Event>> Drift Mania Hits The West Pt.1

Our man in Japan, Dino Dalle Carbonare has the unique responsibility of reporting the latest bits of automotive culture from Japan on a day to day basis. In looking at his MSC Honjyo report, I find it quite amazing just how easy it is for you, the Speedhunters reader to get a sense of what's happening, on the ground, in this far away, exotic land.

As for myself, I quite enjoy reporting on how drift culture is consumed by different countries around the world…. so for this blog entry I'm going to look at a drift event from my home turf: British Columbia, Canada.

For those of you who haven't spent time on the west coast of Canada, it's worth pointing out there's a very strong Asian cultural influence here. In some areas of Vancouver for example, around half the population is of Asian descent, so naturally there's an affinity with car cultures from this part of the world too. I should also mention, it's relatively easy to import a JDM chassis older than 15 years into Canada…

… So Japanese sourced Right Hand Drive cars are reasonably plentiful in Canada.

So with this in mind I was curious what I was going to find at Round Three of the Drift Mania West Champioship, held this past Saturday at Western Speedway in Victoria, B.C… Would there be a strong drifting culture in tune with the real spirit of Japanese drifting?

A few days back I received a message from Seth Patterson of Drift Mania (also known as DMCC) inviting me to act as a guest drift judge at the event…. I was a little nervous to accept the role, but after finding out that both the East and West Drift Mania Championships run to the same judging and event format at Formula D, I happily accepted the role.

For the past few years, my role at Need for Speed and Speedhunters has allowed me some behind the scenes access to Formula D event operations. So I felt I had a reasonable sense of how to approach judging a drift event…. At least in the style that FD does things.

Upon arrival at Western Speedway my first task at hand was to check out the cars and do a bit of Speedhunting.

Like most grass roots drift events around the world, a large portion of the cars were S13 chassis…. but what was unique to this Canadian edition, was that at least half or more of them were RHD… and a LOT of the cars seemed to be from Alberta.

Organized drift championships on this side of Canada seem to have gotten a kick start in the Prairie provinces…. so it felt like a lot of the core competitors from the 4 event Drift Mania West Championship were based out of Alberta…

Yyyyeeessss…. I love 4 door drift cars!….

In a sea of S13s, this huge 1992 Chaser just oozed coolness… It's run by Shawn Hawley from Edmonton Alberta and is powered by a 420 hp 1JZGTE.

Embrace asymmetry! This 1990 Cresta is driven by the teenager, Alex Lee from Calgary Alberta. Yes that is a Speedhunters sticker above the right headlight…

I love seeing cars like this at drift events… It's this kind of creativity and variety that makes the "street" side of drift culture so appealing to shoot and document.

I was asking Alex about who first stenciled "I'm Killing It" on to a windscreen, but he didn't seem to know… who did it first? JTP?

I found it quite amusing how the roll cage renders the rear seat in this street driven car completely useless. Haha…

Reo Baird's Comox B.C. based Nissan 180SX is running a 580hp 2.7L RB25DET engine. Nice one…

The main baller at the event was Hideki Nishimura from Team Toyo… He's an ex-Japanese drifter who relocated to Vancouver a few years back and is normally seen contesting the Drift Mania East series with his drift spec Skyline.

I like the Cyclops headlight intake…

Aha… a SR20DET swapped boro style S12…This car is run out of the Okanagan area of B.C.

This Alberta based R32 Skyline was reminding me of Ben Broke Smith's R32 Driftworks machine… it was even sporting a Driftworks sticker…. Small world…

Speedhunters represent! Cheers Louren…

So as the first practice session started up, I got myself into position to shoot a bit of the action…

One of the first cars out the gate was Alex Lee's Cresta… unfortunately most of the white smoke at the rear of the car was coming from its exhaust system… turbo blown…

This meant Alex had to sit out the rest of the day… he also would have to get his car fixed before driving it back to Calgary… Tough event for him unfortunately.

But things were worse for Stephen Bryant who stuffed his R32 into the wall…. His day was also done.

Even as practice continued… a few more of the Vancouver based cars started to arrive…. Notice how there are 2 people stuffed into the passenger side of this JDM import Silvia. Funny that!

Mmmm… Here's a Onevia that looks like it could be straight from the All Star Bash… Wow… Surely as a drifting judge I should reward his excellent car style with extra points no? Isn't that how judging works?

More on this car later…

Reo Baird's 180 was one of the cleaner looking machines at the event…. He was generating a lot of smoke, but also seemed to be prone to spinning out too.

The big Chaser was also swapping ends with some regularity… He also seemed to be having some technical problems with the car.

Another Silvia practices hitting the clipping point….. Interesting how many of these Canadian drifters were in RHD cars…

This gold Sivia belongs to Vancouver based Kohei Nakamura. He was one several cars repping the "Neptune D" logo…

Judging from his car control skills I made a mental note to keep my eye on him…. there seemed to be something special about his driving…

OK I'll be back tomorrow with Part 2 of my Drift Mania West Judging adventure! I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about the Western Canadian drift scene…





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Loved seeing a flavour of canadian drift style. Would be great to see more from canada.


Neptune D is FTW. (Quite literally.)


kohei is nutty, so is chris scremin, Neptune D ftw.


great stuff, Rod! let's see more stuff from the home turf :D


go the s12 would like to see more on speedhunters


That Cresta is awesome. a31 or s13 right headlight?


more alberta drifting in our flickr group



great cars in Canada indeed! keep it coming Rod, please…


"I should also mention, it's relatively easy to import a JDM chassis older than 15 years into Canada..."

Just for that, it's worth saying that you guys suck. =k I'm half Canadian, maybe I should find some relatives and convince them to help me import a nice, pure yummy JDM car? I've often wondered how hard it is to get the car from Canada to the States... (Or maybe I should just live in Canada, but I'm not a huge cold fan.)


Great coverage of the event :) Can't wait for part 2.

I was at the Drift Mania event here in Toronto couple of weeks ago for round 4 of the DMCC East. Went for the full 2 days and it was great (got a sunburn too, but who cares hehe). However, there's more guys competing out west then here in the east.

Also, there seems to be a lot more RHD cars in the west simply because it's closer and a bit cheaper to get them to Vancouver or Calgary then it is to Toronto or Montreal.


Niice finaly in the west!! Hope there will be East v.s West one day! I live in Montreal...and yes, It's like Japan here hehe! tones of RHD cars!

Little question: why theres no reports about DMCC east events?


Nice! Finally some coverage of canadian drifting!! NEPTUNE D FTW Looking forward to part II


nice picture!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fantastic coverage Rod, thanks again for coming out. We absolutely fell in love with the track in Victoria this past weekend and can't wait to bring DMCC West back out there next year for a multi-day event with both pro and amateur competitions.

Would be great if you could make it out to Round 4 in Edmonton on Sept. 6 as well. We have a big battle on our hands with a handful of drivers all still in contention to walk away with the championship title. Should be very, very exciting!

Hopefully we'll see lots of Speedhunters fans out there as well!


Excellent coverage of our event, thank you very much speedhunters, and dont be surprised to see stickers! Canada has much love for this site.

some vids of the DMCC west event here:



Hi dave514... we don't have a Speedhunter contributor in the region of Quebec/Ontario to easily travel to DMCC East events... and have currently allotted our travel budgets elsewhere... but perhaps we'll try and visit an event next year :>


Excellent write up. Interested to read part two, and good to see DMCC West hitting speedhunters! I will admit I feel left out not having my name under the pic of me. I'm just "another silvia" :(


Darn Canadians are trying to take over - first Drake, now this? We cannot allow this to happen.

But back to the story, the first person I saw with an "I'm Killing It" sticker was SD9K back in 2006-2007.


I'm not sure about this write up... theres some pretty random comments.

Also, i'm fairly certain my number of spins vs number of straighten would make me much more prone to gripping. I spun about twice the entire day, but i straightened almost every run due to the transmission seizing out of gear.

Also what is all the hype about this website? I've never even heard of this shit... i don't get it?


Reo's just jealous cause he got worked at DMCC.


Reo, quit being a baby, just because you couldn't buy your way into the Formula D Monroe event. "Me n Josh are the best drifters in BC, we shouldn't have to qualify..."

You clearly proved that you are not the best drifter in BC. Thanks for trying though, you spoiled little boy.


^^ Says the two anonymous. Keeping the drama to a minimum, it is safe to say those two above posts are extremely arrogant.


Phil, if you knew the background behind what I was saying, you'd understand. Reo contacted the FD organizers to try and bypass the qualifying, stating that there were no good drifters in BC, and that Josh R and himself were the best, and therefore did not need to take part in the qualifying. FD used to allow people to pay $5000 to compete (thus Reo's appearance at the Red Bull event), but have since disallowed this because it does not necessarily bring out the most competitive drivers. I am simply stating facts that were relayed to me by FD staff.


Keep your chin up Alex and get that Cresta home!!


Alberta is ground zero for drifting out west. - Although most of the top drivers don't compete anymore....


Exxon, your an idiot. I did three one more times with the best driver in the series all while being stuck in 2nd gear. I'm happy with my performance.

Other anonymous buddy, I don't know where you get your information from, but lets recap:

1) I never stated there are no good drifters in BC

2) Josh doesn't even currently drift

3) I have never tried to bypass formula D qualifying or even attended a formula d event (other than proams)

4) Redbull event was not a regular FD event. You couldn't pay $5000 and enter that event. I never paid any outrageous sum of money to drive in any event. I didn't drive in the redbull event. I drove in pro-am nationals. I got an invite to pro-am nationals because i placed 4th in D-sport.

Regarding FD in washington, i asked them if it would be possible to drive in the event as i didnt really want to go all the way down just for a pro-am event. They said only by paying a $5000 fee, and then i'd have to accumulate 200pt in the season to keep the license. This is formula D's only other option of licensing rather than going the pro am. I can't afford that, so i am just going to go through pro-am.

and finally, stop making FD look bad by claiming to have any affiliation with them.


Reo, and LOL @ Reo,

This is not the place for this kind of added drama.

I would like to say this though, Reo, you did say on a message board that you and Josh are the only drifters that are any good in BC. I specifically remember the post. None the less.

I also was very disappointed to see you did not attend the ProAm in Seattle, and when I heard that you were wanting to just attend the finals, as you did not need to compete at the regular ProAm, I thought that was lame. If you want respect as a driver, you have to earn it, by being at the events and bringing the thunder. I personally have never met you in real life, and realize that the internet make things come across wrong on many cases. I suggest driving hard, and quit talking trash about drivers you have not competed against. We all have done it. We all need to talk the trash offline or in private. That way we still are respected by the fans at very least. Pro drifting is a business venture, not anything but. If you slander your business competition, you will lose customers fast. Just remember that.

Also, at Western, try entry in third, then down to second in the infield. That way you have the speed and power, and your transmission won't pop out for the whole course.




I said that me and josh were the only bc drifters that competed in d-sport, or something to that effect. I remember that post. I was giving you guys a hard time for abandoning the Canadian scene and going down to the states rather than competing at d-sport or showing up at other local events.

As far as me not showing up in Seattle. I don't have a passport (and it takes like 4 weeks to get one), and i don't have a lot of money. I can't afford to show up to a lot of events, especially ones in the states that aren't really in line with what i am trying to accomplish (support the Canadian scene, ie: dmcc). I've only been able to get out on a track 4 times this year so far.

The way i see it with proams, i got the invite last year, and i qualified decently. I am confident i would have got a license had i been able to compete, but my axles let go and i couldn't compete. I think it is not too much to ask to be given a second shot, given that i was unable to compete last time around due to a mechanical failure.

At western I had a mechanical failure, thus i was stuck in 2nd for competition. I was using 3rd for all of practice, and i took 0s in qualifying due to the transmission seizing.

PS: As far as trash talking, perhaps you should take your own advice. As far as i am concerned, you are essentially trash talking me right now by implying that a) i trash talk other drivers, and b) i don't know how to drive.

I will give you a cash reward if you can show me a time i have ever trash talked another driver publically (other than sarcastically, or about a team mate), as i am not the type to trash talk other drivers.


On an unrelated note...

Trent, how come you didn't make it out for this event? I had heard from someone that you and Fournier were coming out for the event, but was kinda disappointed you guys didn't make it out.


Truly though, why make excuses? It just makes you seem even gayer.

If you didn't do well at an event oh well, excuses are for the weak.

Reo though, get dad to buy you drifting

Reo Baird = Nick Hogan


Except my dad didn't buy me a shop


I am done with the Reo subject. Thanks.

As for not coming to the event. I can only speak for myself, I was broke from the ProAm expense. I will be in Edmonton for the DMCC event on the Sept long weekend. I will drive if I can get some cash, otherwise I will be there for support.


How is "i am happy with my performance" an excuse?

I too am done with this subject.

ps: At least Nick Hogan doesn't troll lame online blogs anonymously.


Guys, seriously, relax.

You are all talented, and as drifters, we should be a band of brothers...

Not at each others throats?!?

Represent your Country!


personally im all for drama. now lets take it to the track boys!... this should be good.