Here’s a nicely done (HD quality!) video on the new Subaru Legacy Super GT program, featuring a shakedown last week at Fuji Speedway.

-Mike Garrett



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I find it ironic that the Subaru GT300 racer would have a Mitsu sticker on it. Also, did they push the front tires out or push the front down?


i also wondering why the mitsubishi sticker

but its a nice car


thing of the same thing, one possible answer though is that, mitsubishi is not only a car brand, they also produce some other industrial parts, like fan belts and oil. so that maybe it, or the electronic side is misubishi. not sure.


Lexury is probably right. In Japan companies are not allowed to grow too big so what they do is grow and then segregate into multiple companies. For example, Kawasaki make bikes but they have nothing to do with the Kawasaki that made the rolling stock for the bullet train or jet engines. They are a part of the same company but separate from each other. They also do it with divisions around the world, Europe, N. America, Asia etc.


One thing I do know is that Subaru's parent company is Fuji Heavy Industries who strangely are partnered with Toyota. And Fuji Heavy Industries are working with Hitachi to make more efficient wind turbines to create a renewable electric grid for powering Subaru's fleet of electric cars soon to be released in Japan. It shows how manufacturers are having to change and think in terms of systems and infrastructure.


I think it's more of an joke, or something, as thee is something writen next to it in Japanese, I can't Imagine Subaru using Mitsu parts...


The sticker says 'Mitsubishi Rayon' on it, which is a division of Mitsubishi that offers composites. I assume they're responsible for the body work. I think the tach placement is a bit stranger being on the left side where the driver can't see it.


Was a shame to see the Legacy have a bad time at Suzuka. Gambatte chaps!


Japan Super GT is getting too far from it's production car roots IMO. Each year they get a little more wild, a lot more expensive, and less interesting IMO.


Suddenly, I like the new fat-arsed Legacy a little more. Was it just me or did it seem a little slow? Are GT300 cars underpowered and over-downforced?


I just wish they would fill in those wheel arches,,, It bugged me throughout the entire video...


Just a note: Subaru's been using Mitsubishi TD04 Turbos on their older production Impreza WRX and Legacy models... Maybe they're using something similar in this new GT300 car?