Event>> Edition 38 2009

Here's a small selection of photo's I found from the Edition 38 event in Northhampton, UK. I almost forgot about this car show, but thanks to a tip I got from one of our readers, I found these photos shot by Oliver Verheij. Oliver shoots photo's for VWfanatics and does it very well I might add. Let's have a look at a small selection I made from his portfolio.

In the opening you could have recognized the car that featured in the Wagenwerks DVD trailer that I featured here. It really is one my favorite cars of the show, and it even makes me proud because it was built by a fellow Dutchman.

This Golf mk4 is sporting some exclusive parts, the most obvious are the Lamborghini wheels. Inside the car, the interior has undergone a full lambo treatment including seats and  leather. It's also sporting an airbag suspension, before anyone asks.

These old school Jettas can look so good with minimal mods. A nice set of wheels and a killer suspension is all you need.

The Schmidt Retro-ML, a real crowd pleaser and favorite amongst the V-dubbers.

This clean looking Golf mk3 is rolling on some MAE wheels. Is that a Lamborghini color btw?

Another mk1 from Holland with all the right characteristics to stand out from the crowd.

I just couldn't leave out this mk2 with its killer stance.

Just a small detail, check the wheel whores sticker inside the wheel well.

Here is another great example of a very clean mk1.

I knew there was something strange about this car, it had the nose of a mk4 but it seemed a bit out of place. Well after some digging I discovered that the owner, Pete Carty, had this mk4 front installed on his mk3. At the event it won first place in the mk3 category.

This 1979 Brasilia is something you won't see very often. This version is running a airbag suspension and won the coveted best of show award.

Thanks to oliver Verheij for his photos, check out more at VWfanatics.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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loving that white mk1!


Surely there was something more interesting there than just a bunch of new rims and suspension packages...Sigh. Nice photos nonetheless



how about some interior and engine shots, love the Brasilia!!!........show us some fast vdubs, we already know they look great slammed!!!




Dude! I rode in a couple Brasilia's in southern Brasil. Those things are way cool! Hot Hatch VW with aircooled rear mounted engine. Love it!


not only a mk4 nose, but with mk5-look headlights ;)


the mk4 golf nose conversion on mk3's is quite easy though since mk3.5 cabrios had mk4 front ends and mk3 everything else :)


along the same lines at Waterfest this year in july was a cabrio sporting a mk5 Fahrenheit GTI front end, wild!



Also, i'm curious to know if you'll have anyone covering H2O International this year? it's definitely the best VW community event in north america, or at least on the east coast (i've never been to Waterwagens or anything), and worth having someone check out if only for all of the 'unofficial' events happening all around it


dam... vw guys always put it down.! if your car is taller than 3inches off the ground you banned from the show. lol...


Please do a feature on that Golf mk4 with Lambo wheels. So baller.


It looks like that guy has a wheel whore on his hands right now!


that old school jetta in mexico were called Atlantic my dad used to heve one, he owned for like about 20 years. it was great.


Some dang nice v-dubs...love'n the black Mk2


@BlueSlug, are you going to H2Oi? I went last year and loved it (even with the rain/mud)! Really looking forward to going this year! Counting down the days.......


These are some sweet V Dubs, I dig them all, esp. the last one, hella wheels for a hella ride.