Guest Blog: Will Roegge>> All Star Bash 2009 Video

Yo. My name is Will Roegge and I’m a 25 year old filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. Rod and I have been trying to collaborate on a Speedhunter’s project for the past year and July’s All Star Bash looked to be a great opportunity to do an exclusive Speedhunter’s video.

Ziptied/Just Drift’s All Star Bash has become quite a phenomenon within the US drift community. Drivers and cars came from places near and far to take part in the event. Including this dark red Nissan 240sx S13 which came from South Dakota to drift the Streets of Willow and Horse Thief Mile. The Risky Devil crew from Chicago, Illinois, Team Top Flight from Phoenix, Arizona, Vegas Drift from Las Vegas, Nevada, and Team Instant Part of Seattle, Washington were all in attendance. An expansive community of drivers all collected in one place to share a common passion: drifting.

Long Beach, California local and Formula Drift pro Justin Pawlak brought out his money green Mazda FC RX-7. It was nice to see the FC. Even with a bit of a door ding, JTP proves a well built FC can look like a million bucks.

Over cranked or slow motion dirt drops are some of my favorite action shots to capture in drifting. Chase Goodman’s Nissan 240sx S13 Coupe color makes it easy to photograph and shoot. Against the sparse landscape out at Willow Springs his S13 looks stunning.

The downhill transition at Horse Thief Mile is one of my favorite places to shoot because of its high speed descent. It makes for some great action, whether its control or out of control.

I personally want to thank Charlie from Just Drift and everyone that I met out at Willow during All Star Bash. Its really nice to be around people who are passionate about what they do and enjoy driving. To me that’s why the Sunday sessions during All Star Bash are the best. Party laps of multi-car tandems, friends relaxing in the pits, and people enjoying drifting is why I have continued to attend ASB.

-Will Roegge

(Tx to Jordy Birch for the music track!)

All Star Bash 2009 Coverage on Speedhunters



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Great job Will!


Amazing stuff guys !!!


Awesome man! great video!


Nice vid! But there is clearly visible influence of Speedhunters ;) This is not the style of Will Roegge :)


great vid, Will should colab with you guys more often!


Great video Will. As always. Glad you got Roland in there in the pastel green coupe, reppin' for the NW.


Great work Will. Thanks for the shout out from "TF"


The ant shot --amazing.


I love the video and not to mention the fact that Will and Speedhunters teamed up to do the project. I think you guys should do that more often!!


badass video Will!


Great Video! loved it!


I want to see some color, it looks so dull right now!


Such a great video! Some awesome shots in there!


Nice video, but i liked video from ASB V more...


I think its great that you have shown more drifting and a little less arty stuff like usual but it almost feels like you were unsure what to do or something is missing. Nothing is really grabbing but then again i spose its more laid back which is sort of what the ASB is about from what i have read all other the internet.


Needs more Riskydevil.


Dirt dropping, dirt dropping! woo woo.


I really liked the shots of bushes and whatnot.

I want the next ASB video to have the cars ONLY in background and out of focus.


Nice! Good to see the shot of Vegas' Shaun ripping it up on the htm downhill! HTM is awesome can't wait to get my car back together and go driving there again.


A great video, but its not your best, theres something missing like someone said.... keep rocking it though!


I was looking forward to see what Mr. Roegge was going to come out with. You did not disappoint. I wish I had met you while I was down there filming the event as well. I hope to get up to your level one day. Good job!

Hero Productions


awesome video will. I really liked the slow pace of the video....


stop with the slow motion ok? thanks.


Great vid !! i really liked how the music matched the video