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This will happen if your tire blows out at 240km/h. It happened when Daijiro Inada tried to beat the high speed record in the Silver State Classic held in the state of Nevada. His goal was to break the record in the unlimited category. It was powered by an VQ35DE engine that had been stroked to 3.8 liter, with the help of a T88 turbo it managed to reach 800bhp.

Check this video on youtube for the crash as it happened.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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From what I know he missed the marker for the end of stage (it was just meant to be a quick blast on the first day) and then of course the tire had its problems. if only he had seen the marker the car would have been ok. JUN did an amazing job with this car.


Jeroen, with all the respect, don't you think that this is a very old news? Most people that follow this site are aware of this incident....and many other follows....


he handled that tire blowout pretty well. It blows out around 300kmh and he holds it straight till 250kmh.


Yea this happened quite a few years ago. Ii is related to speed tho. ha. Amazing that he walked away from that crash being as old as he is.


It may be a little old, but still amazing how he survived this accident....


Well, I didn't know about this accident till now. Started watching the video and hoped that the guy was still alive after the crash and he had no scratches lol. And yeah, he handled it very well, to slow down from 350 km/h to 240-250 km/h in that situation till you loose the total control of the car, respect!!


wow, i didnt know this... so this is what happened to the Option Stream Z... :'(


Please tell me that the wreck is still just sitting there, as a monument to the fickle gods of speed.


no, thats what happens when you blow a tire, then hit the brakes, instead of just decelerating by coasting


Dug watch the video again, he does not touch the brakes until he starts to spin.


Neurite he screwed up the second stream Z(the yellow one) the following year when he missed the marker on the practice day. the orange one in the pic was the first gen stream Z which crashed during the actual race


@Endo, they actually picked up this wreck and displayed it at the Tokyo Auto Salon the next year. They built a another Stream Z after this one though, check it:

From Dino's old blog:



can we get a desktop on this one?


I remember when that happened.


I love how dug pretends to know more than a racing driver.


This one was the first Stream Z with the tire blow out. Daijiro and Susumu Koyama of Jun came back 2yrs later with the second version of the Stream Z, and that's when Daijiro missed the marker and went off course. Poor guys! Yea, the first Stream Z was on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon.


thxs for the correction, damm people watch more video option than me. :P


New to me - major props to the driver.


I HATE to point it out, but there seem to be A LOT of misinformation on here:

1. This particular orange Z was built by JUN in 2003 and had a rear blown tire (a Continental to be specific), due to too much negative camber.

The next year in 2004, JUN AUTO (Susumo Koyama and Co.) came back with another Z. This time they switched to Pirelli tires instead (they thought it had a stronger/ stiffer sidewall)......the car blew up the rear tire again, although Daichiro managed to finish the race.

Next year, in 2005 Koyama san came back again. This time he rode along with Daichiro. Daichiro failed to see the orange pyloon and went off road, destroying the car, again.

In May 2006 they came back AGAIN with the Stream Z 2+ Spec. (the same one that Section09 posted).

That year the crankshaft pulley cracked a hit the oil pan causing the car to go off road; result DNF.

....and last @ Mike Kniwel:.....Daichiro Inada is NOT a true professional racer (although he raced many cars around the world). Daichiro Inada has never took part of any championship/ races (such as Super Taikyu, Formula Nippon, Formula Atlantic, F3, GT300-500.....and so on)....so I wouldn't call him a racer.


ALEX is right about everything. It's nice to see acurate info. But as a personal opinion I think that the yellow Z 2+Spec is the best looking one.


someone give Alex a job


I would call Dai a streetracer, that is where he (and I could be worng) spent a lot of his driving time


this crash was crazy i have the dvd it was on


Dai a streetracer!? Have u seen him trying to do a little wimpy drifting? He's worse than a blind grandma' :)))) No disrespect to him, but his just a dude with lots of passion for cars and tunning and also with lots of cash. Now, if u'd be in him, could u stay away from the stearing wheel of a few monsters?


I love how the rims are in perfect "visible" condition.