Event>>fd Las Vegas Wrap Up

Here’s a few final scenes from on and off the track last weekend at Formula Drift Rd.4 in Las Vegas. Right here we see Miki Ryuji running against Tommy Suell early in the Top 32. This was another one of the day’s closer battles, with Tommy taking Miki into a OMT before the Hankook/Apexi FD was finally advanced. Tommy not only drove well, but his SR-AE86 looked awesome as it spit flames out the tailpipe!

Mike Essa swings his RX7 around the final clipping point with the sounds of an angry Corvette dumping out of his exhaust.

The ShowOpt Porsche, nicely representing Speedhunters on the front bumper.

This is one of the few photos I got of Rhys Millen’s Hyundai Genesis. There must have been some car issues because I only saw Rhys make a handful of runs the whole weekend.

This G37 Coupe is one of the nicest examples of this body style that I’ve seen yet. My only little complaint would be that the stickers on the windows look a bit busy on what otherwise is an extremely clean car.

Eric O’Sullivan had some awesome solo runs in his Impreza, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to make it past the the Top 32 in tandem competition.

Ryuji Miki and Robbie Nishida’s cars parked alongside each other in the Hankook pit. Two of the nicest cars in the FD series for sure…

Another scene from Powers v Ueo.

Ryan Tuerck, killing it as usual.

And while on the subject of killing it, another car from VegasDrift.

Michihiro Takatori’s VQ-powered S13. I’ve heard Takatori will be driving this car at All Star Bash in a couple weeks. Cool.

This tough-looking DC2 Integra is sitting on what look to be CCW’s.

Ken Gushi showing off his trick red headlights during his match against Tyler McQuarrie.

Tyler sliding by the packed media pit.

Finally, another shot of Tanner Foust smoking his way towards his victory.

Well, that’s it for my FD Vegas coverage. See you in Seattle…

-Mike Garrett

Speedhunters Formula D Las Vegas Coverage



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Great pics as always Mike; also do you know any more info about Rhys? Seems like his participation has been dodgy all season I wonder if its the Hyundai or what.


can we get that pic of powers vs ueo in a desktop....please...i need this


is there something wrong with the rear wheel alignment on the white s13 or is it just me?


these drift scions are kinda lame... you dont see garbage like this in d1... as a matter of fact theres only a hand full of cars in fd that look good :( its a shame..


seriously those scions look disgusting i dont know why you would ever want to turn one into a drift car and yes im with kstyle there is very few cars in fd that look good. that s13 looks like it is running some hell toe on the back of it or its just the picture


So many claims that matt power's car is so good looking. the body kit on it doesnt even match up. thos side skirts are lower than the front lip....looks horrible. Im not attacking him, his car or his skills.....just the comments everyone makes about his car looking "SO GREAT"


oh what i'd do to have a chance to enter the Hankook pit...


pits where open to everyone.


"The ShowOpt Porsche, nicely representing Speedhunters on the front bumper..."

the aerokit looks like came from Top Secret Japan...



do you have more pics of that sick Porsche? oO


The kit on the Showopt Porsche is in fact the Top Secret kit. From what I know, it is the only one in the US currently.


Nao só eu, como grande parte das pessoas, acham o Drift uma modalidade muito interessante, e que atrai muitos fans. Mas aqui no Brasil o esporte nao eh praticado com tanta frequencia. Existe campeonatos, eventos de drift mas a modalidade precisa expandir muito ainda por aqui. Isso acontece por falta de patrocinio para os pilotos, alguns empresarios confundem o drift com racha, cavalo de pau em fim...entaum os pilotos pagam o preço por causa de motoristas infratores!

Grande parte da populaçao do Brasil gostaria que o Drift virasse um esporte levado a serio assim como o stock car, inclusive quando há eventos de drift por aqui, atrai muitas pessoas, ate porque aqui tambem existem varios pilotos bons.


love it! and more of Powers plz :)




that dc2 got a award for most gangster acura at the show 17x9 ccw's