News>>chris Forsberg Wins Formula D Seattle

When you smell like of strange mix of sweat, rubber particles, and champagne you know you've spent the day at a Formula Drift Event.

After another exciting round of compeition, it was Chris Forsberg in the NOS Energy Drink 350Z who emerged as the day's victor. This was Forsberg's second win of the year, and he should be getting a nice boost to his lead in the FD points standings.

Coming in second was FD rookie Eric O'Sullivan, who earned his podium spot despite an accident that put his car out of commission. More on this later.

Third place went to Tyler McQuarrie who advanced from the battle with his Falken teammate, Vaughn Gittin Jr.. With their solid performances in Seattle, both of these guys remain in contention for the championship with just two rounds left to go.

After a night of celebration, it'll be back to business as the teams regroup and rebuild for Formula D Sonoma, which will go down less than two weeks from now.

Congrats to all the winners, and be sure to stay tuned to Speedhunters for complete FD Seattle Coverage!

-Mike Garrett



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Details on the JR vs McQuarrie battle?


idk but it looks like it was pretty intense with JR coming in backwards and Tyler glued to his door


Wohoho Chris is going to win this year FD :P


falken's 350Z is awesome!!!!!!!! now i thin its a V8, not a real z33 anymore, they should swap a RB26 engine on that.


Drifting is great, but the FD cars don't move me the way D1 cars do.... Too much emphasis on show for me, I guess. (I'm sure it's not like that for everyone, but people seem to want more of a show than to watch the technique...)


Foxie, what FD and what D1 events have you attended.

I only say that because FD and D1 when it comes to tandem are 2 different things..

FD tandem consists of running your qual line while in lead and mirroring your opponents car in chase.

D1 is about running fast line while protecting it from being overtaken(pass) and mirroring your opponents car in chase with the option to pass when a clean opportunity is open.

Both have there strengths and weaknesses in a spectator and competitor point of view.