I’m not sure why YouTube car videos always seem to be set to a strange soundtrack, but there are some cool shots here of the Mitsubishi Starion Rally in action along with some of its rivals.

Japanese car nerds will probably recognize the Starion Rally from the “Special Stage” comic series and movie.

-Mike Garrett



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woot! recognition!



I was waiting for a Mitsibishi month in hope to see some stuff on our staz's but you found the uber rare Group B 4wd for this month. Nice.

We are Fast is an awesome starion racing video BTW


rammstein is the bands name


I was fortunate enough to see a GroupB Starion get torn apart and rebuilt during my 18months at Ralliart. It was a very rare sight to see and I was truely amazed that a driver would willingly jump into a car like that and hurtle along forrest roads without giving it a second thought. Inside it looked like the DeLorean from Back to the Future, so much so that the mechanics jokingly made 88mph stickers and put random dates on some of the gauges.


I own a Starion, which is for sale....one of the only ones imported to Canada! :D


ohhh man love this car, always have! I once found an AWD eclipse next to a turbo starion in the junk yard, both in good condition everything there.....wanted to take em home for a "science experiment" but didnt have the garage space, as i took up a new project 2 weeks before :*(


Found out when I went to the Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals this year that the Starion was imported to the U.S. as the Dodge Conquest; there were 2 there, both blue but one with a Mopar 340 smallblock V8! Sacrilege? Anyway, love Starions, still picture Jackie Chan in Cannonball Run 2 ;)


finally someone have made a car video with some industrial music! Happy!