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There's been a lot of business to take care of at our office in Vancouver for the past few months, so it's been a little while since I've been in the field with a camera… But that all changed today as we just shot at two rather different automotive scenarios, each within a few miles of one another.

It all started a week or so ago, when John Naderi from invited us to a shoot he and Will Roegge were conducting just down the road from Evergreen Speedway in the Seattle area.

We were to meet them at a shop called Divers Street Rods, the creators of the Ferrambo wagon, the winner of the 2008 Ridler Award. Anyone familiar with this machine?

Now I use the term "shop" loosely as Divers is more like a series of spacious wooden buildings on a beautiful, lush farm ground.

I'll bring you a full tour of the facility in the coming weeks….

Needless to say, we were very impressed with their in-progress builds.

Here's Will shooting a car feature on the Ferrambo for

You can also see him in the background in this shot… So for those who don't know the Ferrambo project, it combines the DNA of a 1960 Rambler wagon…

With the guts and design style of both classic and modern Ferrari's. 

Check out the Ferrari engine/transaxle which has been lifted straight out of a Ferrari 360 Modena. Madness!

It took a while to get out to Evergreen Speedway and by the time we arrived, all the running for the day was done… The only thing happening was a mid season technical check up for the Formula D drift machines.

Here half the field of cars are lined up, awaiting their turn for inspection… Check out JR's new headlights on his freshly repaired Mustang. Looks good!… BTW have a look at the front vs. the rear track on his car…Something's up there.

Darren McNamara's car also seems to have a similar setup. The front track is much wider than the rear… I don't know why I didn't notice this before! The objective with this set up is to completely remove any sign of understeer… it seems to work as the ASD built cars are usually at the front end of the grid these days.

A familiar face: Ken Gushi.

Pat Mordaunt is now sporting a new metallic blue paint job. Looks good IMO!

Wake up there Pat!

Ron Ewerth's Infiniti G35 getting ready for its tech inspection…

Here's a candid snap of Ron Bergenholtz giving some love and attention to his team's RX8 drift machine.

We reapplied some new Speedhunters stickers on the car too… Cheers Ron! BTW I have a bunch of stickers with me if anyone want any. I'll leave them on the AE86 in the Need for Speed SHIFT tent on Saturday.

I'm pretty excited to see the Pro Am event running in parallel with the main Formula D competition. It will be my first chance to see some Vancouver based drift cars in the flesh.

Here's another Canadian car and a relatively unusual chassis to be seen at an American event. A 4 door Skyline!


While most American Pro Drift cars are 100% form follows function this is less the case with street drift cars. You see a lot more emphasis on car style with these amateur machines. I'm sure most of you prefer this yes?

This S13 certainly is the business!

This S13 rolled in as we were getting ready to leave… It looks like it's been constructed in the style of Koguchi Power.

The owner popped the hood/bonnet and immediately a group of people gathered around the car oohing and ahhing… Why?

It was the presence of this rather large RB25 lump in the cleaned and smoothed engine bay… Nice!

Ok I need to sleep… talk soon!




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Looks like that RB25 has a RB26 head on it.


Anyway that 240sx is nice O.o


Bout time someone showed up with a BNR32!


Feature on that RB powered S13!?


is the bergenholtz RX8 still sporting those wall dampers/bouncers/grinders/thingy? ^_^

and what happened to the huge rear wing on it? is that an OEM RX8 wing right there? it looks pretty nice! ^_^

i'd love to see action shots of the bergenholtz RX8 on the next coverage. ^_^


i dont see any BNR32's? just a 4 door HCR32


man you yanks need to get your shit straight

rb25 when its an rb26

bnr32 when its just a hcr32 4dr...

sigh ~_~


Hey Nads, I can see your manswingers glistening. LOL. I miss the old Super Street mag.

That car with the Ferrari engine is insane.


Didn't pickup the meth and water injection canisters mounted in the rear hatch? They look like shiny potato cannons!


the Ferrambo is simply an awesome built, never seen it before, it's great!!!!! Also love all the drift cars, specially the AE86's and the last 240, wow!


Wide front track and narrow rear track is a very common wet weather racing setup. We used to run that setup to the extreme when racing karts back in the early 90's the fronts were mounted as far out on the stub axles as possible and the rear hubs were pushed right in to the point where the tyres almost rubbed the bearing carriers. I guess the same sort of setup is now being put into practice in Formula D. :)


Where do you get the speedhunters stickers from?


This is some nice coverage. I only wish we had more African Americans into this kind of stuff. I mean I see NONE at any of these events. Are we not invited? LOL


damn someone got hella schooled on that rb25/26 hahaha. it's the nissan LS VTEC


I wonder if African Americans are into this scene.... If they are, some of 'em should get together and make a kick-ass crew.... Would that be possible? Anywayz, great story!! And that Ferrambo is sick!!! Can't see any flaw whatsoever, to be expected of a Ridler winner... And the glass on it is just soooo crystal clean that I was wondering if it had any on some of then shots :)))


Love the pics,pat's new paint job and that rb26? Powered S13....feature?


Finally we r seeing something besides AE86s, not that I don't like them, just a little to much AE86s for taste.

anyways that Ferrambo wagon is insane, love how they set the engine.

The pearl S13 is hot too but makes me wonder y somebody would put an rb25 on a S13, I would of just kept it in the Skyline n be drivin that, but hey that's just me.


I gotta apologize for my fellow Americans acting a fool; maybe they are republicans practicing for a town hall meeting! LOL!!! I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow... The rain last year was kinda a bummer due to the lack of smoke and so many spins... I'll bring my umbrella just in case! ;)


Henry, what the hell are you talking about? And I think its pretty clear, judging from that pic Absolution linked that it's an RB25.


It's an RB25DETT. Trust me.


I was only at the Evergreen for an hour or two today (called into emergency work...BLAH!) but I saw Herron and Will (still getting used to that no-beard style HAHA). And it looks like Evergreen is going to be unrelentless on the cars and drivers this year. All that smoke! You could smell it for miles down the highway...

See you guys tomorrow and perhaps I'll give you a proper introduction instead just my handle. LOL :)


The engine in the last 240sx is a RB25DETT. You should get a picture from above the wires are all tucked and the engine is emaculate. Its nothing you have ever seen before trust me. And done by U.P. Garage


Is the office in the Canadian or American Vancouver?

And sweet, there are tracks right across the border. Sometime in the future it'll be a perfect opportunity to get out with a couple buds and go down there on weekends.


@ Chris Davy. What's your point about the African-Americans? And are you referring to the drift or custom scene?


Its an RB26DET no two T's. If you look past the valve covers you can see the rectangular casting where the "GReddy" logo goes. Thats a sign of the Greddy intake manifold for the RB25. Its just rocking RB26DETT valve covers.


@R.H.C.: In Antonio's photo (I posted the link in an earlier comment), you can see two mushroom air filters popping up, I think it's been made into a 25DETT.


Golikov we are in Canada :>


Exactly! this is why I am not amused or that much interested in looking at Pro Drift cars, I rather prefer Street drift cars or amateur level cars, because 1 they keep it original and grass roots and 2 car looks better a million times more thn Pro Drift cars... sad to see pros, spending so much money trying to make the rarest cars Driftable rather than getting the looks right, but they do hve the performance down to perfection though, that I can say. Last Pics of the 180 Type X and Team Mulsanne S13 PWNS all other car pics above. *MY TAKE*


Ah its got an RB26 rocker cover. That explains it.


The last 240 shown is in fact a RB25 with twins on it. I know the builder of the car and I know the owner well. Believe me when I say this, it has been a long time coming for that car to get to that point and we are all glad to see it finally there. I'm stoked to see a bunch of NW locals on here, and hopefully we'll keep giving a reason for you to keep snapping pictures.


must...feature.... 180sx....!

that wagon is badass.


i have to second that... MUST feature the 180sx!


Great shots, I dig the RB26DETT...I am such a car nerd ;)


@R.H.C.: you can get greddy plenums for 26's aswell... but to me it looks like a rb25dett with modified rb26 rocker covers


OMG!!!! please review that 180SX!!!


Ok, I saw the 240 in person on Sat. and it is an RB25 twin turbo; I put up pics on my facebook of it. Very clean, very very clean.


great pics and post i just bought and am working on a 65 rambler classic and would love to get a pic on speedhunters does any one know how to do so ? it is a really clean ride