why? That screws holding trd wing *.* This is damn awesome. Pure JDMness <3 Ech... Maybe i will be able to feel the old vibe of this game ^^


I love the upgrades!


Hey, this is awesome and such a huge step forward from all the "rice" bodykits you described!!! Of course there are a dozen more variations out there but this is fantastic! Honestly, dunno what to say more, I like every evolution of the car. And imo its very cool that you tried different approaches for every new evolution, from N2 to GT300, superb!


I think its modeled after the DROO-P GT300 AE86 from the 90s. There's a photo of it on the back of the vhs cover of the OPTION AE86 special edition.


Paz, the Hachi wasn't my doing but I did supply plenty of photos of various cool looking 86's to the guy responsible for this little beauty. A few of the photos were of your car ;)


Just one thing to add, if there meant to be Japanese cars, shouldn’t they be right hand drive?

Just looks odd/quirky being lhd.


this looks just awesome! can't wait when Shift is released so I could prep my R34!


This is actually looking pretty interesting, I wasn't convinced by some of the early screenshots/footage I'd seen but this looks pretty good. Can't wait to give it a burn.


?????????? ?????!!


WOW!!!! thats a nice AE86 love all 3 bodykits and with the HELLAFLUSH that cool... lol :)


I know this is out of topic and its way past Bonneville week, but I dunno where to post this. Its still a toyota, and its the little engine that could (title reminded me of it). Does anyone one have more info/pics of this car? Or could you guys make a write a story about it? Check it out at

Its totally mind blowing.


SPEEDHUNTERS has really paid off. Very impressed. Can't wait to see the 135!


RussiaStar Write please in English, anybody except me could not understand that you have written


sweet then!!

definitely picking this one! ^_^


can we do headlight conversions on the fD and stuff? that'd be cool; i've been waiting for nfs to bring that back since underground


Is there a version of the game (PC, Xbox360, PS3) that will be graphically better than the others? However slight?


Finally!!! JDM Hachi GOODNESS!!

LoL. For real though Rod, you guys used JDM stock models on Prostreet why can't you guys give us a stock JDM Hachi? USDM bodykits are horrible man...

A Levin front would be cool too, especially to go with the "Works" style kit (those headlights look like crap, even if they look functional...)

Still, all and all, looks like the series is FINALLY taking a good turn into what people want. Really liked this post, and i hope all goes well.


Oh, forgot something! Just a question on something i think a whole lot of people are still hating on EA about.

DLC, will we have DLC on Shift? And will it finally be PROPER, downloable DLC that we can expect some follow up to?

I mean, i got the DLC cars for Prostreet on the PS3, but it just sucked to know that the friggin' cars were on the disc all along and that the purchase just unlocked them for use... That and that after a single DLC release of the 2 car packs simultaneously there was absolutely NO MORE DLC.

I think that just pisses people off man... If it's said that a game will have DLC, we expect DLC support for some time. Burnout Paradise is awesome on account of their DLC's.

Just my 2cents, but i'd like to hear a response Rod... Sorry for bringing this out, but i wanna know how the game team is going to handle this.


Hi Naga... unfortunately I'm not really able to talk about this stuff right now... you just need to watch this space to see what happens!


Didn't bother picking up the last 2 NFS games, this one interests me but I'm having a hard time believing that this won't have arcade physics. I'll definitely give it a shot once I pick up GT5 and the price drops


looking over the car list I can't believe this is the only Toyota in the game. Looks like another game I wont be buying.


Hey all, diggin' the banter in response the Rod's killer post. Been working on SHIFT the past year with SMS, & learning a lot from Rod as well as you all along the way. Thanks for the automotive lessons - now allow me to reciprocate:

- fwdtamlya - this game is built on a real world force physics simulator just like the rest (FM2&3 / GT). The difference is the level of abstraction from the lowest level - we still want some pick-up&-playability for those who use a gamepad, are not professionals & the like. There are levels of scalability in the physics model given over to the player to either drive assisted or not, as Rod has described. Beyond the basics there's some pretty in-depth tuning options that become available as you performance modify; aspects of suspension, gearing, aero etc are all customizable.

Naga_Ten - we've talked a lot about DLC plans in the press w/out mentioning specifics (as Rod states.) Last year's NFS had several releases and we consider SHIFT the next full step towards our post-launch development effort. You're right B5 was an awesome example of this. We'd like to live up to it.

Alfonzo! Easy answer yes, PC. Did you guys see what we put together in Cologne for GamesCom? It was the most fun I've had driving a PC game ever - trick it out online. The guys @ SMS & the PC platform provide for that much more tech dev effort; DBox MotionCode, Matrox TH2Go support coupled with NVidia / ATI HD-res on huge displays is supported out of the box :

DJAW11 - Some Nihon throwback & modern spec vehicles are representing RHD in-game.

doral_86 - WOW what a manifesto man! Very cool to see so much detail & knowledge of the previous systems (autosculpt). As stated this is a half step in the right direction - admittedly we're scratching the surface of what can be done & we'd hope to take another full step with the follow up title. These ideas should be archived for reflection; )

Chris Davey - both the complete car list and PC min spec have been released online (incl entire track location list.) Google it up. ALSO Drift has been built as a very authentic mechanic. There are zero assists if you don't want there to be. Cars are either drift capable or not - there are no FWD vehicles allowed in this gamemode. You'll have to buy a drift capable car to participate.

Risky Skeleton - this is an authentic racing game. We're not creating a simulator here for the gamepad generation, but SMS have created an engine with levels of scalability in the physics, perf mods. FM & GT stand on their own; NFS has always been about fun, innovative & exciting gameplay.

Bsyc - of course. G25 & G27 as well as a gang of other controllers/wheels are supported across all platforms. OS level customization for degrees of wheel turn are supported, and further customizability in game options is also present. SMS have exposed variables to a number of control systems even for a gamepad player - giving the power back!

Play Again Y/N?

nameless aka jess/ea


ROD - i was referring to kit itself is it updated in stages with no possible customization of each stage, for example wen you buy the 86 in the game its stock then you update to kit level one and its the jdm style one, level 2 is the N2 look kit and so on. so you cant choose a certain front lip etc just update the kits as a whole


I love hachiroku)) It will be the best game!!!


cheers jess aka nameless for taking the time too read our posts i think everyone would be glad to hear that you guys actully do read what people write :) ha ha! ccant wait to play it...


Like Fury-S12 said, I too was wondering if you could only buy a full kit. Can you buy each piece separately? Maybe even throw peices from the N2 kit onto the first one?


Thanks for the honest response Rod and Jess.

Really hoping to see what comes along the DLC department then ^__^


I'm still not sold on it yet, after the lineage of fail that was the past 4 or 5 NFS games, I'll stick to Forza2 until a friend buys it and lets me try it.






John/Fury; the body kits update in stages as complete packages... The Corolla has 4 stages of upgrades available including the Works package. The first images at the top of this story show the 2nd stage.

Redevil: as this game was developed by SMS you should be more thinking about the lineage to the games that they made previously.


So u mean that we can't choose the parts separately? So we can't mix the parts if we want to!? What gives!? Who had such an idea of restricting user creativity like that!?

What if I wish to achieve a clean look and I'd like to choose parts from the previous levels, less extreme parts?

I hope that if not with this one, the next NFS will be more like SPEEDHUNTERS as possible. With more customization options to be able to create "crazy builds" or just super clean ones.

On that note, here's a suggestion: would it be possible in the future (hopefully near), for NFS to create a DRIFT/TOGUE/TOGUE-DRIFT special or somethin'? Where all of the cars that make us dream would be prezent? Cars like the R32, R33, R34, R35; the Silvias - S14, S15, 240SX and so on... Some Cressida...The Soarer, Toyota Levin and TRUENO...Subaru Imprezza old and new gen, Mitsu. EVO older and new V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X... Honda S2000... BMW E36, E92, E30, 5 series... FD, FC; Miata MX-5, new and old... C'mon...Rod u guys here at SPEEDHUNTERS know wassup when it comes to that sort of thing... I'll make u a list from of cars that come to mind and of cars related to that theme that can be found here on SPEEDHUNTERS.

So would it be too crazy to have such a NFS version maybe even called "SPEEDHUNTERS"?

And I have to agree with one opinion in the comments: How come there's only ONE Toyota!? Wassup?!

Was it lack of time or what happen in there? I checked the list and some of the cars if not most are a bit out of place, I guess. There are nice cars and all but still...

Anyway, glad to see that u are working hard on it and that u are taking it in the right direction and clad that the E36's and sorts BMWs are in the list, can't wait for the game to come out here in Europe!

Waiting for your reply Rod. Thanks!


Hi Chris... We had to redo a huge amount of the body  kits which was a massive undertaking as you can imagine. So it was decided that it was more important to have nice looking body-kits and perhaps not have as many customization options this time around.... Remember it was a huge undertaking to launch this new engine as it's a big reset for the NFS series of games.

Chris we also put the LF/A prototype in the game as we thought a lot of you would want to drive this car NOW rather than wait for the full production release.

Any of these discussions here will definitely be taken into account when looking at future titles though. There have been some great suggestions already in these threads!


Chris, dude, chillax.

The part about not being able to mix up the parts is not like it's something new, it's been a problem since a few NFS's back, and well, it might not be as bad as you're thinking it'll be.

Yeah, it sucks, but you can still work your way around that probably.

I think your right about doing something that's "more speedhunters", but to be honest there already are a couple of games like that. I don't know about forza'cause i don't own a xbox but on the PS2 there's a japan-only game by Genki (the dudes that made Shutokou Battle series aka Tokyo Xtreme Racer) called Racing Battle C1 Grad Prix.

That's still my favourite racing game ever. Nice balance between GranTurismo and something a little more arcade. You have quite a few options for tuning your car, a full blown, MS-Paint style, graphics editor, and it just lacks a few stuff i wish it had like only having jap cars, but it's pretty damn awesome.

It's got circuit racing, wangan racing, drift attack, time attack, HP battles (like in the Tokyo Xtreme series).

So, what i'm trying to say is, maybe the dev team should look at what there already is on the market, but search ALL the market, not just the western market...

Like for the touge game you want - Kaido Battle series, also by Genki.

These games already exist, but rarely come out of japan, and when they do, they're sold as "budget-games" or thrown into the back shelves, and only the fans end up knowing they exist and how awesome they are...



I f'ing hated the styling you guys used for the aero on that later NFS games.

The original was cool because it was mainstream at the time, but ew as times went on.

This that you are displaying now.

Absolutely, unforgivingly, unmistakably, horribly ,..fantastic.


Hey Rod, you say there is another works kit for the corolla? How many works converions are avalible? Thanks for the new info.


Ron no there is only 1 Works kit... there is another kit that is below the first kit at the top of the story... I skipped it as it's more mild...


I'm a huge racing fan and since there haven't been many good racing games since the ps3 came out I'm counting the days till nfs shift comes out for over a month now. ps I liked undercover, the highway challenges were brutal, the graphics were decent and you could drive a veyron but the game was a bit short. I'm going to brag a bit about my setup now to make my question more understandable.

Sony promised us HD with the PS3 and advised people to buy full hd tv's and 7.1 surround to get the most out of their ps3. Maybe they were talking about movies on blu-ray but offcourse everybody, like me, expected that they were talking about games. So I bought a 40 inch full hd Samsung but replaced that with a 55 inch full hd Sony with LED backlight later cause I wanted to really get the most out of my PS3. For the sound I bought the 7.1 HK avr355. For someone who still goes to collage that's a lot of money so I want my expectations to come true. Till now only whipe out has full hd graphix but I think that doesn't really count because of the little detail the game has got.

Now for my question:

Does need for speed shift has prehistoric monsters in it? (kidding :p)

Is there a difference between the graphics on the xbox version and the PS3 version?

I'm asuming there isn't and they will both be displayed in the blurry, greyish 720p.

But then I wonder why because you will be releasing the pc version at thesame time and normally new games for the pc are made in full hd.

I hope you can clear that up for me so I know what to expect cause after waiting for more then 2 years on something to come out you start wondering what the **** is going wrong.


Any chance of a right hand drive version?


bobbieee: We all know you love the real thing but this site is owned and operated by EA, the largest game company in the world that I am aware. You will see more game stuff on here and it is a media related website not just pure motorsports.

dori_86: I agree with dori_86, please remove that rear red singnals as from what I am aware of, it is just a street regulations in the USA that needs it. All other cars in Japan, Australia, NZ and Europe don't have them and it is ugly.

DJJAW11: I agree with DJJAW11 about the dash or at the very least have the JDM design without the miles/km speedometer.

Maybe have an optional posibility of adding an aftermarket dash like MoTeC, AIM or Racepak?

Rod & EA: Nice work there all looking good! I hope I can play this game in Japan soon.


Ok, thanks for the answer Rod. I figure that nothing can be done about the SHIFT in that direction right now anymore, even so I think the NFS SHIFT is a BIG and most welcome step up from the previous... whateva' those were... So thanks and congrats to you and EA for all your hard work!

About the already existing games out there... I know about them, but what I meant was a NFS "SPEEDHUNTERS" game. And refering to a PC version, I dunno what the others think, but I think that would be just great! I would try and get myself a SPEEDHUNTERS sticker and rock it on my computer or somethin' playing a SPEEDHUNTERS game. Just thinkin' about trickin' rides out SPEEDHUNTERS style in "NFS SPEEDHUNTERS". Of course with the same logo u guys have:p

But then again, that's just me, who thinks it would be cool if not awesome!

Thanks again and keep up the good work and the good stuff!


That's a great idea Chris... i have to admit it's crossed my mind more than a few times!


ah well that sucks bout the badykits (for me anyway sure it wont bother some) ill probably still check out the game tho its shaping up to be a killer sim


Seeing that Rod is answering questions here I will ask a few of my own:

1. Are the wheels selectable for each car based on real life specs? Can you choose like different ETs for the same wheel? Is wheel selection limited by the PCD of the car or can you just put any 5 lug wheel on a stock hachi?

2. I've seen screenshots of the upgrade system that showed the arcadey "stages" approach to the problem. Will the game allow me to pick and choose which performance parts to upgrade in a more proper manner? I do miss the Need For Speed Porsche days when you could choose from loads of parts without being constrained by silly "stages".

3. Any chance of supporting the modding community on this installment of the franchise?

And my 2 cents on the body kit issue: seeing how the previous NFS games were, I would definitely have less good body kits than loads of generic bad looking ones! Having licensed body kits would have been nice though!


Will there be a subaru impreza wrx 2009 hatcback!!? PLs answer


I've bought the game today and WoWW! What a masterpiece!! To bad it's only 720p and that you can't drive the car with the buttons but only the triggers and joystick but everything else is amazing. The cars handle more realistic then in GT5p and the game is a lot more fun then GT5p too and I'm a big fan of the GT series.I even think that it might be possible that this will be my favourite racing game ever but we'll see. Anyway thanx alot for giving the PS3 an excellent racer


So the ae86 in this game will have jdm styling available for the ae86? And what about the sound? Does it sound exactly like an ae86 or does it just sound like some overdone over-the-hill-top 1.6 nitro racer like it did in ProStreet?


I dunno how you achieve wheel fitment like that. My 86 looks exactly like that yet my wheels are like half a meter in the guards. I haven't found an option to adjust how low your car is... How do you do it?



ae86 I'm not 100% if they redid the sound for the car or not so I can't comment on that.

j00nz : you need to buy the tire upgrades and the wheels slowly get wider.... the suspension upgrades dial in adjustability to allow you to lower the car. This car has level 3 suspension on it...


Rented the game today, I`m not that impressed, firstly the forcefeedback hardly gives any response, and the stiffness of the wheel is completely loose, I turn left and right and left and right, its that crappy. Theres no H-Gate shifting capabilities (Which renders the G25 shifter useless.) And theres no clutch (Which renders the game utterly crappy on just that point imho.)

Btw, you do know how a real ae86 sound like yeah? Well, the one in the game doesnt sound like an ae86 at all, sounds like a vtec engine on stereoids..


AE86 have a look here:

perhaps you should compare notes with W71 who is having a great time with his logitech G25.... a setup issue perhaps?


Rod my man I'm pretty disappointed by SHIFT. I am talking about the PC version, but people on the internet report that the consoles versions also have the same bouncing and handling problems. In the beginning of the career mode everything was well. Cars looked great, handled sweet, the career mode itself was good.

That is, until i started racing invitational events, particularly the Veyron one. The car was bouncing off the road like crazy, AI opponents were driving past me like a train and when I managed to keep the car straight and accelerate to full speed - surprise: the Veyron that could only hits 305 KMh in 7th gear - really EA?

That wouldn't be the end of the world though if the other cars handled normally. But thats not the case. Two examples so far: BMW 135SI tuned to the max and AE86 with works package.

Let's start with the Beamer. It was fine until Stage 3 package. After that, the car over-steers like crazy no matter what u change in the setup. It bounces of the tiniest bump in the road and I have a hell of a time catching the car after that. Softening the suspension and other tweaks doesn't improve it. Forget about heavy braking. U have to break miles before the corner to have a chance of taking it. Normally the braking should improve with tunning, not make the car into a low rider hydraulic cruising machine, or have I got things backwards?

Now to the works AE86. Looks amazing, I'll give you that. But the handling it's awful. Not to mention the "Shifting". First race I run at Spa and I had only 5 gears instead of 6 and when u shift from 2nd to 3rd and upwards, the RPM stays steadily at 7.000, but the acceleration is mild to put it "mildly". Over-steer all over the place. After a restart, it suddenly found the 6th gear, but it was useless. After countless retries, i managed to take Eau Rouge in a somewhat speedy manner and i was in 4th at about 185 KMh accelerating to 222 in 5th up the hill, changed into 6th and the speed started dropping. Changing the gear ratio had no influence at all.

To sum it up - for the first 20% percent of the career the game is great. After that, u risk rage-smashing the computer or the DVD to pieces.

So EA, please do more testing before u ship games. This is a disgrace for everyone involved. U could soften the blow by releasing a patch that solves this handling issues (not to mention the people that can even start the game or have it crash on them on the first corner) as fast as the programmers can work ;-).

Was this little review useful? If yes, wait with the purchase until they release a fix for it or, if you already bought it, hammer EA with complaints or return it.


Any feedback Rod?

I gave a go at tuning the Escort to works package and it's a bit better as the AE86. I can even beat the AI on hard if I manage 2 great laps, but the problem with the gearing is here also. One solution that I found to work is to restart the event just as it begins and then the gearbox kinda resets itself and works acceptably. It is still a mystery to me though how EA (in fact the developer) can model a car with 360 HP and torque 577 N.m that only weighs 1224 kg and the top speed is 240 kph. For that matter the car is really underpowered as a works package. I now for a fact that a heavily tuned Escort Cosworth RS hill climb car can have in excess of 800 HP out of the standard 2 liter engine, of course heavily modified. This car that I'm talking about was competing in the Romanian hill climb championship and was tuned by a team from Cosworth in England. While am aware that for a quick time top speed is not as important as acceleration and handling (in fact the car I was telling u about barely hits 220 kph in the hill climb setup - u should see it and hear it going trough the gears it's fantastic), EA should have given us the option to tune it for top speed as well.

Returning to the AE86, 253 HP and torque 1038 N.m - wtf is this a truck? Oh wait, no it only weighs 793 kg. Thats almost F1 territory, if it only accelerated and handled in a remotely similar manner.

Don't get me started on the S2000. It's almost uncontrollable with the traction control set to high. If it was closed to this in real life, Honda would probably get sued every day.

Anyways, I don't understand how the team that made GTR 2 could get it so wrong. The handling of the cars in that game is superb and, although I never driven such performance cars (damn this economy ;-), friends of mine that do race cars competitively tell me it's really close to the real thing. Shame on u SMS ;-)


Most of you will remember that last October I announced that I was handing over the day to day operations