Car Spotlight>> Aimgain Crown Athlete

Luxury and Exotic month maybe be over but I just needed to share some pictures of this slammed Crown Athlete I spotted last month at Okayama Circuit.

This is actually a demo car for the VIP/luxury shop AimGain and was dropped to the ground thanks to their air-suspension kit.

The 20-inch Club Linea L566 suit the style very well, and I love how they disappear into the wheel arches!

You can't get more JDM than this! The Crown Athlete is offered with either a 2.5 L or 3.5 L V6, the same 2GR and 4GR engines that are used by Lexus in the GS and IS. This shape Crown is also offered in Hybrid spec, again using running gear from Toyota's more expensive luxury brand.

This latest generation of Athlete has grown on me after seeing it dressed up with the AimGain kit. I always wonder if big luxury sedans like this would sell well in the US or in Europe!

Now that is low! I wonder if you can drive it with the suspension set like this? Probably not! Anyway check out the AimGain website for more info on their products.


- Dino Dalle Carbonare



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what do you mean you wonder if you can drive it with the suspension set like this? it's obviously on on air...


Wow, that is actually a GOOD looking Toyota. So of course that means it will never see our shores.


They dont.. See what the Obvious Capt Obvious obviously said above....


theres still ground clearance.. looks like you could drive it like..

Anyway.. laying frame is cool.


fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu why can't we have cars like this in the US


The car is extremely shapely and the headlights are very sexy. I can't imagine this in any other colour but black. That wold do great in America cause it would be really different to the normal Lexus line up


Request for picture #2 wallpaper


I agree with dori dori, the US is fn lame when it comes to having cool cars, bring them over here too!!


this is one beautiful car.


this car puts a smile on my face. Effing sexy.


japan always have the cool cars...

fuck the celsior(sp?)/LS, get the Crown here


omg... this is what they call VIP........ Wallpaper please!!!!!!!!!


AIMGAIN (For The WIN!!) I love their body stylings and this crown is simply beautiful a beautiful car in itself. Check out my AIMGAIN GS300.


Holy Crown!!! That car is sexy as hell! US Toyota's suck.

And pic #2 for wallpaper.


you all read my mind, i wish they sold cool yotas on states to!

2nd pic wallpaper?


this car should replace the useless lexus es350 in the US. It would be a hit.


They dont sell in Europe, cause most people here only car about the MB, BMW and Audi badge on the hood... Sadly

But thats one awsome car tough, love those wheels! :O


Dino, what camera and lens do u use? any filters?


I like it ::thumbs up::


This is the only Toyota made in the last 10 years that I have thought was genuinely good looking and even remotely cool. If I ever live in Japan, one of these will be in my ownership, for sure.


Toyota Crowns FTW! They don't get much better than this!

BTW, requesting for #1 and #2 for wallpapers too.