Need For Speed Shift>> A Honda And A Mazda In Tokyo

I hope I'm not boring you with these Need for Speed SHIFT stories. Just a few more and regular broadcasting will be resumed ;>…. I'm very excited by the finished game and as I was personally involved in some creative design aspects of the project in its initial stages, I'm enjoying the opportunity to share and discuss the project with you lot.

Here's an FD that I just built for myself. This is just one of several body-kit packages that you can purchase on its way to being transformed into a full blown, silhouette GT racer… But rather than show you the final evolution of the car, I wanted to make a nice track day, Time Attack car for myself….

The location I chose to shoot the screen shots was the Tokyo Dockyards.

Although a fictional series of roads, designed for maximum fun, the track is based a real life area of the Tokyo Docks.

For anyone who has been to Tokyo, you can see this location from the train that you take from Narita airport into the city. Just look out for the dockyard cranes and you'll see the area were this fictional track has been constructed.

Now the RX7 model which has appeared in many guises in various Need for Speed games over the years is based on the USDM model. So this means its LHD which perhaps is a little quirky since I've themed the story with a Japanese location. Oh well…

Most people who end up playing this game will do so with full race fields rather than solo time attack hot laps around an empty track….

For the moment I'm enjoying just designing and hot-lapping these different cars.

We can all imagine we're Russ from RE Xtreme, living the Japanese FD dream for a moment in time….

Do you think we've managed to capture the latest thinking in FD Tuning? I need to commend Bryn Alban from SMS for doing a good job with the styling of the car. As Bryn is a grass roots drifter in the UK and a (sometimes) contributor to Speedhunters he had a pretty clear idea what the RX7 needed.

I couldn't resist flooring the throttle as I took this offramp into the entrance to the dockyards… the backend stepped out but the FD handles so well that I could easily control the oversteer.

 Overall this car is a big joy to drive. Looks great too!

I don't need to write anything more about how cool this car is do I?… let's move on…

 I thought I would try out the second Tokyo Dockyards course with this bad boy… a fully maxed out Honda S2000.

Now I drove the RX7 on a high speed, flowing course whereas the S2000 was driven on a tighter layout of roads…. and boy, it really didn't like the tight circuit.

I think the car needed a serious bit of setup as it suffered from chronic understeer on low and medium speed corners… I probably had the ride height set too low, as I could hear (and feel) the chassis rubbing on the ground which probably wasn't helping.

The car felt very, very nervous and snappy…. It was pretty stressful to drive… one lapse of concentration and the S2000 was going to swap ends. Gobs of wheelspin were only a twitch of my throttle finger away… This car is so fast that it's a little unnerving to drive

BTW this is what the game looks like to drive… the other in-cockpit shots I've been showing so far have been from the replay camera… All of the driver's limbs are fully animated including gear shifts as well as brake and throttle foot action… Check out the exposed wires in the cockpits as well as the ECU on the floor. Nice work SMS!

You can also animate the driver's head with the second joystick… what is really crazy is that the game supports a 3D mode on PC which has to be seen to be believed!

I'm liking my flat white/gloss black look… BTW this is the Works kit at the end of the S2000's evolution, which to my eye it looks like a high end time attack car rather than a Super GT style racer… Not that it's a problem for me.

I also have a thing for Black wheels…

Understeer, understeer…. bleck…

I also found out the car suffered from snap oversteer too. I let off the throttle at exactly the wrong moment on a high speed switch-back and lost the back end… luckily I didn't hit anything!

I need to try this car on a high speed circuit like Spa to see if it does better under these conditions or if some setup work is needed to tame its wildness.

Ack another spin…. This was happening in a very high speed section of the circuit which is quite scary with the close proximity of the walls.

Well that's it for today… Tomorrow I'll show you a group of my favourite AWD cars from the game including the R34, EvoX, Evo9 and the GDB Impreza.




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Ur killing me here!!!


love how the headlights look on the FD


finally R34!

nice coverage


please do a Challenger soon!


That Rx looks sleepy.


when is this game coming out again? and will the xbox version have the same detail is this one, presumably the PC version?


Finaly! after many nfs games that have failed, decent body kits for the RX7... :D and the stance aswell, LOVE IT!!! Whats up with the s2000 though? why does it have JTCC style echaust's out the trunk and dual gt styled ones lower down? and will that 3D thing be available on the ps3?........ anyways The game is looking pretty tight... when will it be out in New Zealand?


if u have the pc version does it look like its moddable like gtr 2 and evolution etc


"I also found out the car suffered from snap oversteer too." That's a great detail to have included in the game, S2000's definitely suffer from that IRL. Looks nice, if I were in to playing racing games. Alas, I suck too bad for it. :P


Isaac on the trunk you are looking at the fuel filler....


game looks great, EA should try their hand at making a sweet Wangan highway game like the old Tokyo Highway Battle games or the Tokyo Exreme Racer series


This looks sweet!

Just one question. Do the turbo boost and the other gauges work?


Does anyone know when the demo is avaliable to download on PS3 ?


I like the way this is turning out! can't wait to try it out tomorrow! This course really REALLY reminds me of the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series from Genki (my favourite racing games), but then that's probably because their courses are faithful reproductions of the actual Tokyo highways (and other cities of course).


keep them coming, Rod!


The s2000 might handle better with a bit suspension travel ;) it looks cool low but may not be the best set-up for driving... I can't wait for this game! I just wish I wasn't working full time AND going to college for my masters right now!!! I won't have any time to play it (or drive my real cars!)


this game looks fun, i'll give it a try ^^


any chance of seeing an s30z in this game??


I just love these cars and the TE37s


skyline gt-r r34.... can't wait.

I want this game now !!!


I hate the fact that my gamepad is broken and I cant afford a G25 at this time... Jeeez, someone throw me a bone - anyone selling theirs cheap?


PLESE S14A/!!!!


So how does the customization part work? I've looked at youtube for videos but no one really shows how it works...the closest i found was a quick break review of the game and it just mentioned that you can just adjust the degree of the spoiler for mention of the interior mods, bodykits, paint or rims?? Other than the racing the fact that you can customize your car to look the way you want it is very fun especially if you can work on the livery of the car...i spend just as much or maybe even more just fixing up my cars.

Rod you mind kicking some doors down for a video of how the customization works? can you mix and match the different kits or is it just a set design? what about rims? what are our options? wings? paint jobs? The way the commercial and game reviews on youtube make it seem is that the you play the game with static/pre-modded vehicles.


FD Looks great mate, as an FD owner, I'd say you've done what is an achingly beautiful car a great justice. Keep up for good work.


Weeeeeeee! Do machine-guns stick out of the hood? Oil-slicks? Rockets from the bumpers? Do they grow wings and convert to jet-propulsion? Bed of nails? Can they at least shoot laser? :))) Just kiddin', this game looks sick! Trying to keep patience around, but DAMN! I can't wait to play it!

I assume that the PC version is top-noch or at least just as good right? It would be a damn shame to have a lesser version on the PC.... I think that I'll scare the shit out of my neighbourgs, even though I have just a 5.1 sound system, I think it's enough... for now, that is!:)))

Oh, oh! do they transform into Megatrons? That FD would be a awesome Megatron:))) Just kiddin'... sorry!:))


looks like you don't have to worry about these being boring, just look at the comments!! Im so excited that these body kits are so sick, the FD never got good looking kits on the other NFS games. The cars look so awesome nd i love the fact that you said that u heard and felt the car rubbing because of its low height. You guys blew the ball out the park with this game!! Can't wait to play it!!!




torture. just plain torture. XD

bring on the AWD's. it seems like you get to feature more and more cars everytime you do a write up with shift. hehe. XD

just curious though, are we going to have some old muscle cars as well? are we going to have one make races?

these are the things boggling on my mind as i day dream of SHIFT. :P


hey, i'm just saying. one of the things that made NFS games so fun is that you could customize your cars. The new Forza was a big hit because of the detailed sticker/graphics/livery system. I just want to know did SHIFT bring it?


Damn...I Need To Buy A Sex-Box Now Haha


Finally, some nice looking body kits! Can't wait to pick this game up this week.


Wow, this is the first time I'm actually looking forward to a new NFS game in a long long time! Love the bodykit for the cars, though I think the FD's sideskirts could use more depth, good work! Everything looks awesome!


Tomorrow it will be mine!!!


yes!! i hated the way the FD flip out lights looked in the previous games. love the way the kits look!! love pretty much every thing about this game so far. great job!! btw, wat happened to BMW month lol.


Looks like the game will be good.

I like the game style 30~50mm extra deepness in the kits

It looks very cool.

I like the old Veilside style lights, the Amemiya/Rmagic styled bumper, Scoot style bonnet, Vertex style sides, Amemiya style rear fender. Front fender?

I'm going to spend a lot of time in custom mode.

BTW, I don't think the "Nagoya" Airport is in tokyo... Narita is.

But It does look like Wangan B route past Haneda Airport heading towards Daikoku then circling spiral down to the carpark seems to be in the background.





I think you did an excellent job on the dock area, I went through towards narita quite a few times, especially on the visits to TAS. Hot cars too, im digging the S2000 interior


I just play it and I was really disapointed, didnt like it. Its like a crappy version of grid and i hate grid.. I had all of the assist off like I would have in forza 2 ,... over all i thought this game was bad


Wooooooo t-minus 9hrs till I grab this disc, open up EB games! Stoked as f*ck to tear up my living room.


Could anyone be kind enough to send me a PS3, XBOX 360 or a gaming PC with this game?

I can't afford to buy anything and I feel so left out.... =(


Seriously, the S2000 aero kit needs some work. It looks like a show car with that widebody. Emphasize the wheel arcs, add some louvers, canards, and stuff. Reduce the frontal area.Change the front bumper opening into something simple, like all Super GT race cars.


im still at rent status with this one.


cant wait to gat my hands on them...the fd looks stunning...a near 90% of the RE-Amemiya bodykit...i want those!!!


You're definitely not boring me with these, keep up the good work man! This game looks so sick! I am actually on my way to Wally-World to pick up a copy. Cant wait to experience what you've been writing about. Really lookin forward to drive ALL of these cars, especially my all-time farvorite car, the Veyron.


Please do a McLaren they own.


I like everything I've seen from this game so far. I own an S2000 in real life, so I was really hoping that the works car would look better, more JGTC'ish maybe. The GT-R R34 looks amazing btw


this probably NFS PS, or Shift use Tokyo map from PS. I'm sure that I saw this map in PS


I bought NFS Shift two days ago (the day it came out for xbox 360 in Canada) and it is amazing! My original car was the i35 coupe, which was very fun, but have moved on to a (tier 2) RX-7. It is amazing, it feels like it is glued to the road always. If you turn the traction control completely off then you can really get the back end to step out around the turns but right now it just seems way faster to keep the back end inline. But amazing game all round, if you like the sound of it, then get it! Its worth it!