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I've asked myself this question a few times in the past couple days, 'what have I got myself into?!?' Or, 'I sold my Cobra for this?' You might remember my post from a few weeks ago when I sold my FFR.

A little scary to dive into such a big project, but man am I looking forward to it! I picked up an '88 RX-7 the other day for $200, basically bought it for the shell only, as most of the parts aren't pristine, as I'm sure you can tell. The owner had it sitting 20 feet in the air on a cargo container for the last couple years, at least its dry and mostly rust-free. Check out the video of it being craned off the top, click here.

This particular FC has the best options list for a track car to start with.. none. Stereo? None. Power windows? Nope, wind up. Sunroof? Hell no.


What it DOES have though, is panache. Just look at these seat covers.

 And I'm pretty sure this sticker gets me into some sort of club, or gang, either way, I'm excited!

So.. what have I got myself into? Well in the end, I hope an SCCA/NASA legal race car. In the next few months this car will be stripped down to bare metal, seam welded, and caged. The engine will be rebuilt and most likely bridgeported, using some S5 higher compression rotors. I've got my eyes on a parts car currently, as the Turbo 2 and GXL models the RX7 have uprated brakes and a LSD, as well as a few other donor parts. The fenders, bumpers, and lighting will all be replaced with much nicer aftermarket items, no decisions on any part specifics yet. Need to read through some rule books and decide where I need to land in terms of classes.

My inspiration for the project? Well I guess a bit of it was sparked by a friend of mine Keith who had an 81 RX7 years ago, and then a test drive in an FC when I was around 18, ever since then, I've wanted an RX7. FD's have been one of my all time favorite cars for a long time, but a bit too spendy for this type of project.

RE-Amemiya's car has also been an inspiration, running sub 1 minute laptimes at Tsukuba.

Also this guy who has a really fast FC, I believe Mike Garrett has shot this car a few times in the past.


Also liking the fenders and stance of this car, but probably too low to be really quick on a road course.

I can't decide though, should it be white? Like most cars start out as? Or black… every car I've ever owned has been black, and regardless of how hard they are to keep clean, nothing beats a shiny black car.

Stay tuned for more FC goodness as soon as I get some free time to tear into my new project.

- Carl Jarrett



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I think its a little wild to sell that cobra, but RX7's done right are beasts. I'm looking forward to this project as RX7 have always had a special place in heart.


That is exactly how my FC started. Mine was in slightly better condition. Now its my daily/ only car.


Nice cobra, but I'm sure you'll love this FC too. Rotaries are sweet.


Dude, with all due respect, take it from someone who comes from a vast automotive background and someone who has seen a hole lotta professionally built cars, your Cobra is one of the finest examples of a replica car that i have ever seen!! And you traded it in for a second Gen RX7?!?! Not saying i dont like the rotory powered Mazda's, but that Cobra was something else, and i dont care how well you think you could build that Mazda, but it will never live up to the legend.

Good luck with the build, its gonna take a helluva lot of work


good to see another rx7 being built up. from what i've gathered you live in the lower mainland british columbia. if so check out for the local club.



Thanks Sparky! The Cobra was great, but never competition legal, and didn't want to hack it up just so I could track it. I don't have the room nor can I really afford 2 great cars, so it had to go. Maybe someday when I have more room, and more money, a Daytona Coupe might be in order, who knows.

Appreciate the comments though guys!



Good luck with the build. Can't wait to see the end result...Love 7's. Paint her a flat olive green.


As rx7`s being my dream cars. im really exited about your new project.

Some dark green colour should look good on the fd, ( is my dream to have a dark green rx7 once)


That RE-Amemiya FC looks so fresh and clean, I vote for white! I like the boxier wide front fenders on the black FC though. Maybe Essa's drift FC will provide a little inspiration?


The black FC is the Super Now car. Tsukaba's fastest car.


dude awesome i cant wait till u update some more im actually building a 2nd gen rx7 for scca as well but for the improved touring s class, well class u going to run it in?? ....good luck with the build



I can't believe you sold that cobra


BLACK DUDE. What is more bad ass looking than a black shinny car? You said it yourself. Nothing beats that fresh waxed mirror finish. A black FC would be a dream.


You..... you s-s-sold the cobra?!?!?!?


I love cars in their 'before' state - so much potential, so many ideas! Good luck with it, i await the progress reports


As much as I like white cars, Black for this one man! Or dark dark grey! :) Can't wait to see how this turns out? No 5.0L in there? or LSx? :) I do dig rotaries, so I'll dig either way you go. White wheels bro! Dark grey on white = sweetness!


Once you go black you can never go back! please keep it black! I have a black car too.


Interesting what a unexpected move. There should be a mess of pics on the rx7club in the second gen section and I'm pretty sure Racing Beat, Cork Sport, and Pineapple racing would like a new customer. N/A is fun but keep those S4 Irons. The mechanical OMP is a very nice thing to have. The electric OMP on the S5 block like to stop unexpectedly. If you have any technical questions or need FSM's for the Second Gen email me at I have been working on the second gens for about 9 years now.


still have a hard time iwth sellign a corba for an FC but good luck


bu çok güzel bir oyun ben çok sevdim


Best one should be white on black. Pure JDMness. That should lead you to rest. JDM <3


Best one should be white on black. Pure JDMness. That should lead you to rest. JDM <3


May the Rotary Gods smile upon you!!!......... yea a nice NA bridgeport, ceramic sealed, dowelled pinned, rotaries only blow up if you don't build them right!!!.........I miss my 10th anniversary so much right now, see no you got me acting like a girl lol........good luck man!!


The Super Now Black FC is sick!!!!


mariah motorsports....all I can say


I happen to own an rx7 similar to the RE-A build but I targeted it for street class it actually can be seen here on my thread @ time attack forums. I operate a rotary shop in san antonio tx usa and I have driven FC's for many years, . Great choice! And best wishes.

Anyone that wants to check out our FC timeattack street car the specs and photos are there!


Looks like a lot of fun will be ahead of you! Hope to meet you at one of the BC Rotary meets, make sure to join the club! Good luck with the build!


i build cobra kit cars all day.they are just a kit.even after all the modifications we do. theres nothing like oem


base model ... .good start

base model, no sunroof = no rusty roof / leak to worry about

hand crank window = no bad window switches

wait ... I cant tell if this car is 4 or 5 lugs ...

if its 5 lugs u got the good brakes already

if its a 4 ... front brake / hubs = easy to switch out

rear brake / suspension / diff .... just stuff a cobra 8.8 diff in there and switch to the 5 lug hubs ... or just a turbo diff if u want to be cheap

what class are u running ?

on the street ... LS1 (or LS7 if u balling) > *

i got one black one (its black for now)

good luck with urs


On an FC I would go for a reasonably light shade of grey...


JDM fanbois are homo.... so stop the "JDM<3" RayJDM

People who are bitching about how he sold the cobra replica stfu its was his decision.

anyway i cant wait to see the build on your FC and eventually race it. 20b perhaps?


you guys need to let him decide what to do. the fad is to do ya thang


Looks like this could become a great build, good luck with the rotory and I hope you keep it with a rotory engine!


Hell yeah!

Way to go with this project, seriously looking forward to see the rebirth of this great car. =)

800 $?! God sake.. Wish It would be possible to buy it at such low price around here. /


Rotary might be a difficult road to path, but it sure worth it, especially since its FC we're talking about! WIsh you luck with tuning this rx. =)

35 is your bestest friend


Black, Yes! but Matt Black!!! Think of what a RAUH Welt FC would look like and now you're talking.....

in fact?..... i might do it myself.


I found a parts car for $400 now, has all the 5 lug, big brakes, spare windshield and doors, LSD, S5 engine and S5 tails, should be picking it up in a few weeks.

Still torn between white and black, might mock up a couple of designs and throw them in front of all you guys, you can vote!


White. There's a beater just like this in faded red in a garage a block from my garage, most of the threads here I pass, but this one's going to be a favorite. Good luck with your build Carl.