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Subtlety is something I'm a great fan of. I have always been in the "less is more" school of thought and appreciate any car that follows simple guidelines. Substance is far more important I always say, and the car I have for you here is an example that fits both bills perfectly. Mizota-san of Revolfe has over the years created some of the most powerful machines to hit the wangan and with our theme for this month being Speed, this is one car that deserved to be shown.

Built for a customer, the main aim of this car was to travel very fast in a straight line…

…which meant lots of power in order to be competitive among other true wangan racers. Not wishing to attract a lot of attention the owner kept the exterior clean and functional choosing a Ridox front bumper and a Varis carbon hood.

Things are a little bit more extreme at the rear with the TRD rear spoiler and the Abflug carbon rear diffuser, both parts essential in keeping the car stable at high speeds. And when I say high speeds, I mean serious numbers!

Revolfe has collaborated with Abflug for a long time, using their aero parts on many of their customer cars.

At the heart of this wangan Supra is a fully rebuilt and balanced 2JZ, force fed by 1.8 bar of Trust T88-33D fury. 

The T88 dumps spent gasses into the ø 90 mm front pipe and titanium exhaust system of the same diameter, both parts made by Revolfe. An HKS external wastegate keeps boost levels under control. The fuel system has been rebuilt from scratch using twin Bosh external pumps feeding the six 800 cc/min injectors. This 2JZ develops 700 PS, pushing the Supra to a top speed of over 340 km/h when hitting the rev-limiter in sixth gear.

You can just about see the Yokohama Bay Bridge in the background, part of the wangan, or Bayshore route, a fitting backdrop to say the least.

The big bore Revolfe titanium exhaust system is very straight, just what you need when running serious power in a turbocharged car. 

If you are regular on the wangan that little plaque above the lights should be taken very seriously!

The simple wrap-around cockpit of the JZX80 has been adorned with countless gauges and electronic modules helping keep an eye on the pumped 2JZ.

The glove box has been converted into a secondary instrument pod, decked out with a triplet of Defi gauges, an HKS V-Cam controller, an HKS EVC boost controller and the HKS F-Con V Pro ECU. There is even a Blitz Power Meter iD to get additional telemetry from the engine. Two more Defi gauges have found a home on the A-pillar while the final one, reading boost, has taken the place of one of the centeral air vents. The interior is finished off with TRD meters and Recaro seats.

The white on white look has been achieved thanks to Volk Racing TE37s, 9J up front and 9.5J at the rear. Sticky Bridgestone Potenza RE-01Rs are the choice for any serious street racer.

Would you want to pull 340 km/h on a highway without having a serious braking system? The massive Brembo 8-pot anchors are straight off a Ferrari Enzo and bite down on 2-piece, slotted ø 380 mm discs. The rear brakes have been upgraded with Lotus 4-pot calipers. With a top of the line braking set-up like this the owner wanted something as impressive on the suspension side of things too, precisely why Revolfe fitted Sachs adjustable dampers.

Here is the Revolve Supra on the highway above Yokohama-city, with the Landmark Tower (Japan's tallest building) visible in the background. I have one more Revolfe car to show you guys, something even more subtle than this JZX80. Make sure you don't miss it!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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desktop please!


I love supras, I couldn't get one so i managed to grab a Lexus IS300, but im saving up to get my supra. There's a car for every1 which launches them into gearhead and car stuff, and the supra did it for me when i was a little kid playing gran turismo 1.

this 1 is nice, dont like the spoiler tho. the white TE's work nice tho.


Still looking for one too!

But there is nothing cool here in MO.


It is very clean, I'm not a big fan of the rear wing but with 700 horses I can understand the need for a little downforce.


functonal or not that wing is gross


What? That Spoiler makes this car! This car is a WIN. Simple and fast!


What? That Spoiler makes this car! This car is a WIN. Simple and fast!


Another Wangan weapon from Japan. Cool feature!


get a body kit!


Love the TRD wing, keeps that ass planted...!!!! has a sleeper look love it


"Not wishing to attract a lot of attention..."

ITS A SSSSUUUUPPPPRRRRAAAA!!!!!!!! Its gonna attract lots of attention no matter what.


Looks like 4 different people designed the car.

1 to design the subtle exterior (which generally looks good). And than one idiot to throw on a wing that looks completely out of place.

than another to design the high horsepower engine. But than some dude with a civic to throw on 9.5" rear wheel to control 700 hp?!?!

and than they want high speed stability yet the car is higher than a Ford Explorer?



i love this Ford Explorer 2jz torque monster


Can we get dimensions of the rubber that's mounted to the TE37s. Like Leigh said, 9.5 is kind of on the smaller side for a wangan Supra making that kind of power. I have 19x10 mounted on the back of my M3, and I'm only making 330 at the crank.

The only reasoning I could think of having a 9.5 is to provide less rolling resistance on the pavement, but I would much rather have more grip when making that much power.


There is a little error in the comment by "while the final one, reading boost, has taken the place of one of the centeral air vents" should be "has taken the place of the digital clock"

I own one myself, it's my dream machine. Currently still twin turbo, but i'm saving for an T67 single turbo upgrade.


I think the wing looks great. I mean, you folks want period correct stuff right? It's an authentic TRD piece, I'm sure you all know that. It's awesome IMO. And, about the width of the wheels, I really don't know but from what I have seen from the Salt Flats cars featured here, they all had small widths, and those cars make a whole lot more power than this Supra. I am not too sure about the ride height though, I think they're high. But I dunno, Revolfe would have figured that out already if there's suttin wrong.


Off an Enzo? That is hella tight, I really like this car.


Highway Queen.


you just took this post from your original J-style blog lol


MKIV FTW! Always my favorite set up single turbo.


This reminded me of a mid '90's magazine interview I read with Al Jorgensen of Ministry, where he was extolling the high speed virtues of his modded Supra. With zeal even. Nice one Dino!


this car is actually part of the Midnight Wangan comic/manga series, as AbFlug's car-delaership (Midnight) owns the 930 turbo from the comic in real life.


Kevin has a good point, I think a company like Revolfe knows what theyre doing lol.

The TRD wing looks tight to me

8th pic for wallpaper pleases


What size and et of that wheels