Video>> Four Hundred By Will Roegge

We thought it would be a fitting closure to our special August Speed theme to release a new Will Roegge film. Entitled "Four Hundred", it's a quick snapshot of the Nish Land Speed Record team and their Royal Purple Streamliner.

The film also brings you a little closer to the experience of Bonneville…

… and allows you to ride along with the Speedhunters team as we set about shooting at the event.

We hope you enjoy this new film and the exclusive access we arranged with Nish Motorsports. Perhaps it will inspire even a few of you to come out to the Salt Flats next year.
We'll see you there!

Special thanks to Will Roegge for putting this fantastic film together! I also need to thank our own Rachel Kelly for her help in organizing the trip and Rugged Media for their production support at the event.



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awesome video as usual. Can't even imagine going near 400mph!!!!!

2 it. great piece.


That was a great video!


I fell in love with this video. It's exactly how the Bonneville experience is.


Nowhere else like Bonneville? Heard of Lake Gairdner?

Oh, you mean in America...


Will, please don't use that type face ever again!


i spy someone Rod-shaped at 3:11 ;) and i never noticed the speedhunters sticker on the top of the car's 'spine', nor how excellent the welds on the intake manifold are


looks like it wsa a great time and place full of atmosphere


I want to go to the salt flats now after reading all these posts. I had no idea it was such an awesome event and place.


I can't download this videos. I click "Save 720p" and nothing happenes. Can anyone help me?


"...there was a moment of infidelity. I cheated on you. I met a camera that was a bit older, more mature, and had much more experience under its belt. I was drawn to it...." I woke up suddenly. Drenched. Cold sweat enveloped my body as I shivered


As a speedhunter, the lot of us are given many opportunities to experience the different facets of things