Random Snap>>sw20 Mr2 Spider?

I was originally planning on making this part of the "Car Sightings" posts I'm working on, but decided it was strange enough to warrant its own post. I had to do a double take the other day when I saw this SW20 MR2 roadster driving down the street. Now as far as I know Toyota never made a convertible of this generation, so I'm assuming it's an aftermarket kit of some sort.

Whatever it was, I thought it looked surprisingly decent, and know it would look even better with the top down.

Do any of the the Toyota guys know more about this?

-Mike Garrett



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are you kidding me =D shi* i was abou to get one for 1000 euros not the roadster but still it just makes me wanna get it, inspite the fact its RHD which is not registrable in my country =(((( gay law


Bizzare... The Spyder emblem on the left side of the boot adds a bit of credibity that it "could" be a factory effort. Maybe a limited edition? I wonder how much the handling is compromised with the roof delete...


It is factory build this way but it's a limited edition, so its very rare there is one in holland. And the owner told me this.

Greets ingmar


The spyders were the best looking SW20s.

More info here:



its definatly factory, i remember first finding out about one on gran turismo 2 after that i had to do research and find out more


It's a factory one! I saw an advert for one in a MR2 magazine! but i think there were only out in Japan!(I think)


and the coupe look's anyway bettter. it's a shame that here in germany we didn't get the turbo coupe. that one of the best sportcars toyota ever build. but then again, most germans i know would rather buy a used porsche boxster then a new midship toyota ....


This was in fact a factory vehicle. It was sold in many areas in Asian ranging from Japan to my hometown, Hong Kong. I remembered vividly because I actually got a chance to ride in one MANY years ago.


I took a photo of a Spyder at the JTS show at Silverstone a couple of weeks ago here in the UK. It was taking part in a world record attempt on track with hundreds of other MR2s

I'll try and dig it out as soon as i get chance .


Factory build, genuine Toyota made, you can buy one of these in Gran Turismo as used cars.



Had no idea such a car existed! I like the hardtop version better though, i like 'em with the air intakes from the roof to the engine compartment (SEXY!)


The SW20 Spider was in Gran Turismo 2, no one remembers?


Am I the only one who finds it interesting that for the SW20, Spider spelling was used but with the most recent MR-S, the spelling was changed to Spyder?


I really dont think it looks that amazing.

its gotta be super rare which is sweet, but idk..i prefer the hardtop version. just my personal taste doesnt go so well with verts.


It was factory built to experiment with the to be released MR2 Spyder's convertible top and was actually sold between 1996 and 1999, though they did not sell many


Wow, had no idea it was factory effort, this was the first one I've seen/heard of.


It'll look nice with the top down, but I don't really like it, the coupe does it for me!


As soon as I saw the line about thinking it was aftermarket, I expected to see half a dozen people say they can confirm its factory legitimacy based on Gran Turismo, haha.


I'm surprised you didn't know about it Mike, always thought you were the "Auto Otaku" that knows a lot about Japanese cars lol. Well it is a genuine MR2 Spider as everyone said, but the TRD2000GT Spider has got to be the best looking SW20 MR2 imo.


oi! i rmember this car in gran turismo 2 (as if no one has mentioned it yet).

hmmm. i still like the hard top better. :P


Why why why??! Way to ruin an MR2. Hardtops are a little more appealing to the eye.


finally we can comment this i have a sw20 and theres a guy near chateauguay hows doing this and .... I DONT LIKE ... :) thanks


That's NOT a kit, or aftermarket at all. There was a small number of these convertibles available, but none were brought to the USA. They were all nonturbo, sporting the 2.0 liter 3SGE engine.


That's NOT a kit, or aftermarket at all. There was a small number of these convertibles available, but none were brought to the USA. They were all nonturbo, sporting the 2.0 liter 3SGE engine.


Total production run of 91 apparently and only 5 of those cars have left Japan.
Looks gorgeous with the top down.