Video>> Fia Gt3 Video Battle

As someone who spends most of his time working with different types of creative people, I do enjoy getting involved with young, talented artists in order to help them get their careers going. I'm in the unique position of being to help creative people from time to time and see this as an opportunity to give back to the world and pay off some karmic debts, if that makes sense.

So last month, the option came up for us to take drift film-maker Will Roegge to a FIA GT Race in Italy. I was pretty curious to see what he would do at a high end European GT race and put his name forward to be one of the shooters for our NFS Drivers Film project with Spitfire Studios.

The main NFS Drivers film will focus on the GT1 class, but we decided to make this little Speedhunters Mediascape style film of the GT3 races just for fun.

It features footage from Will Roegge, Tripp from Spitfire Films on the Red Camera and a materials from yours truly.

If you liked our recent Formula D: The Story So Far film then this new video will certainly tickle your fancy.





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Dang!! twice in a row!! keep up the awesome work!!!


OMG, that one is clearly one of your best, the shot at 1'49 with the sound effect, just perfect.

More, more, more please !


Fantastic Rod. Enjoyed it a lot - music and sound effects were a good compliment to the earthy footage.


Awesome video. Liked it much


Wow, that was inspiring :) I was hoping to hear some backfires though! Awesome vid guys!


Nailed it. Excellent.


The only complaint I have, is that FIA GT car sound sexy, and people need to hear more of that. Other than that pretty good!


Big ups for the exposure - now this guy truly deserves a pit pass and some unlimited access to shoot in car, on car and wherever he wants to mount a camera....

...because it's some truly awesome stuff we're seeing here, and not for the first time! Stunning. Closeups - they're the only thing that's obviously missing from this otherwise exquisitely turned work.

Great work on the sound and posting as usual as well.

Yep, someone should make this guy the official videographer of a bigtime series.


One word - boring. Too many effects and too little action.


I agree with Tony240Z. Very fashionable and stuff, but the whole thing felt like a build-up to some crazy racing with awesome noise, which never happened, so it feels like a let down!!


Should be half the length, then made up to 4 minutes or something with some racing, noise, accelerating, braking, cornering, etc etc. Didn't convey anything about GT3 to me apart from what the cars look like, and pictures without effects do that better...


These videos are GOLDEN!


isn't it a race and not battle? i think we might be carried away with the best motoring culture here..


how do i DL the vid, when i click the Save 720p button it dosen't do anything?


Loved it.. Another spectacular vid from speed hunters...


great looking vid

But you really need to manage the tempo. It's way too slow in this film, when the tempo started to rise at around 0.40 i started to get really excited, but then it dropped again and I was disappointed. You should match the tempo to match the action, so more fast paced action would provide a enjoyable balance.


I just got a woody


This one reminds me a Transformers with all the effects/audio. I kept waiting for one of them to transform, lol.

@edmundk, just right click and save as.


This is the best so far! This one is more focused and subtle with the effects. I hope these come to blu-ray.

R.I.P. Billy Mays


5 out of 5 stars.


Produkcje blogu Speedhunters prezentowalem Wam pare razy. W przeciwienstwie do Willa Roegge czy Josha


The Best .. just awesome ... Burn Rubber and more


Can we at least hear the cars instead of cheezy dramatic sound tracks