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Few tuners can rival Top Secret’s global popularity. For over a decade, Smoky Nagata and the Top Secret team have rewritten the book on modified car culture by constantly developing cars that are ground-breaking, innovative and inspiring. Indeed, many of the spectators who flood into the annual Tokyo Auto Salon dash straight to Top Secret’s stand to see what insane demo car they’ve come up with this time.

While Top Secret’s cars are often synonymous with gold paintwork and monstrous turbo setups, there are other cars in their arsenal which don’t abide by such conventions. Cars such as the two white Nissans you see here, which are both naturally aspirated. Although performance fanatics may cringe at the thought of all-motor Nissans, both of these creations are pure genius and uphold Top Secret’s focus on – you guessed it – speed.

First up is the Z33. Even though it is intended to be a road-going demo car, there’s a staggering array of modifications that have been fitted. The exterior has received a full complement of Top Secret aero parts, including their G-Force longer nose front bar.

Up close you can see the roof of the Fairlady Z features a carbon fiber skin which accompanies the carbon hood and trunk lid.

The interiors of Top Secret’s cars are always on the subtle side, with an obvious focus on functionality. Here there’s a pair of carbon shell Recaro seats, TAKATA harnesses, Personal steering wheel and a trio of Defi BF gauges.

Over the years, Top Secret have partnered up with leading aftermarket brands to create limited edition parts that have their own unique spin. Here is the Top Secret x Personal collab steering wheel.

The Japanese seem to have a common style when it comes to graphics and sponsor logos. Reversed graphics, foil vinyl and drop shadows are the norm.

Top Secret is well-known for their under-body aero devices. This Z is fitted with their carbon diffuser and Vortex generators.

Don’t let the factory airbox fool you; this VQ35DE has been totally revised. This Z33 debuted when the aftermarket trend was to switch Zs to forced induction, which obviously caused quite a stir amongst the motoring media. Of course, Top Secret also caters for boost addicts with both single and twin turbo kits available for the Z33.

Beneath the carbon intake cover reside six individual throttle bodies, each fitted with aluminium trumpets. On the exhaust side, the manifolds, piping and muffler are all fabricated from titanium.

The Z33 is notorious for having a rather cramped engine bay with little hood clearance, forcing Top Secret to modify the carbon hood to accommodate the ITB setup.

I guess you could consider this R32 Skyline GT-R to be the Z’s older twin brother. Perhaps sacrilegious to the Godzilla diehards, Smoky concocted an eyebrow-raising engine conversion that not only rids this R32 of its RB26DETT, but also disregards turbos altogether.

In its place is a VQ35DE that, like the Z, features individual throttle bodies. One of our favorite modifications is the intake setup. Behind the headlights are a pair of carbon air boxes each housing a filter, which route the air from the front bar up into the Y-shape duct on the underside of the bonnet. From here, the cold air is pumped directly into the intake.

Subtle additions, along with a roll cage, again make up this Top Secret demo car’s interior.

Defi’s all-in-one Super Sports cluster is mounted in a custom carbon shroud and replaces the factory instrumentation.

Another customary trait of the GT-R was deleted by Top Secret, with the ATTESSA-ETS four-wheel drive system binned in favor of a RWD conversion.

From this angle you can see how far back the VQ35DE sits, which reduces the weight that hangs over the front of the R32. Top Secret claim they’ve been able to squeeze out a very healthy 355 hp and 388Nm from the V6.

Words by Charles Kha, Auto Salon Magazine
Photos by Mark Pakula, Auto Salon Magazine



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i could only imagine the throttle response of that r32, great cars and its cool to see something different done to a skyline from time to time


the r32 is siiiiick!!!

is there a video that i could hear the noise of that beast?


There is a video of it, but as usual it's TOP SECRET,,,,,,,LOL


<3 Top Secret, they have such amazing cars. ITB's in a Skyline, now that has to be a first for me.... How odd, either for me to not have seen that before or to think someone would do something other than the turbo's with one. *Shrug*


loved the r32, its nice to see something "new".


love the exposed (top secret gold trumpets)..............R32 is my favorite skyline, any chance of seeing some German tuning houses like Ruf, Abt or Hartge featured anytime disrespect to Smokey lol


lets see some pics of smoky's old school celica


Enough of Top Secret please, its not a secret anymore!................


Only Top Secret can take a GT-R, throw away the RB26DETT, throw away the 4WD and still make it look epic.


Great work guys did such an amazing feature on my S2000...I'm still impressed by it! Love your mag.

And great choice in which TS cars you featured. I really was bumming that I couldnt fit these two into my story, they deserve a ton of exposure. The forced induction with ITB setup is sick...but you are right, that intake setup on the R32 has been one of the most impressive things I've ever seen done. The underside of the hood with the integrated intake ducting inside the carbon fiber was just brilliant. Its hard to capture that in pictures...something that just has to be seen.

Great to see your work as always Charles. Keep up the greatness.


once again Top Secret killing it with thier spectacular creations

unlike Roger Bent i will never get tired of looking at their work

keep them coming....


Since we are on the subject of Top Secret, can we please get a feature on their S2000?


Not as if you can rush anywhere at TAS and they had NOTHING of interest in 2009. They are just using their name and influence to price themselves out of the market. If it was not for Max Power mag you never would have heard of Top Secret There are far better tuners in Japan that not many will have heard of, try Phoenix Power,Gallery and TRIAL


Ben Schaffer, dude!!!! Your a legend!!!! Smokey is a legend!!!!


wow! cool post, as always top secret impresses, i have to say i love these 2 cars, n/a tuning is sweet, i know turbos are cool too, but running throttle bodies on a six is wicked, must sound amazing. and it does take a lot more skill to extract power from a n/a motor.


Hey Ben,

Thanks for the compliments. Gotta love Top Secret's thought process when they develop components. The way they seamlessly integrate is mighty impressive.

Loved your post on Smoky, and keep up the great work on your blog!

Speak soon,



This made me happy. I wish ITB technology was more developed for VQs.


the intake ducting on the R32 is fantastic


I want to see an N/A RB30DE powered R32,now that would be sick. R.I.P.S im looking in your direction :D


Great to see ASM on speedhunters, ASM and HPI are the best tuning magazines available in aus!



Definately agree with ya


Coolest 32 I've seen in a long time! Trust old "Smokey-san" and the lads at Top Secret to build outside the box.


It's March 2nd, and that means it's time to celebrate the good old R32 Skyline. For this year we decided we'd let the readers take control of the festivities. We've assembled a group of important R32s that have popped up over the years